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Homeopathy – Not Vaccines!

Written by C. J. Varghese

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Prevention against diseases and the search for a panacea was an age-old concern for the mankind. Even now, in the twenty first century, man is hunting for a short cut to this end. In the history of Medicine, several such recorded attempts are obtainable; out of which the ‘Inoculations’ put forward by Edward Jenner in 1796 stay behind even after two centuries. By this time, the Medical World went too far away from principles and became too much concerned about commercialism and professionalism. The Germ Theory became an unquestionable dogma without understanding the dynamic processes involved in Health, Disease and Cure.

There were no proper surveillance studies to disprove the claims regarding the efficiency of vaccines till the latter part of twentieth century. Serious reconsideration regarding vaccines emerged when the Homeopathic Practitioners around the world, following Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the Founder of Homeopathy, in their case studies of Chronic Diseases met with very serious bad effects of Vaccinations. They could elicit several short term and long term disease conditions, which were not identified or recognized even by the sufferers or their parents. It might be an accidental coincidence, that Birth of the new Medical System of Homeopathy also took place in the very same year of 1796. The Medical Scientists went on identifying these new disease conditions and called them by various new names like auto-immune diseases, cancers etc., without acknowledging their relationship with the vaccines. Homeopaths, after Dr. Hahnemann, had enough indications to demonstrate that vaccines are causing very grave constitutional changes, even capable enough to bring about mutations in the genetic code, which not only affects the individual but also gets transferred to the next generations, which they call as the Miasm of Sycosis. Ever increasing incidences of autoimmune diseases and cancers in the physical level and antisocial, immoral and destructive activities in the mental level are all pointing to the confirmation of the Homeopathic theories of Chronic Diseases.

An Indian child is ill fated to receive about 20 to 25 different primary or booster doses of vaccines within its first five years of life. All these shots are explained to be for raising the immunity of the child. But, instead of doing so, they are found to produce innumerable number of newer disease conditions not only in children but also when they are grown up. At the same time, the fact that the medical scientists have poorly understood the immune status of an infant is kept away from common man by the medical world only for the sake of professionalism. They have successfully kept the scientific dilemmas and uncertainties away from the average Indian parent and the ruling political establishments. Naturally we will have to look at the marketing gimmicks played by the mighty vaccine companies in promoting the sale of their products with serious suspicion and start acting in the right direction.

It was in the early eighties, that the parents in United States of America found that everything is not going right with the vaccines. They found that the DPT vaccines are producing major health hazards in those vaccinated children. The historical book ‘Vaccination- Social Violence and Criminality, the Medical Assault on the American Brain’ by Harris Coulter, PhD was an eye opener which established the fact that the cases of Autism were nothing but the post-encephalitic syndrome resulting from childhood vaccination against whooping cough. . The powerful words of Vierra Scheibner Ph.D. in her incredible book, ‘Vaccination: The Medical Assault on the Immune System’, (one of the greatest anti-vaccination books written to date): “Vaccination is the epitome of ignorance and the unscientific approach to illness…. Immunizations, including those practiced on babies, not only did not prevent any infectious diseases, they caused more suffering and more deaths than have any other human activity in the entire history of medical intervention. It will be decades before the mopping-up after the disasters caused by childhood vaccination will be completed. All vaccinations should cease forthwith and all victims of their side-effects should be appropriately compensated” gave strength for the parents to raise their voice against the vaccination injuries and set everybody thinking seriously against the health hazards caused by them. When the parents started filing lawsuits against the vaccine companies and health care providers, vaccination rates among children began to fall and many companies that develop and produce vaccines decided to leave the marketplace, creating chaos, which confirmed the causal relationship between the DPT vaccine and encephalitis. In order to pacify the agitating parents, the Congress decided to make a coalition of physicians, public health organizations, leaders of industry, government representatives and private citizens. The end result was the enactment of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Compensation Act of 1986.

In India, even after about two decades, there is no significant movement in the direction towards any legislation to get compensation for the vaccine- injured citizen from the health care providers. It is not because of any scarcity of health hazards caused by vaccines, but because there is no organized move in this direction.

The world’s biggest trial to assess the value of the BCG tuberculosis vaccine was conducted in Southern India. The result was a startling and unpardonable revelation that the vaccine ‘does not give any protection against the bacillary forms of Tuberculosis’.’ There was not a single agency to revolt against this confession of the Indian Council for Medical Research that the pompous execution of BCG vaccination program that flawlessly covered every citizen of independent India was a total failure and to forcefully stop the brainless continuance of giving BCG vaccines to the new born babies with the pretense that it is able to control the cerebral variety of Tuberculosis. We have to understand that Holland had the lowest death rate from TB in Europe due to the fact that it rejected the TB vaccine. TB is now making a widespread comeback, particularly in intensively vaccinated tropical countries including India. Nobody seriously raises protests against the Hepatitis B. Vaccine being given to newborn babies through the private nursing homes in spite of having very serious adverse effects including deaths.

Let us see why there should be serious reconsideration about the effectiveness of vaccines. There are evidences to prove that, the diseases occurred in several innocent people only because they were forcefully vaccinated, thereby posing serious doubts regarding the efficiency of the vaccines and confirming the fact that the continuous introduction of powerful foreign substances like vaccine can do serious harm especially in relatively weaker constitutions. Even though such events are explained away by the possible flaws occurred in the preservation process, it does not in any case nullify the facts. In several instances, serious complications have emerged following vaccinations, sometimes of more serious nature than the disease itself. When mandatory vaccination programs are carried out, there will be consideration only about hundred percent coverage of the program and never the individuality of the person being vaccinated. This will surely produce serious side effects in susceptible individuals because any such unnecessary stimulation of the immune mechanism of the body is sure to produce serious problems in the natural defense of the individual. There is information available to prove the occurrences of about 50 cases of Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus when 10,000 people get immunized. In a survey recently published in the journal of American Medical Association, it was reported that children receiving the Pertussin vaccine were 6 times more likely to develop asthma than those not received the vaccine. Vaccines can very seriously disturb the electromagnetic vibration rate of the body. When the vaccines are directly administered into the system by injecting needles, they are bye-passing the natural mucosal immune system of the respiratory and gastro intestinal tracts. Surveillance study after the administration of the vaccines is not carried out in a faultless manner. Any such complaint received from an afflicted parent is totally blocked at the grass root level itself by the iron-sheathed argument that Vaccination is harmless. The ignorant parent is made to believe that the new occurrence of disease is an entirely new set of diseases having no relationship to the vaccines taken.

Regarding the safety of vaccines let us see some statistics from USA. After the enactment of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Act, The US Federal Government’s NVIC program has paid out over 724.4 million dollars to parents of vaccine injured and killed children. The NVICP has received over 5000 petitions since 1988, including over 700 for vaccine-related deaths, and there are still over 2800 total deaths and injury cases pending that may take years to resolve (NVICP, Health Resources and Services Administration). Today, the bitter truth is that, although more than one billion dollars has been paid out to some 1,000 families whose loved ones have been harmed by vaccines, three out of four vaccine victims are turned away. In the case of several vaccines, the number of vaccine-related deaths is always greater than the number of disease deaths. In short, the vaccine is 100 times more deadly than the disease. In India, we have not started considering the victims’ grievances not because there are no vaccine- related deaths or injuries, but because we have not enacted a similar NVIC Act to entertain their complaints and hence we could very easily ignore them.

Health authorities acclaim vaccines as the basis for the decline of a particular disease and give surety regarding their safety and effectiveness. But medical studies and reputable research scientists from around the world directly contradict these seemingly rock-solid assumptions. There are many instances in which highly vaccinated populations have contracted diseases and clear-cut evidences to prove that the infectious diseases declined steadily decades prior to the compulsory vaccinations.

Thousands of serious vaccine reactions including hundreds of deaths and permanent disabilities are being reported from around the world. Researchers attribute dozens of chronic immunological and neurological conditions to mass immunization programs. Scientific studies have shown vaccination to be a cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, cot death etc. It is to be concluded that there are numerous flaws in the theory and practice of Immunizations. In a large percentage of cases, vaccinations have deep acting disturbing influence on the health of an individual especially regarding the production and development of several serious chronic diseases. Let us examine further why this is so.

First of all, we should understand that the Germ Theory, on which the basis of vaccination rests, is not fully a truth. This theory states that the germs cause diseases and we have to kill them if we want to get well. At the same time, the body’s immune system produces antibodies to fight the germs. Therefore, if you inject germs (or weakened germs) into the body, the immune system will supposedly get roused up and produce the required antibodies that will prevent a full-scale attack of the disease. This is the theory. In reality, it is foolish to imagine that we have to train the body to do something it instinctively knows how to do. The very idea that by injecting a toxic, poisonous material into the body (that’s what vaccines are made of) we can produce health is really crazy. How can a toxic substance produce health? Not a single campaigner of vaccines gives out any information regarding the contents of the vaccines being distributed. They include several chemicals, preservatives, additives, and antibiotics in addition to the attenuated virus. An infant, with its under developed immune system, is destined to receive the challenging vaccine doses of about 10 diseases within the first one year of its life. Vaccinations bye-pass all the natural protective mechanisms of the body when they are directly injected into the blood stream.

The much-acclaimed disappearance of Small Pox has no historical evidences to prove that it all happened because of vaccinations. Whereas there are enough on the reverse to state that wherever the campaigns of vaccinations took place, there were a sharp rise of incidences and deaths following small pox vaccinations. This is the case with the legal enforcement of any other vaccinations in any part of the world. Take the case of Measles vaccine. Just as the case of Diphtheria, Polio etc., vaccinations began when the instances of deaths from the disease became negligible. Also there were several instances of outbreaks of Measles in the history, the majority of which were normally vaccinated children. Many serious complications are attached to the Measles vaccines. . The ‘Lancet’ reported that West German authorities had listed twenty-seven neurological reactions to the Mumps vaccine. Whenever the question comes about vaccinations in adults, the medical men keep away from them. According to an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association, once ninety percent of the obstetricians and around seventy percent of pediatricians refused the vaccine due to fear of ‘unforeseen vaccine reactions’! There are cases like that of Plague, Scarlet Fever etc. that declined by itself without any vaccines. Cholera is a disease in which certain vaccines were developed but understood to be of no value. The influenza vaccine is capable of producing a very serious paralytic disease called ‘Guillan-Barre Syndrome’. Sweden stopped whooping cough vaccine in 1979. Germany stopped routine use of the vaccine in 1982: the declines of the diseases continued. Japan virtually eliminated cot death by dropping the whooping cough vaccine for babies. Seizures, high fever, Guillane-Barre Syndrome, fatal anaphylactic shock, neurological damage, abscess; inner ear damage, myelin damage etc. are known complications of Tetanus vaccine. In the late 1940s it was noticed that diphtheria vaccination was leading to paralytic polio. A government inquiry found that over one third of cases of paralytic polio in children under the age of two occurred within three months of diphtheria vaccination. Millions of people have been inoculated with the anti-polio vaccine contaminated with the tumoral virus SV 40, which in origin was present in the monkeys. In the Lancet a report stated ‘Outbreak of paralytic poliomyelitis in Oman…among fully vaccinated children’. According to the US Centers for Disease Control, Feb 1992: ‘from 1980 through 1989, every case of polio in the US (excluding imported cases) was caused by the vaccine.’

AIDS is another giant hoax of modern times. To say that HIV is related to 25- plus different degenerative diseases and allied factors like tuberculosis, pneumonia, candidiasis, various cancers etc., to call them as an AIDS epidemic, to declare that those infected will die of AIDS and there is no treatment for AIDS, to prescribe still stronger killer drugs and to persuade them for suicide – all we have witnessed in the name of AIDS. 500 of the world’s leading scientists are now disputing the AIDS/HIV hoax. The medical establishment suppresses their efforts. Even after about two decades of invention of HIV and a multi-billion AIDS research, no effective vaccine is brought out so far. As the medical history shows, the pharma syndicate will appear on the scene with their patented vaccines when the gradual decline of the so-called AIDS cases will take place. Robert Gallo created ‘The HIV causes AIDS’ hoax. He is now a multi-millionaire because of AIDS and his fraudulent AIDS test, which he patented the day after the announcement. Some other perverted mind tried for another notorious scam in the very recent past and called SARS after which also the medical world tried to build another fortune but it did not click as AIDS did.

All these things happen because; there is no real Dynamic understanding of the processes of Health, Disease and Cure with the Allopathic System of treatment. A non professional Australian Medical researcher, Viera Scheibner Ph.D ,in her famous book-“Vaccination-100 years of Orthodox Research Shows that Vaccines represent a Medical Assault on the Immune System” writes: “Extensive study of medical literature , dealing with the side effects of vaccines, revealed some interesting and unexpected facts which prompted me to look up the basic concepts of Homeopathy The results of this study left me with no other option but to conclude that the observed and documented adverse effects of vaccines unwittingly provide evidence for the validity of basic concepts of Homeopathy” The Homeopathic Principles have been tested in practice for more than 200 years now and it has all the capabilities to replace vaccines in the field of Preventive Medicine. The very fact that it is only 200 years old, explains why it is not popular in the world. Just as Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the Founder of Homeopathy, was tortured by the Medical Establishment of his time, Homeopathy and Homeopaths are not allowed to spread their promising message to the world. ” Perhaps the time has come to accept Homeopathy for what it is: the most modern and scientific medical system”(Viera Scheibner)

In order to protect the population from the adverse effects of vaccinations, immediate steps should be taken to formulate laws similar to the NVIC Act of USA. All information regarding the possible side effects of vaccines should be made available to the parents and taking vaccines should be made optional. Whenever a particular vaccine is given to the child, the parent should know all about the product like the batch of the product, the name of the manufacturer, date and place of manufacturing, the actual contents of the product etc. In the event of any death or side effects following vaccines, there should be provisions for the parents to claim for compensations from the Health Care Providers.

India has officially recognized the Medical systems like Homeopathy, Ayurveda etc. for the health care of its people. All these systems have their own well-developed treatment methods not only in the curative but also in the preventive lines. In all the epidemic diseases, Homeopathy is having its own principled methods of prevention. Homeopathy has proved its efficiency during the recent epidemics of plague, cholera, Japanese encephalitis, Dengue fever etc. in various parts of the country. The Institution of Homeopaths Kerala is the only organization, that officially claimed to offer preventive as well as curative treatment through its member Homeopaths of Kerala in the instance of any SARS epidemic. People of India and the ruling governments should immediately start using the preventive medicines of Homeopathy They are safe, simple, scientific, economic and effective.

Vaccination as is practiced now is against the principles of Homeopathy It can produce adverse changes in the constitution of patients of Homeopathic Treatment. There are instances where the patients undergoing Homeopathic treatment are threatened by health workers to take vaccines as a part of the mandatory vaccination schedule. This is highly illogical, objectionable and not justifiable as far as Human Rights are concerned. One should have the freedom to choose any method of treatment for himself or his child. Any other movement is to be challenged in the court of law. As long as vaccinations remain not well proved or settled by scientific community, it should remain optional and any other move from any corner is to be strongly protested.

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C. J. Varghese

C. J. Varghese


  • Out of curiosity.. In this article you state, “How can a toxic substance produce health?”. I’m just wondering how that differs from homeopathy, since Hpathy uses toxic substances in some remedies, in minute doses of course, however its still arguably a toxic substance.

    • It is certain that the majority of Homoeopathic medicaments are developed from such substances that can produce symptoms in the body if administered internally. They are of varying degrees from least harmful ones to toxic or lethal substances. But they are all subjected to the process of dynamisation by which the harmful properties are annihilated and only medicinal ones are retained. Vaccines are not administered after such a dynamisation process as is done in Homoeopathy. In Homoeopathy, all medicinal substances, including vaccine materials are potentized and when they are administered they act not only as curative, but also as preventive medicines.
      Dr. C. J. Varghese

  • can someone tell me where i can find homeopathic vaccine for my new born baby. ?? can someone guide me please. she is 1 week old. i’m located in Scotland, UK.

    • Hi,I’m a first time mom,my daughter is 18weeks old.I’m refusing to get her immunised!I know various cases of deaths caused by jabs.such a shame that parents are blinded by health”professionals” and trusting and believing in something which poisoinos…I hope soon the world and pple will be able to c clearly what’s going on really.I had a difficult time to make my husband go along with the fact that our child will not be immunised and still he has doubts but with the years to come it all will prove itself and hope it will change for the sake of those innocent children who’s got no choice….

  • I agree with the toxic components in vaccine but how do we explain the eradication of polio in india but not in pakistan. Pakistan , still polio cases are there because we know the reason that all kids have not been vaccinated. Smallpox case i am not sure but polio eradication is happening now in our times.I am not speaking for vaccines but trying to find answers.

    • This question has been asked before. Here is how Dr. Firuzi Mehta responded to it in the comments section of “Everything You’re Doing Is Wrong”:

      “…unfortunately you don’t seem to be aware of what’s really happening on the polio front in our country.
      Yes, they CLAIM that India is polio-free. The truth is, it’s not. They’re now calling polio paralysis by another name and hence we’re technically polio-free. Do you know that in 2011, there were over 47,000 cases of polio-like paralysis that happened in a large number of children who received the polio vaccine? This has been termed Non Polio Acute Flaccid Paralysis (NPAFP). Similarly, cases of VAPP (Vaccine Associated Polio Paralysis) are on the rise, again, in kids who’ve received the polio vaccine. This was published in some newspapers like the Deccan Chronicle, but of course, it was probably hushed up by the mainstream media.

      Here are some links:

      In such issues, where the safety of your children is at stake, it is best to do your own research and not depend on anyone, including your doctors, to make that decision for you. Whatever decision you take, take INFORMED decisions.”

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