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Smt. Malini Kishor Sanghvi Homoeopathic Medical and Diagnostic Center , Sumeru Navkar Tirth, Miyagam

Next to the vast and sacred expanses of the Sumeru Navkar Tirth, Miyagam, near Vadodara, Gujarat, is shaping up an up-to-date 50-bed hospital in the Homoeopathic Medical Complex. This is an area where almost 99 villages do not have any medical facility worth the name. The area is socio-economically backward and a virtual haven of respiratory illness, an occupational hazard due to the cotton industry.

The Dr. M. L. Dhawale Memorial Homoeopathic Institute along with Homoeopathic Educational and Charitable Trust has started the Smt. Malini Kishor Sanghvi Medical Complex on 22nd August 2004, comprised of a Homoeopathic O. P. D. unit with a diagnostic center. The Unit has, as on 31.1.2006, helped 15,609 patients.
The services being provided are as follows:

Homoeopathic Services:
The clinic, which runs daily, is attended by a team of three to four doctors trained in the Standardized system of homoeopathic care. The cases range from Cold & Cough to HIV and other advanced pathologies such as RA, T.B., Diabetes, etc. The clinic has seen about 10,609 cases.

Radiology Department:
Begun in December 2004, this cell boasts of two X-Ray units: Meditronics 300 and Meditronics Portable – 60. Offered at nominal cost, the unit has so far been able to shoot approx.1000 X-Rays. This facility has been extremely useful to the villagers since this has reduced their travel time and all allied costs substantially.

Pathology Department:
Pathological laboratory, operating daily, has automatic hematology analyzer – SysmexKX 21 and Bio-chemistry Analyzer EC5 V2+. The lab has so far been able to test approx 4600 samples since its inauguration. This facility too has been extremely useful to the villagers.

We have added to these services an ECG Machine since Jan ’05.

The Centre has these OPDs:

* General medicine
* Paediatrics
* Gynaecology
* Diabetes
* Orthopedics
* Psychiatry & neurology
* Rural health

Rural Mobile Health Unit
A mobile health unit moves out to the poorest of poor villages in the area and brings the possibility of Holistic Health to their doorsteps. In association with the Social Work Department of the M. S. University, Vadodara the community initiative has been launched and has obtained gratifying results. This unit has thus far treated 5000 patients.

Awareness Programmes
Various awareness programmes are organized on health & hygiene and the role of Homoeopathy. A few examples:

* Diabetes awareness & establishment of diabetic club.
* Paediatric camp
* Anemia detection camp
* AIDS awareness talk in school.
* Role of nutrition in pregnant ladies & importance of antenatal checkup during pregnancy.
* How to overcome stress for 10th & 12th students.

Immediate Plans:

* Construction of a massive structure of plinth size 40,000 sq. ft. is nearing completion and this will house a full-fledged OPD with diagnostic wing and a 50-bedded Homoeopathic general hospital on 12 acres of land.
* Moves are afoot to establish an international homoeopathic educational complex. The first step has already been taken with an application for a 100-seat homoeopathic college submitted to the State government, which was approved. The first batch of BHMS students have completed their first year in May 2008.

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