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Homeopathy Clinical Tips and Important News – February 2024

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Homeopathy Clinical Tips and Important News. Tips from Dr. T.F. Allen, Dr. J.H. Clarke, news about the 2nd International AYUSH Conference and much more.

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Second International AYUSH Conference and Exhibition

The second International AYUSH Conference and Exhibition, was held January 13 to 15 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.  Experts collaborated on how to combat chronic diseases globally through traditional complementary and alternative medical (TCAM) practices.

The theme of the Conference was “Non-Communicable Chronic Diseases – Prevention and Management through AYUSH.”  It was organised by the UAE-based volunteer organisation Science India Forum, alongside  the Ministry of AYUSH under the government of India.  It featured over 50 talks, 1,300 delegates and more than 300 research papers,

Students Demand More Homeopathic Hospitals

Bhubaneswar: Members of the All Odisha Ayush Students’ Association  staged a rally near the state assembly demanding the state government open more Ayurvedic and Homeopathic hospitals and dispensaries in the state to provide healthcare facilities to people. They also demanded more medical officer posts for ayurvedic and homeopathic graduates across the state.

Times of India

Germany to remove homeopathy from public health insurance 

January 21, 2024

The German Ministry of Health has decided to eliminate homeopathy from health insurance. Health minister, Karl Lauterbach, said: “Services that do not have a clinically demonstrated benefit cannot be financed with public funds. We will eliminate in the law the possibility for health insurance companies to provide homeopathic and anthroposophic services.” Lauterbach estimated the savings at between 20 -50 million euros and stated… Our policy must be based on scientific evidence.

Michaela Geiger, president of the German Central Association of Homeopathic Doctors, condemned the decision, stating it would limit the range of available treatments. “A therapeutic monoculture will emerge in consultations and patients will suffer the consequences,”

Bavarian Health Minister Judith Gerlach and Manne Lucha, Health Minister of Baden-Württemberg both disagreed with the decision.

Sales of homeopathic medicines increased from 595 million euros in 2015, to 664 million euros in 2019.

 Some Clinical Tips from Dr. T.F. Allen

Antimonium Arsenicosum – Useful in emphysema with excessive dyspnoea and cough, < eating and lying down.

Bromium  –In croup, when the febrile symptoms have subsided, the patient is weak, perspiring, hard, tight cough, which is spasmodic, with suffocative attacks and sometimes rattling of mucus in larynx; the element of spasm generally indicates the drug.

Aranea Diadema – Tremulous, sensitive, nervous exhaustion, nightly sensation as if her hands and arms were enormously enlarged, often causing her to strike a light to see if it were really so.

Capsicum Annuum –Most useful in older persons who have become debilitated by disease. Often adapted to people who have exhausted their vitality, especially by mental work, and whose vital heat is diminished. Muscles are weary and painful, fear of the slightest draft of either warm or cold air.

Physostigma Venenosum – Curatively it has been used in myopia for spasm of the ciliary muscle, especially with symptoms of irritability, pain after using the eyes, flashes of light, black specks, etc. Nearsightedness from a blow, a rigidity of the muscles of accomodation so that the patient can only see very near objects.

Ammonium Causticum – Loss of voice, with great debility or with burning rawness in throat. Spasm of the glottis (or paralysis), with suffocation, the patient gasps for breath.

Viola Tricolor – By some considered nearly specific in eczema of the scalp, especially with matted hair. Incontinence of urine at night, in children, the urine smelling like cat’s urine.

Oleander Hemiplegia preceded by vertigo. Vertigo on looking fixedly or on rising in bed or on looking down. Said to be valuable in the mental condition of slow perception.

Cedron – It has cured puerperal convulsions recurring at regular intervals, beginning with severe pains in l. temple, with albuminuria.

Cannabis Sativa –In urethritis, with burning biting pain extending backward towards bladder when urinating, frequent urging, urine is scalding, with spasmodic closure of the sphincter of the bladder.

Cannabis Indica – Tetanic spasms about the jaws. Delirium tremens, with misapprehensions concerning time and space.  Delirium, with great exaltation of mind, great flow of language, very exalted ideas.

Guajacum Officinale – Chronic inflammation of the ovaries, with agonizing pains, irritable bladder. Persistent deafness, with recurring earaches.

Paris Quadrifolia –  Neuralgia of the spine, pain located about the sixth cervical vertebra, extending upward, and downward to the shoulders, with weight, numbness and heat. Soreness of the top of the head so that he could not brush his hair.

Argentum Metallicum – A valuable remedy for the chronic laryngitis of singers and speakers. Cough from laughing. General tendency to emaciation, with sallow, pale complexion.

BMW Heir Invested in Homeopathy

Stefan Quandt, the BMW heir and investor, is one of the wealthiest Germans, with a fortune estimated at over 20 billion euros. His portfolio includes automotive, logistics and technology companies and also, one of the largest manufacturers of homeopathy medicines in Germany.

 Three Cardiac Tips from John H. Clarke, M.D.  -1895

Kali Muriaticum – It is one of Schiissler’s remedies, and he recommends it for that condition of the blood which favours embolus, and also in the exudative stage of inflammatory affections of the heart, in palpitation from excessive flow of blood to the heart and in hypertrophy. The symptoms which call for it are: Palpitation with constriction of the chest, coldness in cardiac region, white coated tongue.

Lilium Tigrinum – The characteristic sensation of Lilium is somewhat like that of Cactus, a sensation as if the heart was grasped, but there is a difference. The “iron band” sensation of Cactus is not present with Lilium, nor is the constriction of the latter so enduring.

Lycopus Virginicus – Of service in many forms of heart disease — valvular affections, hypertrophy, exophthalmos and aneurism. The patient is nervous and irritable, extremities cold. Cough with haemoptysis in connection with heart affections. Heart distress worse morning and evening and when thinking of it. Heart’s action tumultuous and forcible, can be heard several feet from the bed. Heart beats slow and weak.

Diseases of the heart and arteries: their causes, nature and treatment -1895 John H. Clarke, M.D.

Cancer Institute Investigates Falsified Data

The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, a leading Harvard Medical School-affiliated teaching center, is seeking retractions of six studies and corrections on another 31 papers amid allegations that some of its senior researchers falsified data.

NY Times

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