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In Memorian – Luis Detinis

In Memoriam

Homeopath Katja Schütt remembers Dr. Luis Detinis who passed in May 2018.

April 26, 1944- May 19, 2018

The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living.“ ~ Marcus Tillius Cicero

On May, 19th, 2018 the Argentine medical homeopath Dr. Luis Detinis left us.

Luis Detinis was born in Buenos Aires on April, 26th, 1944. He qualified in medicine in 1973 at the University of Buenos Aires and in homeopathy at the Argentine School of Homeopathic Medicine, having studied under the famous Argentine homeopath Dr.Tomas Pablo Paschero. Having been ill with tuberculosis and his homeopathic cure with Phosphorus, changed the course of his life and lead to his decision to study medicine and practice homeopathy.

Homeopathy has been used in Argentina since the arrival of the first homeopathic medicine chest in 1812, brought by General San Martin from Spain. It is accepted as a medical discipline and has good standing among the population. Argentine homeopaths are known for their emphasis on the Hahnemannian doctrine, and Luis Detinis was no exception. Striving to find the best suited remedy to ensure a rapid, gentle and permanent cure, he searched for further methods to assist in finding the homeopathic simillimum. Researching the fields of graphology and astrology he discovered ways to correlate findings from these approaches with homeopathy, and co-developed several software programs to include their features into repertorization. At the same time he pointed out that these just serve as an orientation, having to be confirmed by the findings of classical Hahnemannian homeopathy.

With his book “Mental symptoms in Homeopathy“ he undertook the task of correcting badly translated symptoms of the original literature and making them understandable to users, testifying to his passion to practice pure homeopathy. He recommended not deviating from the teachings of Hahnemann, Hering, Kent and Paschero, opining: “Do not abandon true homeopathy! Classical homeopathy succeeded and was spread with the successes achieved in treating those considered incurable!“

Luis detinis also emphasized healthy nutrition and detoxification to support healing and asked people to keep themselves informed and to assume responsibility for their own well-being.  He has been practicing and teaching extensively in Argentina and Latin America, published several books and articles, and gained a national and international recognition and numerous awards. His last book was co-authored by his wife, Dr.Graciela Varela, and has been published recently: Medicina que Cura (medicine that heals).

Luis Detinis was interviewed in Hpathy in Dec 2017:


About the author

Katja Schuett

Katja Schutt, Msc, HP, DHM, PGHom, DVetHom, has studied homeopathy with several schools, amongst which David Little’s advanced course stands out as it offers a really deep insight into homeopathic philosophy and materia medica (simillimum.com). Her current focus lies in working with animals and studying history, the old masters, and research.

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