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Helonias Dioica


Dr. Shruti Nair discusses the indications for Helonias Dioca.

Shruti Nair under guidance of Jyoshna Shivaprasad

Common Name: Veratrum Leuteum, Unicorn Root, False Unicorn, Devil’s Bit Blazing Star

Family: Melanthaceae

Parts Used: Tincture of the root, Triturations of the resinoidal helonin


Helonias dioica is an excellent female remedy which is usually indicated in prolapse and malposition of the uterus. There is extreme consciousness of the womb. Menses is too frequent and too profuse. Sensation of weakness, dragging and weight in the sacrum and pelvis, with great languor and prostration, are excellent indications for this remedy

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  • A plant growing in low grounds throughout the United States and Canada
  • Herbaceous perennial found in low moist ground east of the Mississippi and flowering in May and June
  • Dioica means dioecious, having male and female flowers on different plants



Melancholia, affections of stomach, gastric disturbances, pain in the kidneys, Bright’s disease, diabetes mellitus, albuminuria, diseases of kidney, urinary difficulties, uterine affections, uterine displacement with leucorrhea, uterine hemorrhage, amenorrhea, leucorrhea, climacteric affections, threatened abortions, breast affection, chlorosis, dysmenorrhea, impotence, lochia, menopause, menorrhagia, metrorrhagia, pruritis vulvae, rheumatism, sterility

Female Reproductive System:

  • A female remedy for those who are unduly exhausted by frequent pregnancies, abortions, enervated by indolence, luxury or over domestic work
  • Loss of sexual desire and power with or without sterility
  • Profound melancholy, deep undefined depression with a sensation of soreness and weight in the womb, a consciousness of womb
  • There is sensitiveness expressed as a consciousness of womb
  • Mental symptoms associated with uterine disorders
  • Mind symptoms
  • Irritable
  • Cannot endure least contradiction
  • Desire to be left alone
  • Great weakness of memory
  • Restless, wants to be continually moving about as she feels better when mind and body are employed
  • Fault finding
  • Undefined depression of mind
  • Salivation in pregnant women
  • Pruritis vulvae
  • Prolapsus with ulceration and a constant dark, fetid body discharge
  • Excessive uterine hemorrhage, hemorrhage of dark foul blood from atony of uterus
  • Albuminuria during pregnancy
  • Threatened abortion from atonic condition
  • Nipples sensitive, painful, breast, swollen, worse on pressure of clothes
  • Menses too frequent and too profuse from atony of uterus, passive flow, < from slightest motion
  • According to Dunham, it produces profound melancholy; deep, undefined depression with a sensation of soreness and weight in the womb, a consciousness of a womb
  • Helonias is useful for suppression of menses when kidneys are congested
  • Leucorrhea is foul, lumpy or waddled
  • There are different types of pains proved from this drug:
  • Piercing, tearing pain in back
  • Intense cutting, tearing pain in urethra while urinating
  • Sharp cutting and drawing pain during menstrual periods
  • Bearing down pain in abdomen
  • Colic like pain in hypogastric region
  • Painful soreness over ovaries
  • Ailments from
  • Hard work – mental or physical
  • Frequent pregnancies or abortions
  • Over domestic work
  • Uterine hemorrhage


Uterine therapeutics by Henry Minton

Time and quantity of the menstrual discharge

  • Profuse, menorrhagia: helonias
  • Suppressed in women, albuminous urine: helonias
  • Mammae, soreness of: helonias

During menstruation – concomitant symptoms

  • Better when mind and body are actively employed: helonias
  • Pain aggravated, standing up, from back to uterus: helonias
  • Urine, albuminous: helonias
  • Weakness, debility, lassitude, exhaustion, etc: helonias

Amenorrhea – causes and concomitants

  • Dullness, mental: helonias
  • Girls, anemic: helonias

Abortion – Miscarriage – Character of discharge

  • Passive: helonias

Mental condition

  • Dull and gloomy: helonias

Leucorrhea – Character of discharge

  • Debilitating: helonias
  • Profuse: helonias

Repertory of the diseases of mother and newborn – B.Sc. Meera

Female Genitalia

Itching (pruritis): during pregnancy: helonias


  • From anemia: helonias
  • From debility: helonias
  • Disposition (habitual tendency): helonias
  • From exertion: helonias
  • From fatigue: helonias
  • Mental condition,
    • from emotions: helonias
    • from excitement: helonias
  • Sequelae: helonias
  • Threatened, from atonic conditions of uterus: helonias
  • Uterus, general atony (inertia): helonias
  • Weakness: helonias


  • Hemorrhage, for several days in threatened abortion: helonias
  • Hemorrhage, parturition: helonias
  • Prolapsus (falling, procidentia): helonias

Ante partum and Post partum

Post partum

  • Uterus – subinvolution: helonias


Hence Helonias is predominantly a female remedy prescribed mostly as an acute and specific remedy. It is prescribed for symptoms like sensation of weakness, dragging and weight in the sacrum and pelvis, with great languor and prostration. Prolapsus with ulceration and a constant dark fetid, bloody discharge. Excessive uterine hemorrhage. Leuchorrhea with atony and anemia.


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