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Impressions From The Seminar ’Bird remedies’ by Jonathan Hardy In Belgrade, Serbia

Written by Maja Letić

Homeopath Maja Letić shares her impressions of Dr. Jonathan Hardy’s seminar in Belgrade, Serbia in Jun 2019. The desire to escape from everyday life, was a common bird theme.

We all remember Dr Jonathan Hardy’s words that ended the previous seminar: ’We talked about having a feeling that you do not have time to learn everything. I have been practicing homeopathy for thirty years and every day in this thirty years I have the same feeling. Use intuition for what you need to learn, which seminar to attend, which book to buy, what you are really attracted to.’  The knowledge we gained on this and previous lecture, which was easily usable in practice, helped us realize what attracts us most and which seminar will be good for us to attend. Good impressions spread fast, and his third guest in Belgrade filled up the lecture room.

Dr Jonathan Hardy from England held his third seminar in Belgrade 8-9 Jun 2019. The topic of this seminar was bird’s remedies. In Materia medica and repertory this group of remedies was not that common and information about them can be found mostly in the work of Jonathan Shore, Peter Fraser and in proving of these remedies. Dr Hardy consolidated and systematized this data and added his rich clinical experience with lots of representative cases from his practice.

The modern way of life imposes on us responsibilities, duties, fullfiling of norms,  a huge volume of jobs and short deadlines. ’Man’s freedom doesn’t mean that he can do whatever he wants, but that he doesn’t have to do what he doesn’t want“Jean Jacques Rousseau.  People needing bird remedies will talk about the desire to escape from everyday life, the feeling of being trapped, having responsibilities and duties that they don’t want to have.

Dr Jonathan Hardy introduced us to other themes of birds and differentiated them from similar groups of remedies like insects and mammals. He talked about bird sensations, words patients use to express them and he shared with us their experience of flying.

Hardy said that every group of remedies has around 80% common characteristics within it’s members, but only 10-20% of the information leads us to particular remedy within that group“. Through video cases he showed us subtle differences between the remedies, the specific patient gestures and statements. We understood that, no matter which country we live in and what are the cultural differences – we all have simmilar feelings and we express them in simmilar ways.

In a real Englishman’s manner, with sophicated English humor to emphasize a point, Dr. Hardy kept our attention undivided through two days of seminar. Like every great teacher, appart from knowledge he shared his enthusiasm and motivation for learning, for making progress and never fearing unfortunate situations in the world of homeopathy. He is conviced, and now we are too – homeopathy will be one of the main systems of treatment for thousands of years. He said: ’We are just puting in the foundation. Enjoy and be proud of being a homeopath“.

We no longer need an intuition to know from whom to learn and which books to read. Dr Jonathan Hardy will also hold a seminar next year at the ’Similimum’ homeopathic school. We’re looking forward to this!

About the author

Maja Letić

Maja Letic graduated from homeopathy school 'Simillimum' in Belgrade, Serbia. She has published several articles in Homeopathy journal 'Simillimum Times', Belgrade. She also works as an associate of the same journal and as a technical advisor of several school editions. Homeopathy World Community and Hpathy.com published some of her articles: Adamas – Who is the woman that needs a diamond, Sulphur – Tragedy of genius and Nat-mur – When bridges sink. She is engaged in promoting homeopathy in treatment of children with special needs and disabilities. She is a student of Gestalt Training Institute in Belgrade. She continues to further improve her homeopathy knowledge in seminars at home and abroad.

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