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How To Make Your Own Remedy

homeopathic dilutions

What’s the value of knowing this?  It’s immense!  If you’re sick from vacationing in Mexico (famous for giving tourists diarrhea), you can make a remedy out of the local water–no offense to our lovely Mexican readers!  (And here they are now!)  

If the polluted air or pollens in the air are causing your problem, you can put a cup of water outside for a day and night or longer and let it collect whatever is in the air (make sure the water doesn’t evaporate out), and then make a remedy out of the water.  (I’m going to explain how to do this.)  If you’re sick from something you ate, drop some of it into half a cup of water, swish it around a few times, and make a remedy out of the water.  If you threw the food away, then spit into an ounce of water, swish it around, then make a remedy out of the water.  If you’re sick from the side-effects of a drug, make a remedy out of the drug.  If you’ve over-dosed on something you’ve smoked, blow some smoke into a half-filled, small bottle of spring water, shake it up and make a remedy out of that.  If you have a cough and were lucky enough to have coughed up some mucus, spit what you coughed up into 1 or 2 ounces of water, swish it around, and then make a remedy out of that to stop your cough.  If you got a rash from pulling weeds out of the garden, mash up one of the weeds, soak it in water, then make a remedy out of the water.   The list of possibilities is endless!  Remember that whatever something causes, it can cure in small doses–that’s homeopathy’s motto!  So now, if you’re ready, here are the instructions I promised:

Get a small bottle of spring water

(in an emergency any safe water will do), the exact amount of water or the size of the bottle is not relevant. I always say a small bottle because small is cheapest.  So, an 8 ounce bottle, let’s say.

Pour half the water out (but save the water, don’t pour it down the drain; after all, you paid for it).

Now you have half a bottle of water.  Pour in a small amount of what you’re trying to make a remedy of–let’s say for the sake of argument that you want to make “Homeopathic Pepsi Cola”–maybe because you drank some Pepsi and now you don’t feel well; therefore, your half-filled water bottle should now consist of a solution of 90% water and 10% Pepsi–there’s no need to be fussy about your percentages–just guess at what 10% might be when you’re adding your Pepsi.

Now it’s time to “Succuss” this solution (pounding the bottle into your opposite palm).  Succuss means “pound” or “bang”.  Do it 40 times (see video demonstration below)  This person is making a water potency of the remedy “Thuja”.  What I want you to observe here is how to “succuss” the bottle:

OK, so now, pay attention:  Here is what you’ve done so far:

  1. You’ve bought a small bottle of spring water, like Evian, for example; but it could be any brand of bottled water.
  2. You’ve poured half out so that you’ll be able to “succuss” the bottle.
  3. You’ve poured in a liquid solution of–this time–Pepsi, so that your half-filled water bottle now consists of 90% water, 10% Pepsi.
  4. You’ve succussed the bottle 40 times.

Now, here’s what you do next.  Get a piece of paper and write down “Pepsi 1C”–meaning that you now have Pepsi in the 1C potency, this means you’ve done a one-in-ten dilution with 40 succussions and you’ve done it once.  (Now, I know, some of you are going to say, “Elaine, isn’t this really a 1X potency?”  Answer:  I don’t know and I don’t care!  It doesn’t matter, OK?  What’s important is the number!  It’s the first dilution!  You can call it whatever you want.  We’re not counting drops here, it’s just not necessary, this remedy, this way of doing it, will work just fine!)

Now, next step: Pour out 90% of this solution (your 1C)–again, no need to be fussy about the exact amount, just guess at what 90% might be (you can think of it as leaving one swallow at the bottom)–and refill half way with spring water, succuss 40 times, and write down “2C” or just the number 2 (meaning you’ve now dumped out, refilled, and succussed 40 times, twice).  Now pour out 90% again and refill half way with water again and succuss 40 times again and write down the number 3 this time.  Do you get the procedure now?  Keep going in this way until you’ve reached either a 6C, 12C or a 30C depending on what potency you want.

“C” stands for the Roman Numeral “100”, meaning that if we were doing this with drops like they do in the homeopathic pharmacy, your ratio would be 99 drops of water, 1 drop of “pepsi”.  But your average person doesn’t have dropper bottles at home, and it just isn’t necessary to be that exact when you’re making a remedy in an emergency.  

A 6C would probably have to be taken a lot more frequently as it’s a lower potency; in a chronic case, two to four times a day, in an acute case, maybe every half hour; whereas, a 12C would be taken, generally, once a day in a chronic case, maybe twice; once an hour in an acute case, and a 30C on an as-needed basis–one dose may be enough depending on what’s wrong with you.  As a matter of fact, don’t be surprised if even one dose of a 6C cures the case.  For that reason, I always say: if there’s a striking improvement after the first dose, stop dosing!  Dose again if you start to relapse.  

Dosing in acute cases is usually needed more frequently.  Take less often as you start to feel better.  Always succuss your bottle roughly 5 times before each dose.

Now label your bottle “Pepsi 6C” and store it in the refrigerator.  A sip is a dose.  Before each dose, succuss five times.  When the bottle gets low (when one swallow is left), fill it back up half way with water, succuss 40 times and now you’ll have a 7C; then, resume dosing as before.

If food has made you sick, and the food is still there, dump some of the offending food into roughly 2 oz. of water in a disposable cup; swish it around, then pour the liquid portion of that into your half filled water bottle and proceed with succussing, dumping out and refilling as stated above; make a 6C, take a dose, and you should feel better.  Repeat as needed.

If you’re trying to make your remedy from something more solid, like for example, if you want to antidote the side effects of Penicillin, let’s say; or let’s say a drug was helping you but you had to stop taking it because of the side effects but felt that the drug, itself, was helping you in general; well, here’s what you need to know: the homeopathic remedy made from the drug can be given for the following reasons–it can be given for what the drug was FOR, it can be given to antidote the drug, it can be given to help you ease off an addicting drug and it can be given for the side effects of the drug.  

Just empty one or two capsules of the drug into an ounce of water in a disposable cup (and if it’s a solid pill, mash it up into a powder with a mashing implement) and let it sit in the ounce of water until the water is thoroughly saturated with this powdery substance.  Stir the substance around a few times, swish it around.  Now empty this solution into your half-filled water bottle of spring water to get the 90% water, 10% drug ratio that we talked about in making a remedy out of Pepsi Cola.  Now proceed with “potenization” (succussing, dumping out, refilling, again and again) until you reach your desired potency, at least a 6C.

A brief note on dosing in acutes: Let’s say you’ve made a 6C.  In an acute, you may have to take a dose as often as every 10 or 15 minutes, take it less and less often as you get better.  Always succuss the bottle a few times before dosing.  If you should get worse, stop the remedy; an improvement may follow.  If it does, repeat only as needed.

If you’re making this remedy for a chronic case, figure on three doses a day, but be prepared to take more or less often, depending on how quickly or slowly you improve.


When your remedy bottle is no longer working as well as it used to, you’ll need to raise the potency. The way to do it is this:

1. Pour out 90% of your bottle.

2. Refill with spring water half way.

3. Succuss (pound the bottle into your opposite palm) 40 times.

4. Again, for the second time, pour out 90% of the bottle.

5. Refill with water half way.

6. Succuss 40 times.

7. Repeat this process one more time. You will now have raised the potency by 3 degrees. It should now start working again.


What if you have to make a remedy out of a solid pill?

I already answered that but I’ll say it again.  You need to grind or mash this pill up into a powder.  (You can even use two pills if you want.)  It can be done. I’ve done it using a chopping knife.  I could have used my coffee grinder if I had thought of it.  A mortar and pestle would be the best way but most people don’t have that in their home, but, you might want to purchase it.

Good luck!!!!!  OK, so let me just summarize.  This method doesn’t replace Homeopathy as we know it.  If this were all there was to it, no one would ever have to go to Homeopathy School and study for years; and no one would have to buy an Emergency Kit of 50 remedies to have with them at all times. 

This method works when you know what made you sick, and especially when there are no “mentals” to prescribe on!  If you know, for example, that you suffer from a side-effect of a drug, that drug “in potency” is the best remedy for your situation!  If you know that toxic fumes in your workplace are making you sick, making a remedy out of the fumes should be your first thought! 

But when it’s not clear what caused your illness, when there’s no direct cause-and-effect situation that you can point to, then seeing a homeopath and having your case taken is a better choice than trying to make random remedies out of random things. 

For more information, see my article, “Making a Remedy in an Emergency…”:

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Any questions?


Elaine Lewis, DHom, CHom

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