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In Memoriam – Catherine O’Driscoll

We remember Catherine O’Driscoll who devoted her life to the health and welfare of animals. Passionate and dedicated she founded the Canine Health Concern and the Pet Welfare Alliance in 1994.


Catherine O’Driscoll was the founder of Canine Health Concern and the Pet Welfare Alliance in 1994. She worked tirelessly and passionately toward helping companion animals. Her best-selling books include What Vets Don’t Tell You About Vaccines, and Shock to the System. See www.canine-health-concern.org.uk and www.petwelfarealliance.org.

Click on ‘CHC TV’ on the Canine Health Concern website and you will see a prime-time documentary about pet food and vaccine risks. Catherine also released two other books: The Tip of the Needle which looks into the politics and economics behind the vaccine industry, and The REAL Epidemic which explores the causes of the epidemic of allergies, autoimmunity, brain damage, and cancer in this modern world and offers natural solutions to both prevent and treat such conditions.

Catherine had been suffering from Motor Neuron Disease and passed away in the early hours of Thursday, November 12th, 2020. Her wish was that her husband Rob would keep Canine Health Concern going. If you’d like to make a donation in her memory you can do it here:


Ilse Pedler Remembers Catherine O’Driscoll

Rarely do you meet someone with such determination and dedication in improving the life of animals. Her selfless and committed campaigning on vaccine issues and improving nutrition by raw feeding have had far-reaching consequences. Protocols on vaccination have changed dramatically and are continuing to do so and the movement she started will carry on gaining momentum for many years to come. She had the ability to turn talk into action, to cut through doubt and prevarication and showed huge bravery in tackling difficult issues.

Her support of homeopathy was of immense importance and we shall be forever grateful. Her postcard campaign when the RCVS changed its position statement on CAM in 2017 was a shining example of this and was incredibly effective as well as being a moral support to us homeopathic vets whose work and livelihoods were being put at risk. She was a pioneer and an inspiration

Chris Day Remembers Catherine O’Driscoll

Catherine was one of the bravest, most enlightened and most accomplished women ever and she lit a spark which will never be extinguished. She never wavered and met each challenge head-on. Her will and resolve to research so diligently in her chosen field and to turn the fruits of that research into a clear message was beyond fair expectation.

So many people have been inspired and helped and so many dogs have been liberated by her passion for truth, for common sense, for justice and for science. In losing her we have lost a true champion but she left us a wealth of written guidance and had the foresight to set in motion a network of like-minded people who can continue her fantastic work. The dreadful sense of loss is tempered by a realistic hope and belief that her legacy will live on and her work will continue.

Here are Catherine’s articles in Homeopathy for Everyone:

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