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Hahnemann’s Advice

Written by Iman Navab

Hahnemann’s advice on many matters that matter.

In honour of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s birthday this month I would like to bring forward some of his advice on different subjects but all related to challenges and struggles of homeopathy in facing bigotry and ignorance!

I hope you enjoy reading the following historic and meaningful quotes by this great man, our beloved father of homeopathy.


Hahnemann advised that:

–         Faithfully persist in your course. Do not give way to the wicked, but boldly meet them. All will come better if we only persevere!

–         It is ridiculous, and more than ridiculous, to combat careful real experience by captious verbosity. Don’t attempt to refute homeopathy by sophisticated argumentation. Judge it by its results. Experience is the only true test. Take a case – one for which a remedy has been already discovered by a proving on healthy persons. Note down every symptom in the manner taught in the Organon, and with exactness. Apply that drug which shall be perfectly homoeopathic to all the symptoms – avoiding everything which might disturb the action of the homeopathic drug. If, under these circumstances, the drug does not afford speedy and efficient help, then publish the failure to the world.

–         It is infinitely easier to contradict than to investigate. Experience and scribbling are two very different things!

–         Freedom of action and liberty of the press must prevail when grand truths are to be communicated to the world.

–         The better part of the informed, just and unprejudiced public knows very well with whom it can find medical trustworthiness.

–         To become a Homeopathic physician, besides the great trouble demanded, it requires just as much honourableness and love of mankind.

–         The tendency of my opinion is to warn you against the adoption of Homeopathy as a profession. When we pursue a practical career in life we usually have a threefold purpose:
1) To make ourselves generally beloved by our mode of thinking and acting.
2) To arrange our business so as to transact it the most readily.
3) To earn as much as possible by this business.
You can reach NO one of these three purposes so well through Homeopathy.

–         It is for you to determine whether you can interest yourself in the truth and good cause.

–         Better have no doctor and no medicine at all than receive treatment in the manner of the old school.

–         Blind as many still remain, let us do them a service despite themselves, they will be grateful someday, because our principle is, like the light, one of the grandest truths of nature.

–         Nature works according to eternal laws, without asking anyone’s permission.

–         If you really wish to do as well as the practitioners of Homeopathy, imitate the Homeopathic practice rationally and honestly!

–         Your consciousness of doing right will be your best reward.

–         My system of therapeutics can only be appreciated by persons of sound understanding.

–         Pure human understanding is a voice of God.

–         As the resolution, faithfulness, friendship, honesty of purpose, humanity and love of truth seems to be reawakening – truth will once more ascend the throne and that which is good will no longer be so derisively misunderstood. Amen!

About the author

Iman Navab

Iman Navab is a certified classical Homeopath and doctor of alternative medicine from Canada. He is the President of the Applied Research in Homeopathy Foundation of Canada (www.ARHFC.ca). He is the author of 'Miasma of Cancer', and is a historian of Homeopathy. Iman teaches History and Philosophy of Homeopathy at the Canadian College of Holistic Health. Navab gives lectures and seminars to raise awareness about the rich history of Homeopathy.


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