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“Homeopathy on the Front Lines in Mexico”

Another time she writes, “On this day in Ayoquezco I saw a patient for the third occasion. Her name is Janeth and she is 28 years old. She is from this community. She has been very much affected by her first baby’s death. A lot of time has passed without her being able to be able to get pregnant. Today, to my surprise, she told me she is now pregnant (about 3 week gestation according to ultrasound studies she has shown me).  She is very happy to have achieved this and her first question was if the remedy I had been prescribing for depression would affect the child during its gestation. My answer was the same I have given other patients. Homeopathic medicine will not affect her pregnancy except that it will continue to improve her quality of life and thereby the life of her unborn child. She told me she is very grateful and pleased with her pregnancy which she believes is the result of her treatment. Her depression is gone and in its place is joy for tomorrow.”

And so it goes, day after day, week after week, month after month. The Promise of Health clinic is open 5 days a week, with emergencies always seen at any time.

Despite the many challenges constantly swirling around her, each Monday, when patients come to the clinic, Dr. Soledad will sit patiently, with an open heart and mind, listening intently. From her patient’s perspective, they are the only people that matter in that moment — a pivotal moment when their healing can begin or continue to emerge.

Since A Promise of Health’s homeopathic healthcare model began operating in Oaxaca in April, 2010, nearly 21,000 patient visits have been logged in our health clinics which serve 14 rural communities! Add to this hygiene and nutrition education in the schools, public education about how homeopathy works, partnerships with the local municipalities, living in the rural community she serves…. and you have a highly successful safe, effective, low cost everyday healthcare model!

Certainly, all of southern Mexico and the entire southern Hemisphere need many more projects like the Promise of Health program happening in Oaxaca. Time will tell if others step forward to do what has been achieved in Yucatan and Oaxaca. A Promise of Health is willing to consult with anyone inspired to act. In the meantime, A Promise of Health will continue its program in rural Oaxaca.

We leave the reader to ponder this…

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann brought to the world through his book the Organon of Medicine, the basis for all we are about with homeopathy.  As he theorized, perhaps we can spend less time debating and analyzing.  Instead, we can spend more time putting homeopathic knowledge into action on the front lines of poverty, making sick people healthy.

Post Script by Douglas Brown CCH, RSHom(NA)

In November 2013, I had the opportunity to travel with Bill and Barb Grannell and Larry Vollman, another Board member, to Ayoquezco, Oaxaca, to visit with Dr. Soledad, her family, and see the A Promise of Health clinic in action (see photo).

I sat with her in small, poorly ventilated crowded dusty rooms while one patient after another came in with conditions such as arthritis, psoriasis, diabetes, and chronic pain. Accustomed as I am to a comfortable office, I marveled at Dr. Soledad’s endurance and resourcefulness. The vast majority of patients who were returning for follow-ups related substantial improvements in their health and well-being from the prescribed remedies. I was struck with how quickly Dr. Soledad could come to a prescription, and how the vast majority of patients were successfully treated with well-known polychrest remedies. This was a practice that was very different from my own, but clearly was working wonders. It is appropriate technology at its finest.

As a homeopath and educator I am very interested in the relationship between socio-cultural and economic factors and the states of consciousness that underlie chronic disease. Put more simply: Why might one group of remedies work so successfully in one setting, but are rarely indicated in another? As a member of the Board of A Promise of Health, I am very interested in how the success of this model might be sustained, and hopefully replicated elsewhere. As Barb Grannell points out, a significant step for building support for the clinic entailed the enlistment of migrant “hometown” clubs here in the United States. Bill and Barb also worked very hard, and with frequent disappointments and frustrations, to keep local governments honest in following through with their commitments to provide adequate clinic space and support. These struggles continue.

The current success of A Promise of Health rests very much on the heroic person of Dr. Soledad and the untiring labor of Barb and Bill Grannell. This is a strength of the organization, but also a weakness of the model. Dr. Soledad is unique in her combination of passion, commitment, talent, and endurance. For the work of A Promise of Health to continue and to expand, we must find ways to give affected communities more ownership of the health care they deserve, and find ways to educate, motivate, and support more homeopaths to serve in the most marginalized communities.

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About the author

Barbara Grannell

Barbara Grannell serves as Executive Director of A Promise of Health. Her career spans over 30 years in the non- profit arena. She is a veteran community, state and national organizer, working at all levels of government in the US and Mexico. In 1987 and again in 2001, Barbara co-founded with her husband 2 international non- profits, serving as Executive Director, CFO and Director of Fundraising for both organizations. She has written extensively, co-published with her husband, speaks nationally/internationally about the importance of social activism and continues to be a strong advocate for Homeopathy’s role in the 21st Century.

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    • Lucy, thanks for your interest in A Promise of Health! Please tell me more about yourself and your life experience with Homeopathy. Do you speak fluent Spanish?

  • This is a wonderful story about A Promise of Health, which brought homeopathy to one of the neediest populations in Mexico. Barbara and Bill Grannell live a life of service and serve as a model and inspiration for all.