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Homeopathic Remedies at a Glance

About fishes, it is revealed that they lay eggs at a particular time during full moon. Each fish lays thousands of eggs on the seashore and swims back in the current. It has been observed that soon after the eggs convert into little fishes and reach the ocean they flock around their own mother. Millions and millions of fish and thousand times more new growths do not fail to reach their respective places. It is all by natural intuition.

The science of homeopathy also seeks personal intimacy which later on converts into natural intuition. It is only when we see things superficially without love and nearness does the confusion creep in and we feel trapped in the network of symptoms. If we are careful with a bit of devotion, the science unfolds its glory and we find it absolutely uncomplicated.

“Individualization” is one of the words which is widely used in homeopathy. Homeopathy recognizes the individuality of each patient by the process of case taking. Constitutional remedies are then given to the patient by going through the long process of detailed case-receiving and individualization of the patient as well as the remedies. There is little use of “illness-specific” remedies in homeopathy; but, there are certain situations where we cannot overlook their use. In emergency situations when we don’t have time to take a detailed case or when the patient’s condition is deteriorating, there may not be time to take a case history. In such cases we have to rely on specific remedies. In this regard, below is a list of remedies with some of the specific symptoms which they are known for:







1AconiteSudden chest congestion due to dry cold winds, restlessness, great thirst for cold drinks; tremendous fear/panic
2Ant-crud.Milky white tongue
3Allium CepaEyes and nose water profusely; sneezing
4AluminaStrains with soft stool, tired and weak
5ApisOedema, scanty urine, feels hot
6Arg-Nit.Opthalmia, fluttering stools, loud eructations, ailments from too much chocolate, sweets, candy
7ArnicaSoreness, fatigue, effects of injury, blunt trauma
8ArsenicumAggravation 1 a.m., extremely weak, anxious and restless; food poisoning/diarrhea
9BelladonaHead hot, painful, sudden onset of complaints, high fever
10BryoniaThe slightest movement aggravates
11Carbo VegFlatulence and burping which relieves; weak, better draft of air though chilly
12ChinaWeak. Flatulence, bloating and burping which does not relieve. Worse draft of air.
13Cuprum MetSpasms. General amelioration from cold drinks
14CantharisFrequent burning urination
15CinaGrits teeth, bores fingers into nose
16CactusFeeling of constriction
17Calcarea CarbImpaired nutrition, irregular bone development
18Calc-fluor.Glands hard, varicose veins, hard bony growths
19CausticumLocal paralysis
20ChamomillaStormy temper, irritable
22Cicuta VirosaConvulsions
23CimicifugaPainful menses
24ColocynthCrampy pains, person bends double from cramps; Sciatica, usually right sided, better lying on the painful side
25DigitalisPulse very slow
26DroseraWhooping cough
27DulcamaraNettle rash, diarrhea, eye inflameld by damp cold, ailments from cold, damp weather
28GlonoineHead, neck throbs, sunstroke/heatstroke
29GelsemiumPtosis, profuse urination which ameliorates, weakness, apathetic to his condition
30GraphitesSticky, honey-like oozing from eruptions, cracks in skin, constipation
31Hepar SulphInflamed part extremely sensitive to touch
32HypericumNerve centres crushed or affected
34Iris V.Acidity, vomiting and headache
35IodiumGlands (except breast) swell
36IgnatiaChangeable moods, effects of grief
37Kali CarbAggravation 3 a.m.
38Merc CorTenesmus (constant urging)
39Mag. PhosCramping pains – amelioration from heat
40Nitric AcidMouth blisters, anal fissures
41Nux VomicaFrequent urge for stool-urination
42OpiumConstipation with no urge
43Phosphoric AcidNervous debility, diarrhea
45Rhus ToxRestlessness-muscular pains
46SiliceaDefective assimilation
47StaphysagriaStyes, frequent urination, throws things when angry, trembles from anger, cystitis after sex.
48SulphurBurning in patches, standing is uncomfortable
50Veratrum AlbColic, vomiting, loose stools, cold sweat on forehead

These are some of the homeopathic remedies with their specific indications which can help us to bring immediate relief to the patient in cases of emergency. By giving immediate relief to the patient we can win their trust over to homeopathy and us. But a homeopath can never become solely dependent on the specific remedies because only constitutional remedies can help us to get the permanent cure of the disease!!

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