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IACH Presentation – Introduction

Dr. Seema Mahesh introduces this month’s presentation of cases from the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy (IACH). She discusses the high standards that IACH students are held to.

My teacher, Prof George Vithoulkas has a vision for humanity and homeopathy, whose instruments we (the students) are all blessed to be. In this endeavour, my job has been to ensure quality research studies and publications from the research team of the Academy.

In this role, I have seen immense growth in interest and skill in the diplomates of the Academy in the last few years. The students of IACH are all trained in a standardised manner and are examined intensely before the diploma is bestowed on them.

This results in a standardised practice and documentation by them. This is the only way forward for homeopathy if it is to stand the test of scientific rigor and survive for the future. Amidst fantasies, and self-promotions, and compromised, vested-interest-driven practice and teaching out there, Prof Vithoulkas stands as the firm rock whom we can rely on for clarity and effectiveness in practice.

The same is presented here in this anthology of the cases and articles by the students, spread over three issues of the journal. The cases range from simple dermatitis to a serious condition of sub chorionic hematoma.

I hope it serves the purpose of demonstrating the consistency of classical homeopathy, more than anything else. Hpathy.com is a great platform to share such cases and ideas as it has the largest homeopathic readership. I thank the publication team of Hpathy for their kind consideration

With gratitude and kind regards

Dr Seema Mahesh

About the author

Seema Mahesh

Dr Seema Mahesh (BHMS, MD (hom) Dip IACH (Greece), MSc Medical Sciences (Malaysia) is a classical homeopath from Bangalore, India, practicing for the past 20 years. She completed homeopathic medical education at the Rajiv Gandhi University and her PG diploma at the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy (IACH), Greece, under Prof George Vithoulkas. She then turned to research and trained at the Taylor’s University Malaysia for her research post-graduation degree in Medical Sciences. She has been involved in the research committee of IACH and is currently the Director of Research at IACH Greece, collaborating with clinicians and researchers from 95 countries. She is instrumental in taking the core concepts of classical homeopathy to the medical journals and conferences. Having published 22 research papers in peer reviewed medical journals, and hundreds of articles on other platforms, she has also presented her research on concepts of health, disease and cure at medical conferences of immunology and autoimmunity, at NewYork USA, Fiji, Dublin Ireland, Krakow Poland, Stockholm Sweden, Harvard Medical School USA, Amsterdam Netherlands, London UK, Madrid Spain,Vancouver Canada, Tel Aviv Israel, Istanbul Turkey, New Delhi, Athens Greece, Basel, Switzerland and Paris, France. Her presentation at Harvard won her an award of excellence. Her research papers have been downloaded a record number of times.


  • Since moreover 35 years practicing on classical Homeopathy at Kolkata west Bengal. India.
    Specifically myself has the opportunity to work on children diseases such as cough and cold chronic constipation and mucus. Give me the address where I may sent my theories of treatment on children. Thanks

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