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Homeopathic Constitutional Types: Lycopodium

lycopodium homeopathy medicine for eczema
Written by Jeff Korentayer

Homeopath Jeff Korentayer discusses the constitutional picture of Lycopodium. He compares it to Silica and also notes that the quintessential marriage partner for lycopodium, is the Pulsatilla type.

Reprinted courtesy Allyson McQuinn from: https://arcanum.ca/

My exploration of the six Genotypes (homeopathic constitutional or personality types) leads me today to Lycopodium. This is one of the more IQ types (grounded more in intellect and reason than feelings), and one which is very strongly grounded in the rational mind. The quintessential marriage partner for Lycopodium, by the way, is the Pulsatilla type, who is most grounded in the emotional mind.

Being so strongly grounded in their rational mind, the Lycopodium can have trouble making true emotional connections, even to their own spouse or family. I know that this is often the complaint you’ll hear about husbands, but it is equally true for female Lycopodiums. Socially, they are extremely adept and versatile, and able to climb to the top of a social or workplace hierarchy, but this is much truer in terms of outer social conventions, and not from a true inner emotional connection. At home, Lycopodiums like for other people to be around, but not too close or in the same room.

There is often some challenge for student homeopaths to learn the difference between Lycopodium and Silicea, and one way you can start to see the difference is to consider that Lycopodium is more akin to following the letter of the law, whereas Siliceas follow the spirit of the law. In that sense, Lycopodiums make better lawyers, and Siliceas are better judges.

Physically, Lycopodiums can have weakness in their digestive system, and can easily suffer from gas or indigestion. This is actually a commonly used remedy to help support the liver functions, regardless of the patient’s constitutional type.

They have the strongest sweet tooth of any constitutional type, which is a stimulant both for digestion, as well as the brain, which they draw on a lot. They may also be prone to impotence, as an offshoot of their deep tendency to feeling inferior, and always trying to compensate by proving themselves.

Their biggest challenges include confidence and commitment. Much of their behaviour is motivated by covering up, or compensating for their own perceived inadequacies, and this is a big part of why they can sometimes appear to have such an over-inflated ego.

It can be very challenging for them to commit to a single relationship, which implies a depth of emotional connection and vulnerability. This often makes them the “players” on the dating scene, who are much more comfortable moving through several superficial relationships, rather than finding true love and exploring their deeper emotions within a relationship.

At their best they are very reasonable, confident, and even charming. At their worst, they are egotistical, competitive, and manipulative, doing whatever it takes to get ahead in the game of success. This worst side can be described as the type who is very popular and charming outside of the home, but a dictator to their family in private.

Conversely, they can successfully “put on their game face” at work, but need a lot of emotional support and nurturing at home from a supportive spouse and family. A healthy Lycopodium has worked to connect to their emotional life, as a servant to their often over driven rational mind.

About the author

Jeff Korentayer

Jeff Korentayer has been exploring many aspects of natural healing since 1991, and is now able to integrate all of them through his education in Medical Heilkunst (Homeopathy). His areas of study include Nutrition, Herbs, Bach Flower Remedies, and a BA in Psychology, as well as maintaining a strong interest in the Arts. He draws on this extensive knowledge to provide a unique treatment plan for each patient, in order to best meet their individual health needs.

Jeff first discovered Homeopathy when exploring natural treatment for his allergies, and was impressed with the quick results. He was intrigued at how Homeopathy took into account all aspects of a person, and he read as much as he could before becoming a full-time student. He graduated with his full Practitioner Diploma from the Hahnemann College For Heilkunst in 2003 (DHHP), where he is now a faculty member, and is an active member of the Canadian Heilkunst Association.


  • Thanks, very good article. I get the impression that the Lyc person is haughty, trying to, as you say, compensate for his perceived inadequacies.

  • Very confusing. The 1st part off the description was right on target, with my mom being very intellectual, but then egotistical? Cut throat riser? Not so much. Now what do I do??

  • LYCOPODIUM,homeo potency helps remove cause of disease a reaction symptom.
    cause is low confidence depressed spirits has anxiety dreams so restless sleep nervous system not recharged,will feel dizzy heavy head weak eye dry stuffed nose dry difficult stool.
    neck face jaw area stiff draw head towards right.
    this is original description provided by GILCHRIST.
    many reputed homeopaths online articles publish one of best five remedies for flatulence gas,a gimmick to attract customers as by a trader with an eye on pocket.
    Lyco works as mini Lachesis at early stages.

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