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Homeopathic Remedy Kits

Homeopathic Remedy Kits

Homeopathic kits, containing a small number of remedies that are frequently given in acute cases without complications and with clear cut symptoms, for use by lay persons, with minimal, if any training, are available in the market. Let us explore a few facets of these kits.

The medicines chosen are generally polycrests, that is, they cover many symptoms and are quick acting and also have reasonably clear symptom picture. More importantly, long experience over years has brought a fairly clear and compact literature about their selection and use in simple, acute cases.

Those patients, who have experienced the power and the positive benefits of homeopathic treatment in the past tend to apply this method of healing for their family at home. After all, each time one of the children has a cold or has slightly squeezed a finger, the mother will not have to go to the allopathic doctor or to the homeopath. Sooner or later, the thought will arise: Why not apply an effective method of healing instead at home? And over years, with increased understanding of the action of the remedies, the success rate increases, and who knows, you may become a full-fledged healer! Or you may be encouraged to do a full time study course and take up homeopathy as a profession and make a successful career. If you decide on this course, please accept our best wishes.

However let us make one problem of home-medication very clear. Whatever homeopathic remedy kit you will have at home, it will never replace a professional therapist! That, of course, applies to all systems depending on physical substances for healing, including Ayurveda, Allopathy etc., That means, if you are treating an acute case by home medication, and this counts for any, not just homeopathic, remedies, then closely follow up the case. If the case worsens or if complications set in and you are not really sure which remedy to select, don’t hesitate to see your therapist or go to hospital! Especially, if you go to the same doctor each time, you will get very fundamental and important advice that you will find helpful, the next time you have a health problem in your house.

And another important rule if you don’t mind. You have got your homeopathic kit, congratulations. But, and this is important, make yourself familiar with the medicines before you or one of your family members get sick. There are many books that describe the homeopathic remedies in an understandable manner, so that you can get an understanding in what way they will be of service in an acute disorder. And many kits come with a small booklet that will be very helpful for the real novice or when you are away from your home

May I just suggest the following procedure if you are thinking of purchasing a remedy kit for your family?

– Read a good introductory book(s) on homeopathy first.

– If you have no prior experience in homeopathy yet, look for a kit containing remedies in low potencies (e.g. D4-12, C3). But don’t worry if you have a remedy of higher potency, like 12 or 30C. The golden rule is that the selection of the remedy is more important than its potency. By the way, D4 is 4X, C3 is also writeen as 3C or 3.

– Look for a kit that is easy to carry. Knowledge comes from frequent use for helping yourself, your family members, relatives and friends. Take it when you are going out of the house for extended time. Don’t try to treat strangers. If they approach you, and this is a good possibility if you are successful, explain to them politely that you are not a professional homeopath and are still learning. This is important to you to protect yourself from lawsuits and possible stay in jail!

– Look for some extra space in your homeopathy remedy kit for those remedies that match your family members in their corresponding constitution and that are not contained in your kit (Your homeopath will tell you). This will be of use when you go on long vacation and the next dose of the constitutional remedy becomes due.

The links that I am giving at the end of this article will lead you to some websites where you can obtain further information and where you can find products. This list definitely is by far not complete! And it does not state any preference for one of the products. These links only should be of a little help to get acquainted with the subject matter.

And please, always keep in mind: See Your doctor as long as there is time! Never try remedies. If You are not sure what remedy to give, go to Your homeopath or to the Emergency Room of the nearest hospital. Life is too important to be dogmatic or to play lottery with.

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