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Homoeopathy in Synergy with Pranyog

Written by Ranbir Singh Josan

The author suggests that homoeopathy combined with breath control would be even more effective in curing chronic diseases.

The Magic of Minimum Doses

In the 21st century we are continuously talking about Nanomedicine, Molecular manufacturing, DNA replication, Nano computers and so on. Nanotechnology is the engineering of functional systems at the molecular scale. Use of nanotechnology in medicine offers some exciting possibilities. Some techniques are only imagined, while others are at various stages of testing and few are actually being used today. Nanotechnology is rapidly becoming an interdisciplinary field. Biologists, doctors, chemists, physicists and engineers are all involved in the study of substances at the nano-scale.

Doctors are searching for ways to use nano particles in medical applications. Still, we’ve got a long way to go before nanotechnology dominates the technology and medical markets. Maybe in the future we could have the artificial mitochondrion?

Disease and ill health are caused largely by damage at the molecular and cellular level. Today’s surgical tools are at this scale, large and crude. From the viewpoint of a cell, even a fine scalpel is a blunt instrument more suited to tear and injure than heal and cure. Modern surgery works only because cells have a remarkable ability to regroup, bury their dead and heal over the injury and it all happens because every cell has a vital force (PRAN) to perform all repairing work.

We are forgetting that Almighty God has already given us Pran (Oxygen-Breath) as a nano medicine. With this science learned properly and practiced in a right way, every molecule of Oxygen (Pran-Vital Force) works on every cell of the body and helps regulate Molecular manufacturing, DNA replication, repairing at the cellular level and then our mitochondrion works naturally to produce required ATP.

Homoeopathy Medicines are in a dynamic form and work as a specific medicinal tool to help the vital force (PRAN) to rectify the inner cell environment and hence the body. Potentised homoeopathic medicines are in energy form, and we can say they are beyond Nano.

Homoeopathic Medicines are energy medicines and we all know that to date, we understand only 24% of the energy in our universe. The other 74% of energy is known as Black Energy in our universe and hopefully we will be able to demonstrate in the near future the real modus operandi of homoeopathic medicines .Quantum Physics will explain all this as our knowledge about these energies is expanding.

Homoeopathy is scientific:

Homoeopathy is highly scientific, logical, safe, quick and is an extremely effective method of healing. It offers long lasting to permanent cure, treating the disease from its roots, for most of the ailments. Homoeopathy is the most rational science with respect to its concepts of health, disease and cure. Homoeopathy does not treat superficially by just driving away the symptoms, but heals the patient from within. Undoubtedly, Homoeopathy is the medicine of the future.

Homoeopathy: The Holistic Medicine:

The concept of disease in homoeopathy is that disease is a total affection of mind and body, the disturbance of the whole organism. Individual organs are not the cause of illness. Rather a disturbance at the inner level (disturbance of the life force at cellular level, the vital energy of the body) is the cause of illness. Medical philosophy is coming increasingly more to the conclusion that the mere treatment of symptoms and organs can only help temporarily and that it is the healing power of the body as a whole that has to be enhanced.

What is Cellular Health?

The concept of Cellular Health is based upon the principle that health is determined at the level of the billions of cells that make up the human body. The cellular level in the human body has effectively been neglected by conventional medicine, and orthodox doctors treat our organs without properly addressing the nutritional status of the cells that compose them.

Good and poor health is determined at the level of the millions of cells making up the human body. Vitamins, amino acids and trace elements are needed for the thousands of biochemical reactions taking place in each cell and chronic deficiency of these nutrients is the most frequent cause of cellular dysfunction and that is why there are many Chronic diseases which are considered incurable.

Pranyog works at the cellular level.

What is Pranyog?

Pranyog, is the science of breath control. Pranayam and Pranyog come from the following words:

Pran- “life force” or “Vital Force

Yama – “discipline” or “control”

Ayama – “expansion”, “non-restraint”, or “extension”

Yog- “to unite”

Thus, Pranyog means “breathing techniques” or “breath control”. Through Prayog, lots of pran (oxygen) enters into every single cell of the body, and at the same time, toxins (Carbon Dioxide) leave the body.

Importance of Breathing

Breathing is important for two reasons. It is the only means to supply our body and its various organs with the supply of oxygen which is vital for our survival. The second function of breathing is that it is one means to get rid of waste products and toxins from the body. Homoeopathic medicine works better when there is equal distribution of oxygen (PRAN) in the body.

Why is the Oxygen So Vital?

Oxygen is the most vital nutrient for our body. It is essential for the integrity of the brain, nerves, glands and internal organs. We can do without food for weeks and without water for days, but without oxygen, we will die within a few minutes. If the brain does not get a proper supply of this essential nutrient, it will result in the degradation of all vital organs in the body. When an acute circulation blockage deprives the heart of oxygen, a heart attack is the result. If this occurs to the brain, the result is a stroke.

When oxygen is in low supply, our internal system starts to become anaerobic, which means low oxygen environment. Why is this a problem? Because most pathogens, like many bacteria, viruses and cancer cells, thrive in anaerobic conditions.

Dr. John Muntz, Nutritional Scientist says: “Starved of Oxygen our body will become ill, and if this persists it will DIE”

Dr. Paavo Airola renown Cardiologist says: “An insufficient supply of Oxygen to the tissue is linked to the development of cardiovascular diseases.

Dr.Otto Warburg, Cancer specialist twice winner of the Nobel prize for medicine says:; “Cancer cannot grow in a highly Oxygenated environment… the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal cells by fermentation of sugar”

Dr. Stephen Levine, Renowned Molecular Biologist says: “In all serious disease states we find a concomitant low oxygen state. Low oxygen in the body tissues is a sure indicator for disease. Hypoxia, or lack of oxygen in the tissues, is the fundamental cause of all degenerative disease.”

The function of Oxygen :

1. Generates Energy…Breakdown of nutrients (Carbohydrates, Protein, Fats, etc)

Enhanced nutrients absorption & Metabolization

2, Eliminates Toxin ….. Oxidized toxins, metabolic process, Waste products

3, Strengthens Immune System, Avoids bacterial & viral infections

Why should we as homoeopaths practice Pranyog along with Homoeopathy?

In the Organon of Medicine three type of Chronic Disease are discussed:

Artificial Chronic Diseases (Caused by therapeutic agents)

Pseudo Chronic Diseases (Caused by maintaining factors)

True Chronic or Miasmatic Diseases

In the footnote to Aphorism 7 Dr. Hahnemann says:

It is not necessary to say that every intelligent physician would first remove this where it exists; the indisposition there upon generally ceases spontaneously. He will remove from the room strong-smelling flowers, which have a tendency to cause syncope and hysterical sufferings; extract from the cornea the foreign body that excites inflammation of the eye; loosen the over-tight bandage on a wounded limb that threatens to cause mortification, and apply a more suitable one; lay bare and put ligature on the wounded artery that produces fainting; endeavor to promote the expulsion by vomiting of belladonna berries etc., that may have been swallowed; extract foreign substances that may have got into the orifices of the body (the nose, gullet, ears, urethra, rectum, vagina); crush the vesicles calculus; open the imperforate anus of the newborn infant, etc.

Aphorism 10

The material organism, without the vital force, is capable of no sensation, no function, no self-preservation , it derives all sensation and performs all the functions of life solely by means of the immaterial being (the vital force) which animates the material organism in health and in disease.

So our Vital Force (Pran) is the medium through which all body functions are carried out, and our homoeopathic medicinse are supposed to work through this Vital Force.

Homoeopathic treatment requires adhering to 7 cardinal principle of Homoeopathy

Law of Simlia ,Law of Simplex, Law of Minimum dose, Law of Drug Proving, Law of Chronic Disease, Law Of Drug Dynamisation , Law of Vital Force

In the Indian context we have to understand that the Vital Force and Pran, which animates the humane organism, are synonymous. Our environment, living conditions and eating habits have changed substantially since Dr.Hahnemann. Imagine if our master had lived till today. We would then have many more editions of the “Organon of Medicine”

The environment has changed since Dr.Hahneman wrote the Organon of Medicine

1) Poor quality of air;

The air we breathe has become so polluted and toxic from the chemicals in the environment, that the oxygen content has become lower. This is caused by exhaust, emissions and smoke along with all the other 70,000 toxic chemicals that have been released into the environment.

2) Poor quality food;

Most of the food eaten today is cooked and devoid of life giving enzymes, bioelectricity and oxygen. The highest content oxygen foods are living green plants like wheatgrass, sunflower sprouts and buckwheat sprouts; next come raw green vegetables like leafy greens, kale, collards, dandelion, spinach and broccoli..all the raw vegetables, then raw fruits. Cooked vegetable and animal products have the lowest oxygen in them.

3) Poor breathing techniques

Most people only use 15% of their lung capacity throughout the majority of their life. This leads to poorly oxygenated blood. When we passively breathe we use only a small portion of our lung capacity. Stress induces us to automatically chest breathe and this causes lower oxygen levels in the blood which cause stress to the body which promotes further chest breathing – a vicious cycle. Deep breathing, or diaphragm breathing fully expands and contracts the lungs causing a huge increase in the amount of oxygen absorbed into the blood

4) Lack of exercise, long periods spent in an enclosed or air-conditioned room.

5) Medicine, smoking, drinking alcohol,

Is Homeopathy safe with other modes of treatment?

Yes. It is absolutely safe to continue medicines you are currently being prescribed. There is no harm in taking Cell Nutrition, supplements or medications you are dependent on, during the course of the treatment. However, non-essential drugs are gradually discontinued as improvement sets in. But it is more advisable to take those types of alternative therapies with homoeopathic medicine, which helps Mother Nature to make homoeopathic treatment more effective and long lasting.

Dr. Hahnemann in his ‘Organon of Medicine’ states:

Aphorism 261.Active exercise in open air in all weather

Aphorism 263 footnote….Avoids sedentary life and Passive exercise

Section 266………………..Fresh plants and Herbs

Section 267–268……..Power of Indigenous plants

Section 287………………Electricity and Galvanism

Section 287 (6th Edition)……..Magnets for healing

Section 288 (6th Edition)…Mesmerism, Hypnotism

Section 290(6th Edition)……………………Massage

Section 291(6th edition)…………………..Water Bath


Every molecules of Oxygen (Pran) works on every cell of the body and helps in regulating molecular manufacturing, DNA replication, repairing at the cellular level and our mitochondrion, work naturally to produce the required ATP. This ATP energy heals and drives the internal cellular mechanism.

Dynamic powers of Homoeopathic medicine help the Vital Force (PRAN) to works in the right direction as nature desires.

Homoeopathy and Pranyog when combined together, work wonders to cure chronic diseases.

About the author

Ranbir Singh Josan

Dr.Ranbir Singh Josan, MD , D.H.M.S. , D.Ac. operates
Josan Holistic Hospital, Rajputan, Punjab, INDIA
He is a Member of the Council of Homoeopathic System of Medicine, Punjab, and of the Ministry of Medical Education & Research (Govt. of Punjab), and is National Finance Secretary - Indian Institute of Homoeopathic Physicians, Punjab.
Dr. Josan is also President, Rural Department and Principal Yog Teacher Patanjali Yog Samiti, Amritsar,Punjab. (Affiliated to Patanjali Yogpeeth, Haridwar), an international organisation set up by most Respected Swami Ramdev Ji to Promote Yog Science Worldwide.
He is also Organising Secretary, 21st National Conference of Homoeopathy, Website , www.iihp.co.in , www.iihppunjab.org


  • I thank HPathy for publishing this short and comprehensive article by Dr. Ranbir josan – Homoeopathy in Synergy with Pranyog

    In the light of physiology the importance of oxygen can not be denied. Rather, it is impossible to think to remain healthy without proper oxygen intake.

    Pranyog is helping numerous incurable patients over the world to get well speedily through the right amount, quality and benefit of already present oxygen.

    If one gives serious reading to the writings of Dr. Hahnemann, it can be concluded that Dr. Hahnemann has through and through supported right type of hygiene and right living and best methods of active breathing and exercise to remain healthy. He has at many places mentioned that it is not the role of a physician to cure the patient alone but it is the duty of the physician to advise the patient to remain healthy and to prevent him from diseases. It may be effected through good nutritious diet, hygiene or good physical exercise i.e life-style.

    It is a misconception with so many “so-called” great homoeopaths that Yog or Pranyog can not be carried out along with Homoeopathic treatment. If Dr. Hahnemann suggests well ‘active exercise’, it is absolutely safe to continue with Pranyog along with homoeopathic treatment.

    I think the effect of homoeopathic medicines rightly selected doubles or triples with the help of good exercise and better intake of oxygen. Because, every cell of the body requires oxygen to run its business which is supplied through blood stream.

    I do not perceive that there is any need or effort required to combined together Homoeopathy and Pranyog when Dr. Hahnemann’s work already supports it. Wonder cures in chronic diseases can be achieved through just giving proper attention to Dr. Hahnemann’s recommendations in regards to living styles and advising and implementing honestly.

    • Thanks Dr.Satish Rana ji for yours detailed comment,
      No doubt Hahnemann advocated all that but How many homoeopathic physicians are really doing that in their clinic ??

  • Definately a worth reading article, A relatively new concept posed by Dr. Ranbir josan.The power of pranyog and homoeopathy can work wonder and provide miraculous cure. Thanx Dr. josan for enlighting us with this concept.Hpathy rocks!!

  • Gone through your article .It is worth for reading.Thanks for giving such knowledge to us.

    • Dean Dayal Rana Ji,
      Happy to meet you on net…..Hopefully you must remember our last meeting…..Are you still in Govt Job ?
      Send your Mobile No or call me

  • Dear Dr. Joshan

    Congratulations on your excellent article.

    It would have been better if you would have given credit to the author(s) for the certain parts of the content referenced.


    • Thanks Dr. Nancy Malik for your comments.
      Just I visited your site and found that you are working hard to explain scientafic aspect of Homoeopathy.Really doing excellent work.

      “Homoeopathy in Synergy with Pranyog” was a breif introduction to the concept.We are working hard to explain it in detail in book form and will try our best to gave credits to authors and references.
      Thanks for reminding

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    • Dear Parvin Ji,
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      Any way if any one is more interested to learn it deeply and wants to use it for their Patients……We at Josan Holistic Hospital gave training to Doctors from Medical Point of view and teach How to use it alongwith Homoeopathic Medicine.
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