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History of Homeopathy – Importance of a Homeopathy Journal

Written by Iman Navab

Dr. Hahnemann expresses his feelings about the importance of a homeopathy journal.

In honour of Dr. Hahnemann’s 257th birthday (April 10, 1755), I would like to sincerely thank the Hpathy team and all other homeopathic educational magazines worldwide, who despite all the negative forces against this medical system, are continuously putting forward their greatest efforts to raise awareness about the science of homeopathy!

I can imagine that if today Hahnemann was on this earthly life, how glad he would be to see such useful resources as Hpathy. In this regard, I wish to share with you one of the letters that Dr. Hahnemann wrote to the editor of a popular Journal (Zeitung der aiicrgesetzlichen Heilkunst fur Freunde tmd Feind der Homoopathie), which was commenced in the year 1830.

“Dear Friend and Colleague,

After having become better acquainted with your journal, I beg you not to let it fall again at any price or for any reason. I foresee that you will forward through it the development of our art infinitely more than could be done through all other Homoeopathic writings, mine not excepted. Think what a good work you are doing, what great service you are thereby rendering to humanity. Your inventive genius will yet discover ways and means to continue this journal. Think of me. It would also be advisable to request one and another Homoeopath by letter to furnish news from his part of the country. Did Stapf, as I requested, give you the news for publication that Dr. Aegidi has accepted the call as Homeopathic physician in ordinary to her royal highness, Princess Fredericka of Prussia, with a yearly salary of 600 thalers, traveling expenses, and the written official permission to prescribe his own medicines, and that he has entered on his office? A reader of your journal reports not having found in it this good news.

Herewith I communicate to you, in addition, the following for publication: A very zealous Homoeopath, Dr. Zimmerman, formerly having a position in the hospital at Oranienbaum, who is now at Zarskoe-Selo (three miles from Petersburg) physician to a newly established Institute for the care of soldiers’ boys, 400 in number, accepted this position only on condition that he be allowed to treat the patients Homeopathically! They have there even children with nurses, and also boys up to ten years of age. The Institute is under the charge of the Empress, who is interested in it. This Homeopathic treatment was not only granted by the authorities, but a sum of money for procuring a Homoeopathic pharmacy was also granted him.

Do not give way to the wicked, but boldly meet them! All will come better if we only persevere. That is what I did, and God has at last blessed me, after all my trouble and affliction.

Your devoted, Samuel Hahnemann”

As always God bless homeopathy and your soul dearest Hahnemann!


About the author

Iman Navab

Iman Navab is a certified classical Homeopath and doctor of alternative medicine from Canada. He is the President of the Applied Research in Homeopathy Foundation of Canada (www.ARHFC.ca). He is the author of 'Miasma of Cancer', and is a historian of Homeopathy. Iman teaches History and Philosophy of Homeopathy at the Canadian College of Holistic Health. Navab gives lectures and seminars to raise awareness about the rich history of Homeopathy.

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