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In Memoriam – Dr. Prasanta Banerji 

In Memoriam
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In Memoriam – Dr. Prasanta Banerji, who was the Founder and Director of the Prasanta Banerji Homeopathic Research Foundation, developed the “The Banerji Protocols” – a treatment approach which saved thousands of lives and proved its efficacy in cancer.

Dr. Prasanta Banerji  1933- 2018

We mourn the loss of the renowned physician Dr. Prasanta Banerji who suffered a sudden heart attack several days ago, and passed on. Dr. Banerji, who was the Founder and Director of the Prasanta Banerji Homeopathic Research Foundation, developed the “The Banerji Protocols” a treatment approach which doubtless saved thousands of lives. He was a pioneer in this method and a physician of total dedication.

Dr. Banerji was an Honorary Advisor to the Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, as a member of a key advisory group of experts, and also of an apex committee. Dr. Banerji had also been a Member of the Program Advisory Committee for the National Cancer Control Program of the Government of India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

He was born in Jamalpur, Bihar, on October 17, 1933, the second son of Pareshnath Banerji. As a student he assisted his father to cope with the huge number of patients who came for treatment every day to the Mihijam. He passed his I.Sc from Vidyasagar College, Calcutta and then he studied in the Institute Of Homoeopathy, Mihijam. After getting his fellowship from the Institute in 1956 he practiced in his father’s clinic at Mihijam, Bihar. In 1958 Dr. Banerji established a clinic in Kolkata. In 1986 he established a second clinic. He inculcated the same prescription form as introduced by his father Dr. Pareshnath, then modified and improved it into a concrete treatment form bringing lucidity and user friendliness in homeopathy.

The long family experience with millions of clinical trials and the use of modern diagnostic tools such as detailed blood examinations, X-rays, CAT Scans, MRI techniques further supported the method. He standardized the techniques and medicinal applications for particular ailments with fixed ingredients and doses and started keeping detailed records of the patients and their treatments. He found very positive results in the cure and remission of brain, stomach and esophagus tumors with homeopathic treatments without any invasive process such as surgery.

In 1999, the US National Cancer Institute (NCI) independently evaluated the Banerji Protocol and concluded that there was sufficient evidence of efficacy to support further research into the protocol, an historic decision as it marked the first time that any official health institute in the US had worked with an alternative therapy for cancer treatment. 1

In a review of the work at the Prasanta Banerji Homeopathic Research Foundation, 21,888 patients with malignant tumours were treated only with homeopathy; they had neither chemotherapy nor radiotherapy between 1990 and 2005. Clinical reports reveal that the tumours completely regressed in 19 per cent or 4158 of cases, and stabilized or improved in a further 21 per cent (4596) of patients. Those whose tumours had stabilized were followed for between two and 10 years afterwards to monitor the improvement. 2.

Dr. Pratip Banerji carries on his father’s work. There is a book about the method titled “The Banerji Protocols – A New Method of Treatment with Homeopathic Medicines‘, co-authored by Dr. Prasanta Banerji and Dr. Pratip Banerji. Dr. Banerji’s memoirs were published in The Diaries of a Stubborn Homeopath  – Edited by Bidisha Ghosal – Published by Dr. Pratip Banerji. Both are available from the website: 

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