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Homeopathy and Autism: A Unique Opportunity for Transformation

Homeopathy and Autism: A Unique Opportunity for Transfo

Homeopathy has an important role to play in treating the autism epidemic. I should know, because my own son Max was completely cured of autism with homeopathy! This was my first real experience of homeopathy and it certainly was a doozy. It propelled me to begin my own study of homeopathy and ultimately, to leave my former career as a research computer scientist and devote myself to promoting and teaching about homeopathy. It is one of my life goals to spread the word to other parents, especially parents dealing with autism, about how homeopathy can help both them and their children.

Many people are unaware of the magnitude and significance of the autism epidemic. The disease was first reported in 1943 — at the same time as the mass vaccination programs for diseases such as polio and pertussis began. In the 1970’s the incidence in the USA was 1:2500 children. A couple of years ago, the incidence was 1:150 children (which boils down to 1:100 boys because of a higher incidence among boys, and 1:68 families). More recent statistics indicate that the rate has already risen to 1:100 children. If the current rate of increase (about 20% per year) continues, by the year 2020, 1:10 children will be autistic.

The allopathic establishment would rather sweep these problems under the rug, but they are becoming too large to ignore — especially now that that children and grandchildren of prominent politicians and celebrities have been affected. Conventional medicine offers essentially no real hope and parents are routinely told, upon diagnosis, that they should anticipate eventual institutionalization for their children. With a cost of millions of dollars per child, the autism epidemic will quickly become a major component of the already substantial national health-care crisis in the USA, not to mention the loss to society of so many potential human resources.

The truly criminal part of this situation is that it is most likely allopathic medicine that is to blame. Most parents within the autism community believe that vaccination is at the root of their child’s condition. And there is ample evidence that this is true. Just looking at the graphs of incidence, one can clearly see that the rates of autism jumped at times when new vaccines were added into the pediatric vaccination protocols. Many parents believe that the mercury adjuvant, thimerosal is to blame. But it is more likely that multiple factors are at work — the sensitization of children due to the toxic adjuvants in the vaccines plus other toxins in the environment, coupled with the introduction of so many disease antigens at once directly into the bloodstream. Together, these factors set children up for a terrific autoimmune response that can manifest in many ways. For example, we now have many children with gut problems (common in autism), hyperactivity, type-one diabetes, severe allergies to foods, etc. Autism itself is a multi-faceted disease that reflects the fact that many individuals, each with their own disease tendencies, are reacting to an assault on their immune system in their own way.

Unfortunately, the cover-ups of this disaster have been all too typical. Studies have been concocted to take the blame off vaccines. Vaccine manufacturers have been hastily absolved of liability via measures tacked on to legislative bills. The allopathic research machine has labeled the disease as “genetic” (who ever heard of a genetic epidemic?) and most of the research dollars are poured into this approach. And so we find that the autism epidemic is fast on its way to becoming an allopathic cash cow like cancer. In the meantime, the organizations that support alternative (and cheaper) approaches to autism are pushed to the side when it comes to the big bucks and celebrity benefits. Sadly, these alternatives are the only approaches that have shown any curative effect. Homeopathy is one of these alternative therapies, and in the scheme of things within the autism world, it has a relatively small presence.

Personally, I believe that homeopathy is one of the best therapies available to this community. While many alternative approaches such as the use of supplements, diets, detoxification protocols, and behavioral therapy are helpful and sometimes achieve near recovery for many children, most of these approaches are not truly curative. Thus, a “recovered” autistic child often has to stay on restrictive diets and supplements, or has merely managed to accommodate well enough to their situation so that they can live within normal society. In contrast, homeopathic cures of autism, while still relatively rare, can produce an individual who is truly free of autism. This happened to my own son and I know of other several other cases.

Is this any surprise, with homeopathy’s track record in dealing with vaccine damage and autoimmune diseases? While the results my son experienced are admittedly unusual and perhaps can only be expected in a small percentage of cases, many homeopaths with large autism practices are able to attain significant gains in the majority of their patients.

Ever since the publication of my book Impossible Cure (a general introduction to homeopathy that includes our family’s experiences with homeopathy and dozens of other first-person cure stories from all over the world), I often give talks to parents about homeopathy, do referrals to homeopaths all over the world, answer many parent inquiries, and keep track of progress on many cases. I have also interviewed homeopaths that have intensive autism practices. I have learned that there is a multiplicity of factors that make this patient population unique from the perspective of the homeopathic practitioner. Among these are the following

* The inherent difficulty of treating autism. Treatment is usually slow and gradual, and requires careful case management skills.
* Extreme anxiety, desperation, and often dysfunction in autism families, due to the stress and financial pressures of their situation. Impatience with treatment is often the norm, which works against the realities of what parents should expect.
* Simultaneous use of many forms of intervention, including diets, supplements, chelation (in various forms), and a myriad of other therapies such as behavioral therapies, auditory therapies, osteopathy and craniosacral treatment. Many treatments are focusing on the myriad symptoms (e.g., gut problems) rather than the underlying cause of the disease.
* Parents seeking out “homeopathy” are unaware of what homeopathy is and often end up with a poorly trained (or untrained) practitioner who simply offers off-the-shelf combinations, machine testing, daily doses of remedies that are viewed as “vitamins”, etc. In other words, very allopathic approaches to homeopathy.

Into this situation steps the brave and devoted classical homeopath. The challenge is substantial but the payoff is huge. The practitioner has the potential to give a child’s life back and save an entire family. More than this, they can demonstrate to the world that homeopathy can work wonders when allopathy can offer nothing. For this reason, the autism epidemic provides a tragic but awesome opportunity for homeopathy in promoting itself. The parents of autistic children are desperate, intensely invested in their children, and will not forget what homeopathy has done for them. I’m a case in point! I know of several other “autism mom’s” who have gone on to become practitioners and ardent promoters of homeopathy.

I’ll conclude this article with a short description of my son Max’s recovery story. It is an edited excerpt from an article I wrote for Mothering Magazine that appeared in January 2006. Max’s recovery demonstrates, in my view, many key things: the effectiveness of classical treatment; the important role of nosodes in autism treatment; the utility of LM dosing (which I believe provides the gentle and frequent “nudge” that many autistic children need, in addition to involving the parents and their intentionality in the process); the role of special diets that remove certain foods (notably milk, gluten, food colorings, and corn) that are essentially maintaining causes for many children and can be reintroduced once food sensitivities are healed by homeopathic treatment; the importance of engaging the whole family in the healing process; and the need for parents to be patient, observant, pliable to changes and improvements, heartfully connected to their child, and faithful in the potential for recovery. I encourage you to read Impossible Cure if you are interested in more details of Max’s story. Many parents find that this book provides invaluable guidance and quite a few practitioners require that all their patients buy and read the book — not just their autism families. See www.impossiblecure.com.


In January of 1995, an article in Mothering about the homeopathic treatment of children’s behavioral problems led me to seek out homeopathic treatment for my then autistic son, Max. Back then, my husband Steve and I were struggling to understand and come to terms with Max’s inability to communicate and socialize with others. Unfortunately, this experience has become increasingly familiar to more and more parents since that time. In 1995, the dramatic rise in autism rates in the USA was just beginning, and the world of autism resources and treatments was in its infancy.

About the author

Amy Lansky

Amy Lansky

Amy L. Lansky, PhD was a NASA researcher in artificial intelligence when her life was transformed by the miraculous homeopathic cure of her son's autism. In 2003, she published Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy (www.impossiblecure.com), now one of the best-selling introductory books on homeopathy worldwide. Since then, Lansky has broadened her investigations to include ancient and modern teachings about consciousness, meditation, synchronicity, and our collective power to evolve and transform our world. The result is her second book, Active Consciousness: Awakening the Power Within (www.activeconsciousness.com), published in 2011.


    • What a wonderful story. I hope he lives a very happy and fulfilling life for a very long time. I think it is time to waken up the public to the fact that what they know about “incurable” is totally false. I always think of the philosopher Shopenhaur who said……………..

      Good health is not everything
      but without good health
      everything is nothing.

      I have recovered from systemic cancer and diabetes, and I can vouch for the grim prolonged suffering inflicted on us, when our illness continues without being properly diagnosed and treated.

      It is a crime against humanity.

  • What a write up, I am a true believer of treating the person not the diagnosis. There are so many better ways then filling up ones body with medicine that they will be on for the rest of their lives, and the whole vaccine debate, I just don’t know how we trust the research when it is given to us by the companies who profit from it. Sorry for the ramble, this was such an amazing story.

  • Your story is amazing!! Hearing info like this helps to keep the hope for my son alive. We have literally just started CEASE therapy, so hoping to see lots of great changes. It is the first time we have used homeopathy, don’t know how it works but hopefully it just will.

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