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Glutathione: A New Remedy On The Horizon, and Some Empirical Clinical Experiences (New, Old and Abandoned Remedies in Homoeopathic Pharmacology)

Written by Gyandas Wadhwani

Dr. Gyandas G. Wadhwani discusses the new sarcode remedy Glutathione and shares five cases in which it had been effective. He suggests that the remedy warrants being proven according to the classical guidelines,

(Based on the paper presented at the 74th International Congress of Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis, September 2019 at Sorrento, Italy[1])


In homeopathy sarcodes are those groups of remedies that are prepared from healthy animal tissues or their secretions. Glutathione is a small amino acid and its potencies are available in homeopathic pharmacy. However, the homoeopathic materia medica lacks proper proving records on the potentized substance, thereby making its use empirical. Given that the remedy cured distinct clinical conditions like jaundice, vitiligo, pilonidal sinus, seborrheic dermatitis, ureteric colic and urolithiasis and an asymptomatic Covid-19 infection, it may prove to be a valuable addition to our materia medica after it has been proved according to homoeopathic guidelines.

Keywords Sarcodes, homeopathy, potentised Glutathione, LM potencies, QOL, ORIDL jaundice, vitiligo, pilonidal sinus, seborrheic dermatitis, ureteric colic, urolithiasis, asymptomatic Covid-19


In homeopathy sarcodes are those groups of remedies that are prepared from healthy animal tissues or their secretions[2]. Sarcodes possibly transmit biological information of the source structure, secretion or molecules, thereby stimulating natural healing of the being.[3]

Some commonly used sarcodes in our materia medica include those sourced from: (i) entire endocrine glands viz. Thyroidinum etc.; (ii) healthy secretions viz. Adrenalin, Pepsinum, Insulinum etc.; (iii) extracts of glands which includes their enzymes viz. Pancreatinum, Thymus gland extract etc. (iv) healthy tissues viz. Mitral valve, Optic nerve, Brain, Spleen etc. (v) others viz. Melanin, Folliculinum, Cholesterinum etc. 3

Glutathione is a small amino acid containing molecule (peptide) comprised of one molecule of L-glutamic acid, L-cysteine, and glycine each. It is produced naturally by the liver and is involved in many processes in the body, including tissue building and repair, making chemicals and proteins needed in the body, and for the immune system.[4] It is found in fruits, vegetables, and meats. Modern healthcare providers prescribe glutathione to prevent the side effects of chemotherapy.[5]

The homoeopathic materia medica lacks proper proving records on the potentized substance thereby making its use empirical.


About 9 years back, I came across LM potencies of ‘Glutathione’ and added them to my personal pharmacy. And it has been prescribed ‘empirically’ in five patients ever since, and the results monitored over weeks/ months/ or years of follow up, not only with clinical recovery in their diseased conditions, but also marked improvement in quality of life (QOL) that was assessed using ORIDL (Outcome in Relation to Impact on Daily Living)[6].


The results of treatment with ascending LM potencies of the remedy are summarized here:

Case no 1

A man in his early twenties suffered with typhoid fever for which he took a course of antibiotics in mid-July 2012. Soon after his recovery he suffered with jaundice (bilirubin-total 4.7 mg%), as a side-effect of antibiotics. On (homoeopathic) clinical evaluation, the case totality failed to point towards any indicated remedy and he received Glutathione LM1. A few doses of the remedy rapidly relieved the weakness and nausea and his liver enzymes- SGOT, SGPT/ Bilirubin levels returned to normalcy within the following 7 days.  ORIDL score at completion of treatment: +4

Case no 2

A tall slim dark-complexioned man in his late twenties consulted for focal vitiligo lesions on his face in April 2013. Under the effect of ascending LM potencies of Gluathione, re-pigmentation was observed in all the facial lesions by the end of 3 months. He took regular medication for 9 months and his face regained normal colour.  ORIDL score at completion of treatment: +3

Case no 3

A 23-year-old female of average height and build consulted for the first time on 17th Dec 2013. She was of average height, slim build with acne scarred face, dark eyes and hair and was greying prematurely.

She had been suffering with seborrheic dermatitis since she was in VIIIth grade of school. The scalp scaled more during the winters. Later there appeared eruptions, first on the forehead which then involved her entire face and then spread to the back (dorsal region) and shoulders. The eruptions subsided during the winters. The lesions left her face, shoulders and dorsum scarred.

She was also a diagnosed case of pilonidal sinus since school time. The sinus flared up on and off over the years.  At the time of consultation, she was also having constant discharge of blood and pus from the sinus, which hadn’t improved after a course of regular antibiotics. The doctors had recommended another surgery to get permanent relief. Besides this she complained of poor physical stamina and episodes of intense weakness.

Under the ascending LM potencies of Glutathione her energy levels improved, seborrhea capitis cleared and her pilonidal sinus healed. She was followed up for nearly 3 years without any relapse of complaints.

ORIDL score at completion of treatment: +4

Case no 4

A 26-year-old man consulted for the first time on 1st October 2015 for persistent left ureteric colic and urolithiasis. He was of average height and build having dark eyes & hair, sharp nose and glossy nails. Since the 3rd week of August earlier that year, he had consulted numerous allopathic and homoeopathic physicians and the prescribed medications had failed to provide any relief. At the time of consultation, he complained of continuous pain in his left loin-groin-testes > lying on affected side. There was also a variable flow of clear urine, with occasional burning. His previous Ultrasonography KUB (Kidney, Ureter, Bladder) dated 29-9-15 revealed 4.1mm calculus right upper calyx; 7.7mm calculus left upper ureter under PUJ (pelvic ureteric junction), dilated left ureter.

Under the ascending LM potencies of Glutathione, the pain subsided by the end of the 2nd day. He voided the left ureteric calculus within two weeks of the remedy. His repeated Ultrasonography KUB on 17-Oct-15 revealed 4mm calculus right lower pole.

He continued to be symptom free and his repeat ultrasonography dated 24-Nov-15 was Normal. Another 4 months of placebo later, his repeat ultrasonography was still normal. ORIDL score at completion of treatment: +4

Case no 5

A 37-year-old male of average height and build with prominent belly and acne scarred face complained of persisting weakness and Grade 2 Dyspnea on exertion after diagnosed asymptomatic Covid-19 infection. He had received Doxycycline, Amoxycillin, Fabiflu and Ivermectin along with multivitmains after RT PCR positive report (CT value 14) on 17-4-21.

Besides general weakness he was asymptomatic since onset. At the time of first homeopathic consultation, his serological parameters dated 29-4-21 were: RT PCR: positive (CT value 18); Typhidot IgM: weakly positive; S. Bilirubin Total: 1.8 mg%, S. Bilirubin Indirect: 1.3 mg%, S. Bilirubin Direct: 0.5 mg%; SGOT: 47 U/L; SGPT: 55 U/L; CRP: 7.2 mg/ dl.

After receiving Glutathione LM1 TID, he reported more than 60% improvement in energy levels and Grade 1 Dyspnoea on exertion. After

completion of Glutathione LM2 TID, on 14-5-21 he presented with the following serological parameters: RT PCR: negative (CT value 35); Typhidot IgM: negative; S. Bilirubin Total: 0.9 mg%, S. Bilirubin Indirect: 0.7 mg%, S. Bilirubin Direct: 0.2 mg%; SGOT: 35 U/L; SGPT: 39 U/L; CRP: 2.6 mg/ dl. He felt completely fine and therefore treatment was discontinued. ORIDL score at completion of treatment: +4

Discussion and Conclusion

The results of potentised Glutathione in ascending LM potencies in all of the mentioned cases may be considered merely instructive of therapeutic potential of the remedy, yet un-proved.

However, remedial action of the remedy was recorded in various clinical conditions:

  • Recovery from jaundice and normalizing of SGPT/ SGOT/ Bilirubin levels within seven days of medication (in case 1),
  • re-pigmentation in focal vitiligo lesions (in case 2),
  • completely recovering from pilonidal sinus and seborrhea capitis (in case 3) and
  • relief in ureteric colic and voiding of kidney and ureteric calculi (in case 4),
  • Complete recovery of an asymptomatic Covid-19 case with weakness and Grade 2 dyspnea on exertion with negative RT PCR post medication and normalisation of serological markers i.e. Typhidot IgM, liver function tests and CRP

The clinical response was accompanied by improved QOL that was corroborated with ORIDL.

The remedy may prove to be a valuable addition to our materia medica after it has been proved according to homoeopathic guidelines. It is important to mention that this remedy has so far been prescribed in five cases only after consulting for over a hundred thousand cases over the last nine years. Also, it remedied an asymptomatic Covid 19 infection, and this was the only patient who received this remedy in more than 3000 treated cases.

It would therefore be advisable to prove the remedy according to the classical guidelines before attempting clinical application.


[1] Abstract collection of 74th LMHI available online at https://www.centrostudilaruota.org/images/download/congresso-lmhi/atti-congresso-lmhi-2019.pdf accessed online on 13-6-21

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[6] Reilly D, Mercer SW, Bikker AP, Harrison T. Outcome related to impact on daily living: preliminary validation of the ORIDL instrument. BMC Health Serv Res 2007;7:139

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Gyandas G. Wadhwani M.D. (Hom) Consultant Homeopathic Physician & Independent Researcher Holistic Homoeopathic Clinic & Research Center, New Delhi, India. Member Aude Sapere groups: South Africa & New Delhi
Member Editorial Board: American Journal of Homeopathic Medicine
Former Chief Medical Officer (NFSG) (Homeopathy), Directorate of Ayush,
Govt of National Capital Territory of Delhi, India.
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