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Homeopathic Remedies from Allopathic Medicines

Written by Anton Lefterov

Homeopathic Remedies from Allopathic Medicines

Proving of new homeopathic remedies is a slow and time consuming process. At the same time homeopathic pharmacy may greatly benefit from the large data base of curative and side effects of allopathic drugs. Indeed, national and international allopathic pharmacy standards require thorough investigation of these factors. Thus at the disposal of homeopathy is a ready-for-use vast data base of symptoms for almost all allopathic drugs. This data is a rather precise source to an Allopathic Drugs Materia Medica (ADMM). One has only to rearrange curative and side effects according to homeopathic tradition: Mind, Head, Vision, Ears, Abdomen, Limbs, Generalities, etc.

For example, let us consider some of the curative and side effects of the most common corticosteroid Prednisolone*. Some of its curative clinical applications are:

Abnormal adrenal gland development
Allergic conditions (severe)
Blood Disorders
Certain cancers (along with other drugs)
Diseases of the connective tissue including systemic lupus erythematosus
Eye diseases of various kinds
Flare-ups of multiple sclerosis
Fluid retention due to “nephrotic syndrome” (a condition in which damage to the kidneys causes protein to be lost in the urine)
Lung diseases, including tuberculosis
Meningitis (inflamed membranes around the brain)
Prevention of organ rejection
Rheumatoid arthritis and related disorders
Severe flare-ups of ulcerative colitis or enteritis (inflammation of the intestines)
Skin diseases
Thyroid gland inflammation
Trichinosis (with complications).

Some of Prednisolone side effects are:

Euphoria, insomnia, mood changes, personality changes, psychotic behavior, or severe depression, emotional instability, fluid retention and high blood pressure, eye problems (e.g. a viral or fungal eye infection, cataracts, or glaucoma), Cushing’s syndrome, marked by weight gain, a “moon-face” appearance, thin, fragile skin, muscle weakness, brittle bones, purplish stripe marks on the skin, bone fractures, bruising, bulging eyes, congestive heart failure, convulsions, distended abdomen, face redness, glaucoma, headache, hives and other allergic-type reactions, increased pressure inside eyes or skull, inflamed esophagus or pancreas, irregular menstrual periods, muscle weakness or disease, osteoporosis, peptic ulcer, poor healing of wounds, stunted growth (in children), sweating, thin, fragile skin, vertigo.

Now, as the bulk work is done by allopathic medicine – for the proving effects of Prednisolone, we have to arrange these effects and symptoms the homeopathic way:

Prednisonium Materia Medica


Emotional instability, euphoria, insomnia, mood changes, personality changes, psychotic behavior, severe depression, vertigo


Headache, increased pressure inside skull, meningitis (inflamed membranes around the brain)


Redness, lupus erythematosus, “moon-face” appearance.


Viral or fungal eye infection, cataracts, glaucoma, bulging eyes, increased pressure inside eyes


Lung diseases, including tuberculosis, Thyroid gland inflammation, congestive heart failure, distended abdomen


Abnormal adrenal gland development, proteins in urine, inflamed esophagus or pancreas, peptic ulcer


Irregular menstrual periods


Thin, fragile, Outbreaks, hives and other allergic-type reactions, purplish stripe marks on the skin


Sweating increased




Poor healing of wounds, stunted growth (in children), flare-ups of multiple sclerosis, fluid retention, organ rejection after surgical operation, obesity, high blood pressure

The next step is to “decode” some of the allopathic diagnoses, like Meningitis, Lupus erythematosus, Viral or fungal eye infection, MS, etc. into homeopathic symptoms. Or, we can leave them the way they are into a new section, which we may call “Allopathic diagnosis” for a quicker repertorisation.

Further on our quest to ADMM we have to work on the symptoms grading i.e. give them some relative weight.

After we have the ADMM, there is one more step to the application of allopathic drugs as homeopathic remedies: their dilution and potentisation.


Homeopathy can be “modernized” and can benefit from the usage of many remedies, which have been developed by allopathic drug research and which are often rather in contradiction to their allopathic applications. The usage of allopathic drugs as homeopathic potencies is greatly contributed by the millions applications which have brought to a vast information base on their symptoms.

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Anton Lefterov

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  • Yes, I agree, many allopathic drugs can be potentized and can be used for quick actions on the body and mind to cure disease fast. Chemicals in minutest form may not have harmful side effects.

    homoeopaths should open up their mind, embrace new approach, experiment and experience in order to help suffering humanity and at the same time to remove the general opinion of the people that homeopathy is slow and some times do not act.

    homoeopaths should adopt aggressive approach as some diseases are also aggressive.like cures like!


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