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The Homeopathy Action Trust describes their goals, activities and accomplishments.

Homeopathy Action Trust is the membership charity that encourages and supports public understanding of homeopathy, for the benefit of patients, practitioners and students alike.www.homeopathyactiontrust.org

Our vision is a world in which homeopathy is universally accepted as a potent part of everyday life, in a society that promotes and protects choice in healthcare. A society that treats patients, practitioners and students of homeopathy fairly, positively and with respect.

Our mission is to secure a vibrant future for homeopathy by:

  • increasing awareness of homeopathy as a valid and effective healthcare option
  • promoting education and research
  • providing information and support to patients, students and practitioners
  • galvanising and unifying the homeopathic community
  • fostering a culture of clarity, openness, inclusivity and altruism
  • working independently and in partnership with other organisations to fund healthcare and research projects

One Vision, One Voice

The field of homeopathy has become subject to significant external pressure and sustained media criticism. This had, in part, been compounded by the homeopathic community’s internal incoherence, with different societies and bodies communicating in different ways.

In the face of these issues, the Homeopathy Action Trustees made a conscious decision to focus the majority of its efforts and resources in 2010/11 on galvanising our community.

The most significant activity in this regard was our groundbreaking ‘One Vision, One Voice’ conference. This event in 2010 brought together, for the first time, a number of global societies and opinion formers, to develop and agree upon a common strategy for the unified communication of homeopathy.

This has resulted in a series of on-going collaborative activities among representatives of all the UK-based homeopathy organisations with a view to maximizing limited resources to optimum effect. Recent achievements include:

Homeopathy Worked for me Facebook page

  • Social media is becoming more and more important. It is also an area where the skeptics have not yet taken control. HAT has recently launched a Facebook page that connects those who benefit from homeopathy – practitioners and, more importantly, patients. At the moment there are well over 6,000 “likes” to the page, but we need much bigger support. Please inform all your patients, colleagues and friends, and let’s reach 15,000 likes by the end of the year!

Celebrity Photography Project

  • Mooted by various organisations over a number of years, the BHA has managed to put financial structures in place to actually make this happen. Go to www.celebhomeopathy.com to see the site. It launched during Homeopathy Awareness Week. We all hope to build on this campaign in the future, adding more celebrities and creative projects to endorse and build public awareness about homeopathy.

Homeopathy Evidence Check

  • Want to know why the UK Parliamentary homeopathy evidence check was so biased? Then please check out the new website we have developed: www.homeopathyevidencecheck.org The profession now has a website that gives the homeopaths view about what really went on with the Parliamentary evidence check. It has purposefully been written in a balanced way to help people outside of homeopathy understand why the process was flawed.

Find a Homeopath website

  • This new website www.findahomeopath.org.uk has been launched for the public to search a database of UK homeopaths and offer useful information about homeopathy, what to expect from a consultation, and information on the registers that the practitioners are registered with.

The last two years have witnessed real change in the way homeopaths work together toward a common goal. Homeopathy Action Trust will continue to work with them to ensure we turn the tide.


In addition to One Vision, One Voice we continued to be involved in multiple projects promoting homeopathy globally, from funding support for a UK youth addiction programme to the provision of educational materials in West Africa.

Initiatives recently supported by the Homeopathy Action Trust include:

St. Mungo’s

  • The Trust funded two homeopaths who trained at the London School of Classical Homeopathy to work in various hostels for the homeless owned by the charity St. Mungo’s.

Ghana Homeopathy Project

  • The Trust has funded and been working with the new Premier International School of Homeopathy and Alternative Medicine in Ghana (PISHAM).

Homeopathy for Health in Africa

  • A project set up by Jeremy and Camilla Sherr for patients with AIDS in Africa. Started in Tanzania in 2008, the project has helped over 1500 patients with AIDS, malaria and a range of other diseases using homeopathy to great effect.

The Trust also sponsored the first Pan African Congress of Homeopathy, held in Mombasa, Kenya on 25th – 27th May 2012.

Swaziland Homeopathy Project

  • This project’s vision is to establish a permanent and free homeopathic service for women, men and children living with and affected by HIV and AIDS in all regions of Swaziland – ultimately improving the populations’ life expectancy.

Please help the Trust

Like and share our ‘Homeopathy Worked for Me’ Facebook page:

Become a member – just GBP £24 UK & Ireland, £30 Rest of World:

Leave a legacy or make a donation. You may like to donate to general funds or support specific activities:

The Homeopathy Wood

Add to over 1000 individually sponsored trees

The Research Fund

Supports innovative research into homeopathy

The Bursary Fund

Assists students at Homeopathy Schools

The Library Fund

Is our new million pound fund to house and make available books currently in storage

The Film Fund

Finances documentaries about homeopathy

Thank you

We could not have achieved any of the outcomes described in this article without the generous support of individuals and organisations within and outside the homeopathic community to whom we are enormously grateful.

And, of course, we would like to thank all of our members, without whom we would not exist.

The Homeopathy Action Trustees:


Jacki Becker


Simon Taffler


Noam Bar


Amanda Rubin


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