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Homeopath Jiri Cehovsky presents a further refinement of his autopathy system of healing, with case examples to illustrate.

How can we be happy?

chakrasOur civilization is burdened by a malady which brings us much suffering; we think too much. We live in a virtual world of thoughts, concepts, fantasies, yearnings and fears and are not aware enough of the present moment, which is often far from being as bad as we imagine.

A woman just turned 50 comes to me for consultation. She is very unhappy. She has to think all the time about a relationship that finished years ago. She was happy in it. Since her partner left her, she suffers. She has to work a lot so that she won’t think about it. She has to prove to everybody that she is happy and useful, but she feels lonely. She doesn’t know how feels to be relaxed. She serves her daughter and her grandchildren and they think she likes doing it, but she is unhappy, as she has no life of her own. She has pain in the ear area, painful gallbladder, her hair falls out, her eye twitches, she has headaches, fungus on her nails and cramps in her legs. She cannot drive a car because she is afraid. Everything seems lost and she cries often and also while telling me about it. According to the doctors she is healthy. I recommended she try autopathy made from the information taken from her 7th chakra. This is made so that a small amount of water is poured into the autopathy bottle (AB) and the water in AB is held at the height of the 7th chakra, which is about 20 cm above the head. The information obtained is homeopathically diluted in AB and the potentized preparation is then applied to the skin of the forehead in area of the 6th chakra between the eyebrows1. The 7th chakra connects us with the higher levels of the universe by means of life force, prana, and the subtle information about our mind and body is there. I told the woman to repeat autopathy once a week and gradually increase the potency, in other words the amount of water poured into the autopathic bottle. She started with three litres and should repeat each dilution twice, then increase by one and a half litres.

She visited again in one month. She laughed a lot, told me that the sadness retreated greatly and said she can relax now. The cramps in her legs got better and her gallbladder improved so much that she was not aware of it the last 14 days. She found relief from flatulence and constipation and the fear of driving a car had disappeared. The main thing is that from the beginning of her using autopathy from prana (the 7th chakra), she had the feeling that her brain was “taken out of her head” and she does not think so much. We talked about this for a while and came to the conclusion that it was exactly the excessive and superfluous pondering that was her main problem. When her pondering decreased, her suffering also decreased. Aside from that, she can carry out her job (she has an intellectual profession) as effectively as before.

The purpose of Buddhist meditation is to get rid of all thoughts – and not everybody can do this. Often people, who went through autopathic healing, noted that things which happened around them, or which they themselves intended to do, started to take place somehow automatically, without the great mental effort that they required before. Especially in recent years, when besides information from saliva and breath, I use autopathy from the seventh chakra, many people have told me that they are happy again, that they experience feelings like in childhood and that things seem to be simple again.

A desperate doctor

One client, a woman medical doctor, has used autopathy for her healing for three years. Even prior to her changing over to the preparation from prana she got rid of toxoplasmosis. After an autopathic preparation from boiled breath her blood test was negative, which her colleagues had never seen in a toxoplasmosis positive person before. Many of her physical and psychic problems improved. Then a conflict with a nurse in her praxis occurred that seemed to be totally irredeemable. She didn’t know what to do, and feelings of indecision and anxiety got hold of her. Because she felt so bad, she asked my advice. My advice was to make a preparation from prana, dilute with 12 litres of water in AB. After one month she came for a consultation. She said that soon after the single application the anxiety ceased. She suddenly saw that the conflict was petty and could be easily solved. She did not dismiss the nurse as she had planned before and a good working relationship was renewed. Furthermore, she told me she was happy. How many people can tell you this nowadays? After three months she came for a control meeting again. She did not take anything since the last time. She just came to tell me that she continues being happy.

Burned out syndrome

The patient was a man around 50. Three weeks ago he became a father of his fourth child. In the firm he feels that he, the manager, has to handle everything alone. Since the birth of the last child he was totally burned out, suffers from insomnia, anxiety, helplessness and it is getting worse. He is lying the whole day on the sofa and his wife, who could not look at it anymore, went with the children to her relatives. His voice sounds hoarse and he vomits after eating. He cannot work. He thinks that he is at the end of his strength. Once, some years ago, autopathy had helped him out of a similar condition. Before autopathy, in his despair, he visited a psychologist, but after the talk with her he had the impression that it was he who was treating her.

I told him to use an autopathic preparation made from prana. Three liters were to be poured into the AB every second day. Immediately after the first application he vomited – a symptom in reverse order. After one hour everything started to get better. During the night he perspired heavily – a detoxification sign. After this he improved in all parameters and he felt quite well. But on the fourth day he repeated the AUTO Prana and then he called me worriedly. Immediately after this repeated application he had a blurred vision and a general feeling of stupefaction, as if he had taken several sleeping pills at once. He said “ten pills”. It turned out that instead of one and a half minutes under the water filter (AB allows to flow through 1 litre in 30 seconds), he left the autopathic bottle under the filter for 3 minutes – 6 litres. It was too high a potency at this time. Lack of appetite and tiredness returned. I told him that he should rest that day and call me again soon, without applying autopathy. After four days he reported that the state “as if after sleeping pills” quickly passed on the same day. He took the day off. Yesterday he had no further problems and slept very well. He felt well. The treatment took one week until complete cure. Several months passed and he is healthy, not having any problems at all.

Autopathic enlightenment?

The patient was a young woman. A year ago a small lump on her cervix was found. A smear test was made and she was invited for further testing. She also had a small lump on the neck and sometimes, when running, she could not hold urine. She was afraid that she had cancer and went to a healer. She did not go to the physician anymore. During energy therapy conducted by the healer, the problem with holding urine passed. After half a year he said that all was well, but the lumps on her neck and the cervix remained. Also, her joints ached. She took a course of study on autopathy and two months ago she started with self-healing. She made herself an autopathic preparation (AP) from prana, 6 litres of water in AB, which was followed by an euphoric state. She repeated it and this helped her much psychically. She continued AP from boiled breath daily: 1 litre of water three times, then 2 litres three times, then 4 litres twice a week, for about a month. During this time everything got better. The lump on her neck disappeared, the one on the cervix got much better and the aches in her joints ceased. The long-term fungus on her foot almost disappeared. Now she uses an autopathic preparation made from boiled saliva and boiled breath together (it means that she spits in the autopathic bottle, adds water, bubbles breath through the water and then she boils it), 6 l, and alternates every second day (as I suggested in the course) with prana 3,6 l prepared in another autopathic bottle. She said that she “feels very well psychically, as if in meditation, to this day. She no longer has the unnecessary distracting thoughts and has a strong will. I praised her for being a good student and suggested she continue in the same way.

The development of unnecessary distracting thoughts is, according to Eckhart Tolle, Ajahn Sumedho and other contemporary spiritual teachers, the main cause of suffering. The prevention of such thoughts is, according to many traditions, one of the main goal of spiritual efforts. Here it was obviously successful and the woman is healthy and does not have any complaints.

I believe that the excessive and mostly unhappy thinking to which we are led from the first class in school onwards, and whose victims we become, is only a cheap replacement for something more important, a connection with the universe by means of life force, prana. All creative intelligence is in the fine matter sphere and flows into us quite naturally, as long as the connection is good. We all are a kind of rays streaming from the Universal mind. As long as we have a good connection with the “spiritual life force”2, we feel good, everything happens naturally and to our advantage. We have a feeling of belonging. When the connection breaks down, we feel bad, isolated, pushed into the corner and in addition we get ill. To get well again, we have to restore the connection and this can be done with the aid of autopathy3. How does it happen? According to which theory does it function? How can ordinary water heal? Superfluous questions. Such answers are not arrived at by thinking. Look around you, how many rational people are deeply unhappy. Remember when you were happy? It was exactly at those moments when you did not need reason or thinking at all.



1 See Instructions for preparing the autopahic dillution at

2 Organon der Heilkunst, 6. Auflage, §9 (original German word “geistartige”, which means “spiritual”, is inaccurately translated in some English editions as “spirit-like”)

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About the author

Jiri Cehovsky

Jiri Cehovsky was born in 1947 in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, European Union. He began using homeopathy around 1980, when his family was suffering from chronic health problems. For twenty-three years, he has served on the committee of The Homeopathic Society, most of the time as its chairman. Twenty years ago, he started to use autopathy in treating clients. His first book on autopathy, Autopathy: A Homeopathic Journey to Harmony came out in 2004. In 2007 his 2nd book on autopathy, Get Well with Autopathy, was published and the last book Autopathy Handbook summarizing experiences was released in 2018. Jiri regularly gives courses and webinars on autopathy and teaches at the Homeopathic Academy in Prague. Visit Jiri at his website:


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