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Homeopathy Tips and Important News -May 2023

Written by Alan V. Schmukler

Homeopathy tips and important news. Tips by J.T. Kent, C. Carleton Smith, M. D., news about Dr. Amar Singh Nikam and more.

On 10th April 2023, the 268th birthday of Dr Samuel Hahnemann, Dr. Amar Singh Nikam, was honored with the Dr. Samuel Hahnemann International Honor Award in Meissen, Germany. Dr. Nikam runs the 100 bed Aditya Homeopathic Hospital which uses strictly homeopathic methods.

He also created the Mission Homeopathy Association, a team of one hundred doctors who contribute to the spread of homeopathy worldwide.


Homeopaths given awards:

  • Jeremy Sherr has been awarded the 2023 Peter Fisher Memorial Award from the National Center for Homeopathy (NCH) U.S.
  • Loretta Butehorn has been awarded the 2023 Martha Oelman Community Service Award (NCH).
  • Avghi Constantinides has been awarded the 2023 Maesimund B. Panos Homeopathy Educator Award.  (NCH)
  • Miranda Castro has been awarded the 2023 Henry N. Williams Professional Service Award. (NCH)
  • Amy Rothenberg  has been awarded the 2023 Julian Winston Service Award.  (NCH)

 U.S. Federal Trade Commission and Food and Drug Administration threatens homeopathy and dietary supplements

The FTC sent letters to 670 companies, including those selling dietary supplements, homeopathic products, and functional foods, warning that if they make claims without proper scientific substantiation, they will face large penalties. The FTC and the FDA are requiring clinical trials to back up all health claims, which would not be economically feasible for homeopathic remedies and could make them unavailable for months to years.


Digital X-rays produce 70% less radiation than traditional X-rays


Some Tips from Dr. J.T. Kent

Ipecac in Gastritis

Ipecac cures inveterate cases of gastritis when even a drop of water will not stay down; everything put in the stomach is vomited, continuous gagging, sharp pain in the stomach, pain in the back, below the shoulder blades, as if it would break, vomiting of bile.

Kali carb and Suppression

Kali carb is deep-acting, long-acting. It cures conditions due to psora, to  suppression of eruptions in childhood,  the closing up of old ulcers and fistulous openings with a history of troubles ever since.

Kalium Sulphuricum

Kalium Sulphuricum has cured epilepsy, lupus and epithelioma, and many desquamating skin affections. It has cured most obstinate case of chronic intermittent fever. The patient craves fresh and even cold air, and he is ameliorated in open air and cool air. Aggravation by exertion and becoming heated.

Agnus Castus

Loss of memory, despair, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, fear and peevishness. These patients suffer from headaches, photophobia and nervous symptoms.  He has been to many advisers, and they have told him he has Neurasthenia. He must have Agnus castus.


If you have ever been going through a place where there are cobwebs and a little cobweb has strung across your face you will know what a peculiar sensation of crawling it produces, and you cannot leave it alone until it is removed.  That sensation particularly belongs to Alumina, Borax, Bar. c.


In many cases you would not be able to distinguish between Apis and Apocynum, so near alike are their swellings, their bleedings, their distensions, and their disturbances. But all the way through, this medicine is aggravated from cold, the patient himself is aggravated from cold.


Phosphorus has been a useful remedy in locomotor ataxia, palliating many of the symptoms; the pains; restoring the reflexes. Phosphorus is often suitable and restrains the progress in multiple sclerosis where there is much weakness and trembling of the extremities.


Phytolacca centres in the mammary glands. Soreness and lumps in the breasts from each cold, damp spell; becomes chilled and a sore breast results. When a mother says she has no milk, or that the milk is scanty, thick, unhealthy; dries up soon; Phytolacca becomes then a constitutional remedy if there are no contra-indicating symptoms.


Perception is slow. He memorizes with difficulty. Comprehension is difficult. He cannot recall words to express himself. The operations of the mind are slow. The mind will not operate, yet the patient is full of imaginations and emotions.

 Allium Cepa

The patient and all the phases of his “cold,” his coryza, his  laryngitis, his cough, all his complaints, are aggravated by warmth.  On going to bed in the evening Allium has its most troublesome aggravation. A watery discharge drips from the nose constantly, burns like fire, and excoriates the upper lip until there are rawness and redness.

Lectures on Homoeopathic Materia Medica – James Tyler Kent,  M.D.

Lesser Known Keynotes – C. Carleton Smith, M. D., Philadelphia

ACONITE.—Everything tastes bitter except water.

ANTIM. TART.—Deathly nausea relieved by gaseous eructations.

APIS MEL. — Can scarcely retain the urine a moment, and, when passed, scalds severely.

BELLADONNA — Wets the bed after eating sugar or sweet things.

BRYONIA — Water tastes bitter (opp. of Acon.) Swallowing liquids or saliva more painful than solids.

CALADIUM.—Pruritis vulvae during pregnancy and after miscarriage.

CALCAREA C.—Flashes of light shoot up from the eyes, then break and fall down in a shower of sparks

CARBO VEG.—Insatiable thirst for cold water; gazing longingly at the empty tumbler, when it is removed from her lips, and asks for more.

CINA.—Enuresis, with profuse discharge of strong ammoniacal urine

COCCULUS.—Umbilical hernia if Nux fails and there is stubborn constipation.

COLOCYNTH.—Aggravation from cheese.

CUPRUM ACET.—Constant protrusion and retraction of the tongue like a snake.

ARANEA DIADEMA.—She awakens at night with hands feeling twice their natural size, so that she cannot make any use of them.

GRAPHITES.—Feeling of cobweb on right forehead; tries hard to brush it off

HEPAR SULPH — Looking at an object steadily makes eyes water.

KALI BROM.—He imagines he is especially singled out as an object of Divine vengeance. Thinks all her friends have deserted her.

MANGAN. ACET.—Pain in right ear proceeding from sound teeth. Ear so sore cannot lie on that side. Burning of ears as if from very hot stove.

OPIUM.—Violent movements of the foetus, especially toward night, preventing sleep.

PHOSPHORUS – During pregnancy she cannot drink water; the sight of it causes her to vomit, and she must close her eyes while bathing.

PHYTOLACCA.—The tumefied breast neither heals nor suppurates, is of a purple hue and as hard as old cheese. This drug stands between Bry. and Rhus., and cures when these fail, when apparently indicated.

RANUNC. BULB.—Superficial pains upon the external chest of a sharp, shooting, tearing, stitching character, coming in paroxysms

SABADILLA.—Headache better from looking fixedly at some object.

STANNUM.—Has colic better from leaning over something hard (like Coloc.) In worm fever child lies on abdomen during the pains.


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  • Alan, such important information about digital X-rays being safer, thanks! Also, good to know that apocynum is < cold while apis is better for it. Meanwhile, the FTC has got to be stopped! Of course, it's just doing the bidding of the ever-paranoid Big Pharma!

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