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Homoeopathy Day in Nepal

Written by Rajesh Pradhanang

His Holiness Buddha Maitreya Treatment and Healing Centre sponsors a Homoeopathy Day celebration every year in Nepal. The author describes the event and provides photos.

Every year, the organisation His Holiness Buddha Maitreya Treatment and Healing Centre, organizes a celebration of Dr..Samuel Hahnemann as a “Homoeopathy Day” at different parts of Kathmandu valley ,Nepal.    These first started at Kathmandu durbar square, then Bhaktapur durbar square and lastly at Patan durbar square. (See pictures below)

The celebration involves primarily the general population along with homoeopaths. Its purpose is to make everyone aware of, and informed about, homoeopathy. The organization regularly organizes this program with the support of well wishers.

This organization was founded by Dr. Rajesh Pradhanang and also publishes the yearly homoeopathic magazine, HOMOEO NEWS in Nepal (view a past issue at: www.rajeshpradhanang.net.np

This is the only organisation working to promote homoeopathy in Nepal. To create more awareness of homeopathy it also broadcasts a live radio show : “Homoeopathy and Health” on FM radio 97.9 . We also go door to door in Kathmandu with informative pamphlets about homoeopathy. These help make people aware of our services and also the importance of following Master Hahnemann’s principles.

We are planning to celebrate Homoeopathy Day again in 2012, and after 1-2 months will finalize the program. We appreciate and welcome all guests from around the world, who want to participate in the program.

Dr.Rajesh Pradhanang

Chairman- His Holiness Buddha Maitreya Treatment and Healing Centre

Head office: swoyambhu,kathmandu-15,Nepal

Branch office: Bolachhe ,Bhaktapur,Nepal






About the author

Rajesh Pradhanang

Dr. Rajesh Pradhanang lives and works in Nepal. He studied at Pratap Chandra Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, received D.H.M.S from West Bengal Council and has studied with Dr. D.J. Sutarwala. In addition to his clinic, he created a free homoeopathic dispensary at Thai Kirti Monastery , Kirtipur. He established His Holiness Buddha Maitreya and Healing Center at Swayambhu, Kathmandu, which provides homeopathic services and also organizes the yearly celebration "Homoeopathy Day" . Dr. Pradhanang publishes the yearly homoeopathic magazine, HOMOEO NEWS, writes articles for magazines and does radio and TV interviews about homeopathy. He has also worked as producer and anchor of radio health programs.


  • Estoy sumamamente sorprendida por la práctica de la medicina homeopática en Nepal. Felicito al Dr Pradhanang por el ejercicio de una profesión tan noble con sincero afecto y admiración

    Editor’s translation: I’m surprised by the practice of homeopathic medicine in Nepal. I congratulate Dr Pradhanang on the exercise of a noble profession. With deep affection and admiration.

  • Dear Dr.Pradhanang, We “Homoeopathy Awareness Association” (Coimbatore – Tamilnadu – India) appriciate your effort for the yearly celebration of “Homoeopathy Day”
    We (“Homoeopathy Awareness Association”) Declared That Dr.Hahnemann’s Birth Day – April 10th – as WORLD HOMOEOPATHY DAY. Dr.Hahnemann’s Death Day – June 2nd – as HOMOEOPATHY STUDENTS DAY. Letus Observe as above to Highlight / Honour the System of Homoeopathy and Dr.Hahnemann.
    By: Dr.K.RamaKrishnan – Secretary
    Homoeopathy Awareness Association
    email:[email protected]

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