Gentiana lutea

Pressure pain between left index and middle finger. (RJ 1, day 1)

Pain on palm on right hand beside the thumb. (RJ 1, day 1)

Cold feet. (RJ 1, day 1)

Pain in left hip – sharp and constrictive. (RJ 1, day 1)

Cold feet. (RJ 1, day 1)

Small explosion in front, right thigh followed by twitching in blood vessels. Same sensation in right ankle at the front. (RJ 1, day 1)

Feet still cold, as if they were wet. (RJ 1, day 1)

Throbbing in left foot at base of little toe for 10 seconds.

Cold hands. (RJ 1, day 1)

Bubbling in legs in blood vessels, like small explosions. (RJ 1, day 4)

Sore finger joints – left index finger dull intense pain, worse on movement 2pm – 4pm. (RJ 1, day 5)

Pain better in left index finger, but still there (RJ 1, day 7)

Left index still sore, but only on movement, as if the muscles are sore. (RJ 1, day 8)

Finger joint OK, pain on bending.

Area of sensitive skin along left arm from elbow to wrist on inner right hand side for 1 hour. (RJ 1, day 10)

11am -4pm finger sore. Shooting pain in finger joint, slight pain on bending. (RJ 1, day 15)

Finger clicked on bending and felt better. Slight muscular pain around joint. (RJ 1, day 16)

Finger still the same. (RJ 1, day 19)

Finger OK – no pain at all. (RJ 1, day 26)

Very slight discomfort in index finger. 3.50pm finger ok.

Small explosion-like feeling in right leg from ankle to knee. Spasms erratic. Gone by 6pm.

10 am to 5 pm Spasms in left under arm, spasms in middle, left side of back.

Midday to 5pm spasm in left arm, triceps. (RJ 1, day 32)

Palpitation on chest and fingers following exercise – strong heart beats felt strongly

BO X 2 precise with pressure on the abdominal. (RJ 4, day 1)

2:30 am awoke in panic with left hand completely numb. After a little movement it relaxes (RJ 4, day 2)

Woke up in the morning with heavy legs. (RJ 5, day 4)

I need to warm my feet in bed. (RJ 6, day 1)

Pain in limbs. (RJ 6, day 3)

Painful limbs, movement aggravates. (RJ 6, day 4)

Adductor magnus hurts. It is difficult to lift up the legs and put shoes on, especially on the left side. The left side is painful and weak. (RJ 6, day 24).


Pain right lower arm, while writing. (RJ 7, day 1)

I notice a small spot on my left arm, which has been there a long time, slight itching and pain. (RJ 7, day 1)

During the day, pain in ankle, right foot, as if sprained. (RJ 7, day 1).

Pulsating pain in left tibia (an old injury). (RJ 7, day 3)

Pain in left ankle, as if sprained (reminds me of injury 30 years ago). (RJ 7, day 4).

Pain in left shoulder, then 10 minutes later, pin in left ilio-sacral joint, in shoulder gone (felt this while walking after work). (RJ 7, day 6)

Left leg, stitching pain, legs give way for a short moment, fear of falling. (RJ 8, day 1)

Left knee, injured, ran against metal chair (comment: after 3 weeks injury has still not healed, painful on pressure). (RJ 8, day 1)

Hip joint, stitching pain, with fear of falling. (RJ 8, day 2, 2nd dose).

Pain in left big toe. (RJ 8, days 8-21, 3rd dose)

Pain in right index finger, in carpal-phalangeal joint. (RJ 8, days 8-21, 3rd dose)

A small blister forms on the right lower arm, which I scratch open. After that it burns out of proportion and for a long time. The burning pain only disappears the following day. (RJ 9, day 3)

Left index finger, in the most distal joint, lateral dorsal, a spot which is sensitive to pressure (I never had this). I can do everything with the finger, but pressing on it hurts. Sometimes the joint becomes bigger (but I am left-handed and I use this finger more often). I still have this symptom (time not specified). (RJ 9, day 6)


Yawning (fifth day). 36

Restless sleep (one night). 38

Sleep uneasy (sixth day). 36

Sleep uneasy for several days. 36

After going to bed he was unable to sleep for a long time; awoke about midnight with aggravation of the heat, with tormenting cutting pains in the abdomen and rapid respiration; constant pains prevented sleep and obliged him to toss about the bed; felt better when lying on the back with the feet drawn up; constant passage of wind upward and downward without relief;the abdomen remained full and distended even above the transverse colon, except the epigastric region, and painful to touch; after two 2 P.M. he was able to slumber, the pains in the abdomen alone disturbed the sleep; there was great weakness and exhaustion after the sleep;he was unable to sleep really, although he attempted it in every position; the next morning the abdomen was still painful, with cutting pains when touched, especially from the pubic region to the transverse colon; he was obliged to walk slowly because the abdomen was painful on motion or a hard step (sixth day). 36

Short awake in 02:00 or so to drink

Bad night’s sleep.

Good sleep without dreaming (first time). (RJ 4, day 9)

Horrible night wake in 1:15, and 3am tied most of the day with feeling not being fully in the body — everything just happen not to me but to someone else. (RJ 4, day 10)

Sleeping not great hard to feel asleep (like more days recently could not sleep until after midnight (1:00) due to too many thought about people. (RJ 4, day 12)

Went back to bed at 12:00 absolutely sleepy and drowsy. Like I was unconscious through the night (considering the fact that I usually wake up couple of times through the night). (RJ 2, day 1)

Little sleep (not more than 6 hours). (RJ 8, day 8, 3rd dose).

Woke up at 3am, lay awake, lots of mulling over things. (RJ 7, day 2)

After taking the remedy in the morning, laid down again and fell asleep. Ringing sound in left ear, high-pitched, the sound wakes me up, last for about 20 minutes. (RJ 10, day 1).


Dream that there is an obstacle in the shape of a rope that I must cross.  I go above it and feel great as usually in the dream, I said to myself, I will go below. (RJ 4, day 3)

Second dream: I call a girl to ask her out, but she could not pick up the phone as she is busy in the hospital, but still I feel that she will say yes so awake with a smile and a feeling of achievement. (RJ 4, day 3)

Have dreams again about people (RJ 4, day 5)

Emotionally more stable although found it hard to wake up especially as I dream that I am part of a great project in business. However, like previous dreams it does not feel like I am the hero in the dream. I feel and know what the person feels but it is not me. (RJ 4, day 6)

Dream that I was part of a great project. (RJ 4, day 7)

I run along the sea, along a coast and look into the sea. I then get to a beach, where young people jump into the waves and are happy about ever higher waves. Then a giant wave comes, which slops over a transparent disc, which keeps me at a distance from the waves. I run into a gorge for safety, so that I remain dry all through the dream. (RJ 5, day 5)

Two young men come into the practice and work on something technical. My partner is in a consultation, and they go without an invitation into the pharmacy, and open their computers. I invite them to work in the kitchen. The remedies need to be protected from the radiation. They look at me as if I am crazy. (RJ 6, day 3)

Dream about my partner’s former wife, she is alive and back. It is beautiful and then confusing – what does that mean? Am I then still together with my partner? She appears very easy, and says ‘ take your seat.’ But I feel very strange. She is, after all, his wife. I wake up, feeling really sad. (RJ 6, day 4).

I was too late and missed a flight. The plane flies over beautiful islands and suddenly there is a problem. The plane comes down, gets destroyed on the beach, and is suddenly a smaller plane, old-fashioned, open cockpit, with an old man inside it, but unconscious. I take him out of the cockpit and lay him down on the beach. (RJ 6, day 5).

Dreamt again of my partner’s former wife, nearly the same dream. She is alive again. The question arises again in the dream: ‘What does that mean for my partner and myself.’ There is a big party. (RJ 6, day 6).

I am being driven in a car. Somebody has been forgotten. I am knocking at the window which separates me from the driver and the driver stops. I get out, open the door, but the driver is not in the driver’s seat. Somebody comes up to me from behind and touches me, puts his hand over my eyes. I am terrified to death, I am being raped. (RJ 6, day 28).

I am going on a long journey, through different countries, I arrive at a beach at the ocean and my parents are there. We go into the water and our clothes drift away, we are naked. We say good-bye to each other. I embrace my mother, my father, again my mother. I could feel her skin precisely. Then I turn around and swim into the ocean. (RJ 6, day 31).

Dream at night that I two people row about two beautiful red laced dancing shoes – who will get them? (RJ 11, day 4).

For two days I dreamed at night in English and I wake up with the thought of it. (RJ 11, day 5)

There was a group of people, also members from the homeopathy group and also some Indians. It was my own funeral and I was present, but being alive. The group and myself went one way.

I knew that I had done it like this in an earlier life and it feels right like this. There was a clarity that my life had now ended and so I went with the group to my own funeral. I wondered for a little while why my teacher Annalisa didn’t lead this group, but then I remembered that she died a while ago.

A tall man with brown skin and short white hair and a bandana around his head, picked me up. I arranged cups so that everybody could take one in order to drink from it later – in any case the cups were then to be thrown away, the way they do it in India.

The man tells me that he had just arranged another funeral, and the man who died was 2,40m in height when he picked him up, but the next day he was 1,60m.  What had happened? The person said: what do you think how much energy it takes to be that tall. And then he reminded me of Buddha.

I went towards the head of the group and it was strange feeling to go to my own funeral and it became clear to me that the way is so long and that I have to pass through all my fears and I have to let go off everything, until I am ready. And then I asked myself, when I am at the right place, do I then simply fall down dead or will I be killed? (RJ 11, day 13, 1M)


I notice a small spot on my left arm, which has been there a long time, slight itching and pain. (RJ 7, day 1)


Increased warmth over the whole body; immediately (third day). 36

Increased warmth of the head, especially of the cheeks (fifth day). 36

Febrile excitement, transient, starting from the back, like a shivering, and rapidly spreading over the whole back like an electric shock; this symptom was repeated three times at short intervals, followed by exhaustion (first day). 36

Feverish feeling. (RJ 6, day 1)

Heat flush (RJ 8, day 2, after second dose)


I sweat at night. (RJ 5, day 5)

The daily, strenuous activities were accompanied with outbreaks of sweat, roughly every half an hour, esp. on forehead and under arms. I feel like as if I have a fever, internally very hot, externally rather cool. (RJ 11, before taking remedy)

Everything unchanged, pains in stomach, weakness, outbreaks of sweat, nausea. (RJ 11, day 2)


Desire for tobacco.  Villard

Weakness and prostration (sixth day). 36

Trepidation/nervousness. 38

The complaints got better in fresh air. 38 

Restlessness, weakness. 38

Evening tinglingover the body as from fleas. 38

A general diffused dullness of the whole body (fourth day). 38

Dull feeling of the whole body and morose mood (first day). 36

Felt that my whole body was affected, nerves felt very tense, so that I found walking difficult. All symptoms improved after drinking a hot soup. 38

Feeling cold.  (RJ 1, after 45 minutes)

Relaxed and sleepy. (RJ 1, after 1 hour)

Feeling heavy. Not cold.  (RJ 1, after 1 hour)

Feeling heavy and lethargic for several minutes. Intense relaxation. (RJ 1, after 1.5 hours)

Desire cheese (RJ 1, after 1.5 hours)

Extreme tiredness, nearly falling asleep, while washing dishes. (RJ 1, after 1.5. hours)

Restless, had to go out spontaneously. (RJ 1, day 2)

Feeling as if I had not got enough fresh air. (RJ 1, days 5 and 6)

Very tired in 16:00 lay in bed and just feel asleep do not have power to do anything. (RJ 4, day 1)

Still very tired, worse16;00-18:00 (RJ 4, day 1)

Exhausted and out of power most of the day — usually I am tired but today it seemed worse. (RJ 4, day 3)

Weighed myself and gained about 3 kg since last time. (RJ 4, day 3)

Emotionally more connected but still weak physically. (RJ 4, day 5)

Exhausted but much better than last week. (RJ 4, day 11)

Tiredness and feeling of suffocation with nausea. (RJ 4, day 11)

Worse in power level and ability to concentrate. (RJ 4, day 13)

After 7 hours about 5:30pm I felt so sleepy that I could not keep my eyes open and if I did not sleep I would suffer from headaches. I usually never have. (RJ 2, day 1)

Desire for fresh orange juice. (RJ 5, day 1)

On the way home I feel tired, but at the same time light and supple, as if I dance along the pavement and float above it, like a cloud or as if one a cloud. (RJ 5, day 1).

I feel very cold before going to sleep, so that I need to sleep with an extra duvet. (RJ 5, day 3, 4 and 5).

Desire for sweet things, a little coffee (RJ 5, day 4).

I feel tired. (RJ 5, day 5)

I feel very cold this morning, even after a shower. (RJ 5, day 5).

I feel feverish, everything hurts. Pain in the limbs. I feel rather cold, and I don’t like drafts. (RJ 6, day 3).

Feverish feeling. (RJ 6, day 1)

I have been sleeping nearly nine hours during the day, because I feel ill. (RJ 6, day 4)

In the afternoon, after food, very tired, but it feels good to work and to talk to people. (RJ 6, day 9).

Unexpected desire to smoke a cigarette, when passing a smoker in the street. (RJ 6, day 10).

Doing sports is beneficial, to cycle quickly with the bike through the forest. To study and to stitch and to be creative is beneficial. (RJ 6, day 28)

Desire for fresh air. (RJ 7, day 1).

Extremely tired, want to sleep. (RJ 8, day 1)

Desire for milk coffee. Strong desire for coffee (RJ 8, day 2, 2nd dose)

In the morning desire for cold cola. (RJ 8, day 2, 2nd dose)

Feel strong and persevering. (RJ 8, day 8, 3rd dose).

During the proving I drank a cup of coffee daily (unusual). And I really like it, because of the bitter taste. (RJ 8, days 8-21, 3rd dose).

The daily, strenuous activities were accompanied with outbreaks of sweat, roughly every half an hour, esp. on forehead and under arms. I feel like as if I have a fever, internally very hot, externally rather cool. (RJ 11, before taking remedy)

Weakness and sensations of fainting reoccur. My feet are as heavy as lead and the knees are wobbly, shaky. I have to lie down flat on my back, in order not to faint. Permanent this feeling of fainting. (RJ 11, before taking remedy)

Everything unchanged, pains in stomach, weakness, outbreaks of sweat, nausea. (RJ 11, day 2)



(Afternoon), the symptoms; towards evening, tension in abdomen. 36

(After eating), attacks of nausea. 36

(Motion), the symptoms; pressure upon chest; pains in back, etc. 36

(Stepping), pain in hips, etc. 36

(When writing), heaviness, etc., of head. 36


No ameliorations mentioned (R.J.)

Matthew Wood adds the following information on Gent-l.

In this we have another remedy for Bee stings and allergic reactions.  The shade of difference between Apis andGentiana make the study worthwhile.  With Bee stings, the more emphasis there is on swelling and redness the more appropriate is Apis.  In Gentiana the swelling is not severe, but the reactions is.  The symptoms resemble Anaphylaxis or acute allergic reaction.

The leading symptoms are:

Panic, alarm, confusion.  Lack of connection to people and feelings.  Waves of anxiety and panic through the stomach, stomach acidity.  Heart rate accelerated, pain extending from the heart to the top of the left shoulder. Panic attacks in ulcer patients, accompanied by excess secretion of  Hydrochloric acid.

(Mathew WOOD, HOM. 1/89)


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Ralf Jeutter, Gentiana luteum proving (2016)

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