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Homoeopathy During Pregnancy and Labour

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Homoeopathy is a very popular means of managing gynecological and obstetric issues. Their speed of action, safety and lack of interaction with drugs have made homoeopathic medicines popular with midwives and other healthcare professionals around the world, who are involved in pregnancy and labour.

Some homoeopathic medicines, such as Arnica and Caulophyllum, are often used routinely in pregnancy, and while there may be a case for this type of use of these two medicines, the best method of using homoeopathy is to match the presenting symptoms with the proving symptoms of the remedy.

Following is a list of frequently used first aid remedies for some of the more commonly presented problems seen in pregnancy and labour. In regard to the dosage of these remedies, generally, the use of 6C, repeated as necessary, should be sufficient.

The following is intended as a guide only, and is produced for educational purposes. It is not intended to replace the services of a suitably qualified person, and many of the conditions discussed may require urgent medical management. For any and all problems that relate to pregnancy and labour, the advice of a suitably qualified person should be sought.

AilmentSuggested Remedy
Anxiety, prior to labourGelsemium
Birth, prematureArnica (for baby)
Bleeding related to traumaArnica or Bellis
Blood loss, symptoms related toChina
Bruised feeling in the pelvic regionBellis
Depression, post partumSepia or Sulphur
Fainting from great weaknessCarbo veg
Fainting from frightAconite
Fainting from over excitementIgnatia or Aconite
Fear, prior to labourAconite
Foetal position, abnormal (breech position etc)Pulsatilla
Haemorrhage, post partumCarbo veg, Phosphorous, Arnica or Ipecac
Insomnia, during pregnancyCoffea
Jaundice, neonatalNux vomica or Lycopodium
Labour, difficult due to rigidity of the osCaulophyllum or Belladonna
Labour pains, falseActea racemosa
Labour pain, unbearableChamomile or Arnica
Labour, prematureCaulophyllum
Labour, slow, weak or interruptedPulsatilla, Arnica, and Belladonna
Labour, to promoteCaulophyllum
Lactation, deficientCalc carb or Lac defloratum
Lactation, sudden loss of or lack ofLac defloratum
Lactation, suppressed, breasts feel hot and painfulBryonia
Lactation, to reduce or ceaseLac caninum
Lactation, weakness fromChina
Morning sicknessSymphoricarpus,Ipecac, Sepia or Nux vomica
Nipples, crackedCalc carb or Nitric acid
Pain, back, pains extend downwardKali carb
Pain, back, pains extend upwardGelsemium
Pain, breasts, breasts hot and throbbingBelladonna
Pain, coccyxHypericum
Pain, post surgicalStaphysagria
Perineum, tearingBellis or Calendula
Placenta, retainedSabina, Cantharis, or Sepia
Respiration difficult for neonateAconite, Ant tart or Carbo veg
Scarring or adhesions, to reduceThiosinimum, Silica or Graphites
Shock or trauma to deep tissuesBellis
Surgical incision problems (Caesar or episiotomy)Staphysagria
Toxaemia of pregnancyApis or Merc corr
Toxicity, related to anaestheticsPhosphorous or Nux vomica
Trauma, to the infantArnica
Urine, retention ofCausticum
Uterus, lack of toneCaulophyllum
Varicose veinsHamamelis, Vipera or Pulsatilla

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