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How to Save Homeopathy

Written by Peter Adams

Homeopath Peter Adams suggests getting more scientific information about homeopathy into the media, to oppose the current anti-homeopathy propaganda.

It is devastating to hear that even in France and Germany, where homeopathy is well established and very popular, it is under attack, and the attacks are being effective. The worldwide attacks are possible because public support for homeopathy has been silenced. This has been achieved by media lies, which means that governments can make moves against homeopathy with impunity.

Until fifteen years ago media coverage of homeopathy was positive and was even becoming enthusiastic. If that had continued, then by now homeopathy would be growing more rapidly and spreading to even more countries all over the world. This is not happening because the pseudoscientific dogma that homeopathy does not work dominates the media. This fake news has been beaten into people since about 2005. This has neutralised public protest against the attacks on homeopathy.  It is only in the media that the attacks on homeopathy can really begin to be reversed. If we can get the right arguments into the media, and mobilise the public, with their votes and their democratic influence, the public can stop the attacks.

To get public support we have to change the media narrative. The way to do this is for homeopaths and supporters of homeopathy world-wide to put forward the scientific argument loud and clear, repeated over and over again. The message must be constant and clear and enduring. There is one essential point to be made, with some to add on if the media have time to listen:

Homeopathy is scientific. It has been validated scientifically – there is proof that it works and there is an emerging explanation of how it works. It is essential for us to lead with a scientific argument; it is science that swings it nowadays.

There is a lot of good scientific evidence that homeopathy works. There are many trials, meta-analyses and best of all, some real-world outcome studies, which can be quoted.

A scientific explanation for how it works is emerging from new research on water and biology. The latest on this is from Nobel Prize winner Professor Luc Montagnier. He has proved that water does have a memory. This is a crucial development for homeopathy and it means that homeopathy is now scientifically respectable.

What the media are saying about homeopathy is out of date. That is discredited science, and it has been superseded by new discoveries. These points are not new, of course. But what would be new is a united voice putting out the same constant scientific message. We are fighting for homeopathy on the battlefield of science because science is the new religion. Science is the new arbiter of right and wrong, and if we don’t win the scientific argument, we will lose homeopathy – it will be sidelined again for many years.

Of course, there are counter arguments and there always will be. Let’s not get distracted by them, or get bogged down responding to sceptics and detractors. We should ignore them and address ourselves to the public. The public have open minds and many are quietly very supportive of homeopathy. They have lost the confidence to express their support. We need to encourage them to speak out and provide them with scientific messages backing homeopathy. A global campaign to mobilise the public is needed.

If this scientific argument is presented consistently and globally for long enough we have a chance of changing the media narrative. If we don’t change the media narrative we will be forever fighting a losing battle.

As a small start to this process, please sign the global petition:


About the author

Peter Adams

Peter Adams (MA Oxon, LCH, RHom Int, Reg. Homeopath) has been practising homeopathy since 1984. He is the owner of Stroud Natural Health Clinic in Gloucestershire, UK. He has written three books; Homeopathy: Natural Medicine For The Whole Person, The Soul Of Medicine, and Homeopathy: Good Science. He believes that there is enough science supporting homeopathy for us to be able to claim that it is scientifically validated. www.peteradamshomeopath.co.uk Clinic website: www.snhc.co.uk www.savehomeopathy.org


  • Iatrogenic disease is the third most common cause of death in the west, Frankly, homoeopathy has squandered its advantages and it is a lame excuse to always blame our enemies. That said, homoeopathy will never die because many people know how dangerous allopathic medicine is and are willing to explore alternatives.

    • It is true homeopathy has squandered its advantages over the years. But that is due to a lack of well defined mechanism of action.
      Modern gurus have taken advantage of the situation to spread their own different theories which are neither coherent nor consistent.
      And experts are trying different techniques of prescribing on the basis of some speculative ideas whose bases range from obsolete theories to pure dogmatism.
      It would be in the interest of homeopathy to keep mum about the mechanism and let the derivations to Real Scientists rather than brave such ridiculous theories like nano pharmacology, water memory etc

  • We have failed in projecting a model of homeopathy to the scientific community. A model mathematically consistent, so that interested scientists -even at the behest of the world homeopathy community or a responsibile spokesperson- can analyse the behaviour of homeopathic remedies and derive the real plausible mechanism which must exist since we know the effectiveness is not mere imagination or the notoriously ill defined placebo effect.
    I have painstakingly constructed such a mathematical model which if found correct, would not only put an end to speculations but establish the real plausible mechanism of homeopathy besides solving some fundamental mysteries of physics too.
    I know it is my duty to reveal the gist of my derivations after having said this much. Hope responsible homeopaths and modern gurus take note of the mathematics involved and stop publishing speculative theories hereafter.

    Homeopathic remedy relationship is the basis. We can see that every remedy is related to every other remedy in a spectral manner. Or remedies exist as a spectrum. And they are all mutually orthogonal in a special (& abstract) vectorspace called a Hilbert space. ( useful in processing quantum mechanical transformations)
    Consequently the dot product of vectors representing any two remedies is always Cos90 = zero.
    For example Let A= arsenic alb and B = belladonna.
    Then A.B = zero which is cos90.

    This is the fundamental equation connecting homeopathy to Science or precisely particle physics or Quantum mechanics.

    This is only a preliminary revelation and I hope to publish the detailed explanations in due course.

    Thank you.

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