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Homeopathy and Children

homeopathy and kids

Homeopathic remedies are little sugar pills that melt in your mouth and inexplicably do magic, especially in acute disease.

 Baby Shana

Please write an article about homeopathy and children.  I’ve told all my parent-friends about it and I’d like to have something to show them!!!!!!—Kelly

Fine!  Yeesh!!!

But seriously, folks, let me just begin by saying, I don’t know what parents do without homeopathy, I really don’t, my heart goes out to them!  My daughter, Shana (see above), is now a teenager!  She’s never swallowed a pill or had an injection in her life–except for the Hepatitis-B vaccine they gave her in the hospital after she was born, and I still can’t believe I agreed to that, but I did not have the information I have now!  It turns out that the only way you can get this disease is through needle-sharing and unprotected sex!  So in other words, this is a disease of prostitutes and drug addicts!  And for some insane reason, your doctor thinks your baby is in danger of catching it! 

But we trust doctors, right?  It’s not easy getting over a lifetime of misplaced trust!!!!!  That’s the last vaccination Shana ever got; I mean, if they have no qualms about putting your baby’s health or life at risk for nothing, absolutely no benefit at all, then they’ve shown you how little regard they have for your child; you don’t need to be involved with such people; and I’ll tell you what part of the problem is, they get an end-of-year bonus for having all their child-patients fully vaccinated, so when you come along with wanting to tweak the vaccination schedule to eliminate some and give the others less often, you’re taking money out of their pockets, doctors do not take kindly to that!  You can read more about vaccination in my article, “Everything You Know About Vaccination is Wrong!” 

Tidbits 49: Everything You Know About Vaccination Is Wrong!

But now, back to “Homeopathy and Children”….

Shana has definitely had her share of flus, colds, coughs, injuries and even strep throat.  Thank goodness, though, for homeopathy during these emergencies–and for those of you who don’t know, homeopathic remedies are little sugar pills that melt in your mouth and inexplicably do magic especially in acute diseases—sorry, I don’t know how else to describe it!  What do you call it when you have the flu one minute and don’t have it the next?  I call it magic!  

Even as recently as this morning, while getting ready for school, Shana was acting strange—sitting on the “potty” after her shower, which made no sense to me and finally she admitted she was having stomach pains.  Knowing there was a flu going around at school, I gave her Arsenicum 200C and told her to get back into bed.  (I suspected a gastro-intestinal flu).  I went out to breakfast and when I came home, she was sitting at the computer—her favorite spot in the house—completely back to normal, and back to school the next day!

While I was in the restaurant, I, myself, had begun to experience a sudden “sinking feeling” and I thought, “Oh no, I’m getting it too!”  I opened my homeopathic first aid kit which I carry in my backpack and pulled out our popular flu remedy, Gelsemium, and popped a few pellets in my mouth and instantly, I was fine again!  You see what I’m saying?  Magic!!!!!  I am not making this up!  In fact, the idea is, take a remedy as soon as you get sick, don’t wait for it to become chronic, because by then it’s out of control, out of your hands, and there are no guarantees!

I’ll give you another story.  The other day I tripped over the recycling bags in the kitchen and fell on my knee, which Shana, of course, found amusing!  I knew I’d be in for trouble–knee swelling and pain– but, I had neither because I immediately took a dose of Arnica 200C, our main remedy for blunt trauma, and that was the end of that minor emergency, all gone!

Homeopathic remedies taste good and children like them; so do animals.  When I think back on Shana’s health history, I remember her being 2 years old and eating pretzels for the first time—admittedly, not such a great idea!  Anyway, she started throwing up—I don’t know how many times!  I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her!  But, as soon as she asked for cold water, I knew right away what remedy to give—Phosphorus!

ONE DOSE of Phosphorus 30C, and she fell asleep—immediately—like in seconds!  In fact, she was in the sink at the time, bathing, because I was cleaning her up.  That’s when she said, “Cold water.”  I went right for the Phosphorus!  I gave it to her, and she fell asleep in the bath!  I said, Oh no, I’m going to have to wake her up to dry her off!  I hated having to do that but it was OK, no relapse ensued.  But this is what happens when you give the right remedy to a child—they often fall right to sleep!  Sometimes adults fall asleep too.  I was very relieved.  I went to look up Phosphorus in Murphy’s Materia Medica


Aside from it’s well-known symptom, “Thirst for cold drinks”, I also found, “Bad effects of eating too much salt.”  OMG!  The salt, of course!  Salted pretzels, I should have known!  The salt made her sick!  Phosphorus was the perfect remedy for her!

Earaches in the middle of the night?  A dose of Pulsatilla, Belladonna or Chamomilla depending on the symptoms, and it’s back to sleep for everyone!  Isn’t this better than trips to the Emergency Room in the middle of the night? 

And Belladonna?  I don’t know how many fevers Belladonna has made fast work of!  The key with Belladonna is sudden onset, dry heat radiating from the child’s body, you can feel it without even touching the child, it’s a dry radiant heat, often the feet are cold and the child tends to be thirstless.  You also get the feeling in a Belladonna fever that the case is urgent and you have to act fast!

Put simply, there aren’t too many emergencies around here that last any length of time!

I remember Shana’s mosquito bite rash from last summer—totally resolved in one day with Caladium 30C! 

I have a 2 year old client right now who is recovering—thanks to homeopathic Sulphur—from the worst case of constipation I’ve ever seen in my life!  This child screamed whenever she had to sit on the potty, and actually tried NOT to go!  If you look in the Homeopathic Repertory under “Rectum, constipation”, you’ll see the following “rubric”, or heading: “constipation painful, compels child to desist from effort,” with Sulphur being the highest-ranked among three remedies; so, with that, I recommended Sulphur.  Total success!  Unexpected benefits from Sulphur were: no longer crying at bedtime, no longer crying in the car, no longer crying after day care, no longer afraid of animals or moving toys like toy cars, no longer perspiring profusely at night, no longer waking up to drink water, and now playing by herself without insisting that her mother watch her.  Wouldn’t prescription drug manufacturers love to claim these as side effects instead of their dizzying array of warnings about death, cancer, infections, tuberculosis, etc.?

Some of you will no doubt say, “If homeopathy is so great, how come my doctor doesn’t know about it!  Wouldn’t my doctor know about it if it really worked?  Why don’t the hospitals know about it?”

In other parts of the world, they do!  It’s commonplace in such countries as England, where the Queen and the whole royal family use homeopathy and have for centuries!  Prince Charles carries a homeopathic first aid kit with him wherever he goes and so does Paul McCartney, by the way!

It’s mainly in the United States where people are so ignorant of this method of healing, which makes no sense to me because there is a compelling history of homeopathy right here in America.  There used to be homeopathic hospitals and medical schools everywhere!  Here are just a few examples:

Homeopathic Hospital, Reading, Pennsylvania

Albany, NY Homeopathic Hospital

Homeopathic Hospital, Rochester, NY

Homeopathic Hospital, Iowa City, Iowa

Moreover, some very famous people were supporters and users of homeopathy including Mark Twain, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Jack London, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Louisa May Alcott, Emerson and Thoreau, Longfellow, John D. Rockefeller…too many famous people, too numerous to count! 

The homeopathic medical schools were the first ones to accept minorities and women.  The first X-ray machine was in a homeopathic hospital.  Many famous medical schools were originally homeopathic, such as Standford and the University of Michigan.  The founder of AA was a homeopath.  Dr. Menninger of the Menninger Clinic was a homeopath.  In my own city of Philadelphia, Hahnemann Hospital, which is still standing as of this writing, was homeopathic until the mid ’50’s.  So, what happened?  The AMA lobbied Congress to change the definition of what a “hospital” was.  Suddenly homeopathic hospitals were breaking the “law” and had to close.  

For example, a “hospital” was deemed to be a place that had a laboratory.  Homeopathic hospitals didn’t need a laboratory so most didn’t have one.  The ones that didn’t were forced to close.  It was this kind of constant chipping away at medical freedom that resulted in only one medical model left standing—what we call today “modern medicine”.  

The AMA wasn’t just against homeopathy, they were against any form of natural medicine; so, it wasn’t only the homeopaths who were victimized.  Herbalists, nutritionists…. everyone knows alternative cancer treatments aren’t allowed in this country, even if run by doctors and even if there are no complaints against them!  This is an on-going problem of insecurity among modern medical professionals, not content to share the field of medicine with anyone else!  But that doesn’t mean that YOU have to lose out!  Start by purchasing an acute prescribing book, like this one:  Homeopathy: An a-z Home Handbook by Alan Schmukler.


  Click here to see it on Amazon:


Or this one by Dana Ullman, Homeopathic Medicine for Children and Infants

Dana's book

Next, get yourself a 30C emergency kit, check Amazon.

It may take some degree of trial and error and educating yourself in the beginning, as I had to do as well; but, the payoff in the end is having control over your life!


Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

Elaine takes online cases.  Visit her website at elaineLewis.hpathy.com

Write to her at [email protected]


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Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
Elaine is a passionate homeopath, helping people offline as well as online. Contact her at [email protected]
Elaine is a graduate of Robin Murphy's Hahnemann Academy of North America and author of many articles on homeopathy including her monthly feature in the Hpathy ezine, "The Quiz". Visit her website at:
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  • hi

    My daughter is 2yrs old and suffering from constipation for past 3weeks. It’s going to be 2weeks since i started homeopathy for her, still it doesn’t seem to work. she screams, cries while passing stools( as hard as a stone).pls let me know how long it takes for the child to normalise when homoeopathic medicine are taken on regular basis

    • Homeopathy is different than conventional medicine in that it’s not really a ONE size fits ALL kind of cure. By that I mean if you come in to see a homeopath with a child with constipation the remedy your child is given might be different than what another child who also came in to see the homeopath for a constipation problem would be given. So because the article says SULPHUR for the child it mentions that does not automatically mean SULPHUR will work with your child. You choose the remedy based on the best match of several symptoms you have in common with the remedy (in addition to the constipation symptom).

      So if the article above mentions constipation being cured by SULPHUR it might work for your child or it might not. You need additional information to chose the correct remedy. If additional things match the description for the SULPHUR remedy in addition to constipation then try that remedy. You need to look at other possible symptoms besides constipation to pick the best match for your child.

      So, for example, with constipation the book …
      “The Family Guide to Homeopathy” by Alain Horvilleur
      … gives these remedies as possible for a child with constipation …

      If you need to push really hard to evacuate stools even soft ones

      Chelidonium Majus
      Colorless light stools that float

      Large stools with strings of mucus

      Hydraastis Canadensis
      Constipation without the urge to defecate

      Nux Vomica
      Constipation with the urge to defecate but being unable to

      Magnesia Muriatica
      Stools that are small and round like marbles

      Most books give a little more information than just one symptom for each remedy … but I used that book just as an example (so I chose a book I had that was brief so I would not have to type 4 or 5 or more symptoms for each). This is just an example to give you an idea.

      Based on your description it sounds like Alumina would be the one I would try first. Choose the best match for your child and try that remedy first. If that doesn’t work after a couple of days try another. As you use homeopathy you should get better at selecting remedies after awhile.

      Because homeopathy is not a laxative you may not see results the first day after taking it only one time. But if you have been taking it 3 times a day for two or three days with no results you may want to look at the book again and pick another remedy (for constipation) and try that one instead. If you cannot find the one you need with the help of a book then consulting a professional homeopath should be considered as the MOST common remedies might not be the right one for your child. And books that help you use homeopathy without visiting a professional will list the MOST common only.

      OH … with some things like bumps and bruises … one remedy, Arnica, seems to work all the time for everyone. So you don’t have to refer to a book just have it on hand before you need it. I keep Arnica in 200c or 1M in my purse AT ALL TIMES so I always have it with me if I ever need it.

      I know you posted your comment a LONG time ago but the reply might help others or you might have the same problem again. So I thought I’d reply even though so much time has pased.

      If the comment section allows me to post a web link I will link to a page about constipation from the book
      “Homeopathic Remedies: A Quick and Easy Guide to Common Disorders and Their Homeopathic Treatments”
      by Asa Hershoff


      The above book is good if you are new to homeopathy.

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