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Homeopaths Without Borders and AMCH in Haiti

Written by Myrna Merron

A useful article about Homeopaths Without Borders and AMCH in Haiti.Full details about Homeopaths Without Borders and AMCH in Haiti

Homeopaths Without Borders (HWB) has formed an alliance with the American Medical College of Homeopathy (AMCH) in Phoenix that will allow nursing students at the University of Notre Dame in Port-au-Prince, Haiti to enroll in a certification program led by AMCH faculty.

A year after responding to emergency needs following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, HWB is continuing its commitment to treat and teach in that country. The AMCH course at Notre Dame has evolved from enthusiastically received introductory lectures last fall to the current curriculum for fourth-year students. HWB volunteers will be traveling to Haiti in late January, March and May to carry out the program.

Volunteers will also continue to conduct clinics at St. Vincent’s School for Handicapped Children and the Baptist Mission in the Delmar area of Port-au-Prince.

HWB is seeking volunteers with extensive experience in homeopathic practice and teaching for missions being planned for 2011. Applications can be found on the organization’s web site: www.homeopathswithoutborders-na.org.

Donations to support this critical work can be also made on the web site or mailed to Homeopaths Without Borders, c/o Jean Hoagland, president, 601 McD,onald St., #108, Mount Dora, FL 32757. Homeopaths Without Borders is a 501 c (3) non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.

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