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Influence of Vaccination on the Constitution – a Miasmatic Approach

Influence of Vaccination on the Constitution – a Miasmatic Approach

The whole concept of prevention through vaccination is obscure, unreliable and complicated; there is no real and justifying argument in our modern society to recommend to each family – with or without pressure – to let their children be vaccinated. The parents often do not know what to do when it comes to the question of vaccination. On the one hand, they know about the medical opinion of their doctor; on the other hand they have heard and read about horrible effects of vaccination. In some way their decision to let the child be vaccinated depends on the fear to lose their invulnerability as responsible parents. The whole responsibility of “yes” or “no” is on their shoulders only. They are permanently pursued by the strict and ?rm words of their health adviser: “If you don’t let your child be vaccinated, you will be responsible for the serious consequences”. But they don’t even have the right to ask: “Who will be responsible if something happens due to the vaccination?”

If somebody really dares to ask, the answer will be based on some kind of statistics: “Negative effects are very rare, maybe one in a million”; the second common answer is: “Even if the child gets the disease he was vaccinated against, the symptoms won’t be that intense or fatal”.

It is not the question of one in a million or one in ten million, the question is: “How will I react, if it is my own poor child? Do I have an explanation for myself or for my conscience? Did I fulfill my duties or did I fail as a parent to save my child from this horrible, life destroying experience?”

Under such conditions, there are no statistics that are of interest to me.

Every child and every single person has an individual capacity to resist epidemics and chronic diseases. Even if a child has direct contact with another child suffering from scarlet fever, it won’t be guaranteed that he will get infected too. On the one hand, medical experts are full of fear of getting infected with whooping cough, measles or meningitis, and on the other hand they inject these highly pathological products right into the system of the little ones. The probability of getting infected with a natural disease depends on the weakened condition of the vital force. There is a risk on both sides. Once the natural immunity of a child is sufficient to control the infection, why is it necessary to vaccinate the child? We are talking about natural immunity and the immune system, but do we really respect all of this whilst looking at mass vaccinations? I can understand that in the case of an individual weakness of immunity against a special disease it is important to be prepared, but how can we succeed in finding out the natural immunity of each individual?


The law of immunization is stolen from nature where getting infected with a particular disease automatically raises the immunity. Did we ever think about whether epidemics could have another reason? These passing epidemics where a lot of human lives are paid as a tribute have taken their course for ages. Wars, famine, fire, flood; all have led to an increase and to a decline of diseases. Fear and stress which dominate the human race have always left deep cracks in the human vital force. The possibility to prevent wars from flaring up, to encounter everybody with love and tolerance, to accept the function of all our co-inhabitants in this natural community, animals and microorganisms included – if we could achieve just a little bit of this, then we would talk of prevention. We human beings have disturbed the whole ecological balance; we have cleared the woods, have expelled everything out of its natural environment and have sprayed our food with pesticides and poison; we have destroyed the natural circle of life where the stronger one exists at the expense of the weaker one; we think everybody and everything around us is an enemy; we are victims of our own fears. The fear for our own existence has made us forget that we are not the sole inhabitants of this wonderful planet.

A real preventive therapy would be to free ourselves from these old orthodox fears; fear to speak in order not to hurt the other one; fear to cry because the other one could think I am weak; this strange wish to preserve the own abnormal picture has taken a heavy toll on millions. The fear to lose, to die, won’t let us go for a single moment; however we are listening more to others then to our own inner voice. The only way to achieve complete protection is to strengthen the love and the combining good-will between body and soul.
Vaccination damage from the homeopathic point of view

Let us take a look at minor or major evil effects of vaccination, seeing them with the eye of a homeopath.

Psoric miasm

Vaccination can cause minor physical or major mental disorders or increase the susceptibility to these. It can cause allergies in the form of dermatitis, hay fever, allergic asthma, milk allergy and different food allergies. It can stimulate the latent weakness which was probably inherited from parents or grandparents. One can observe different forms of diarrhea, dysentery or digestion problems. The child can develop a high susceptibility to colds; he will get ill due to minor changes of temperature or season; his resistance to illness is so weakened that he will be the first to pick up some infections that are in the air. Once the child is getting older you can observe an extreme restlessness; he is suffering from a lack of concentration and often from sleeplessness. He has an aversion to going to bed; he cannot stop the flow of thoughts. Caught between the increasing responsibility and the inner restlessness, many of them develop fever, cramps or even seizures. In homeopathy we call this psoric manifestation; there is a hysteric reaction to all irregularities of life. Human weaknesses like being very impulsive, extremely angry or intolerant increase immensely; irrationality becomes the slogan of their lifestyle. During puberty such children are a danger to themselves and to others; they cheat, manipulate and lie. The natural bond to other family members and to the entire world community is disturbed. Those who need statistics to confirm this should study or compare it to the life of simple, so called “uneducated”, less civilized poor village children. It is strange but interesting once you report about these existing differences. Certainly, vaccination is not the only reason for such disorders, but it can definitely work like a catalyst for a miasmatic disorder. We are not talking about subtle damages which unfortunately cannot be proven by a lab test. Following the late Dr. Burnett, vaccinosis (damages caused due to vaccination) is exclusively a sycotic disorder. Personally, I have made other observations concerning this. I have seen that every kind of miasmatic disorder can be stimulated by vaccination; whether it is psoric, sycotic, syphilitic or tubercular.

Sycotic miasm

It is astonishing that in spite of extensive scientific and medical progress and research projects, many ill and frail children are born. The mothers of such poor children met the same fate of vaccination. She had a tendency to miscarriages; in spite of the diagnosis “everything is normal” she could not get pregnant for a long time. Even this could be connected with the subtle effects of vaccination. A sycotic miasm is produced, a deep and persistent process which could cause many other symptoms. The expectant mother is suffering from a persistent kind of anemia during her whole pregnancy and no iron substitution helps; she could have repeated attacks of cystitis, renal pelvis inflammation or get depressed. The newborn could have chromosome disorders such as Down’s syndrome, malformations of the heart, kidney reflux or other disorders caused by vaccination. The child can develop a tendency to bronchitis, chronic cold or the ears being blocked due to a catarrh of the ear tube; he is suffering from belly colic, constipation and even runs the risk of getting an ileus. There is a high risk of being infected with whooping cough or developing a nephritis. This child is very susceptible to nasal polyps, sinusitis, bowel prolapse, hernia, warts, rheumatic fever and later to heart valve diseases. He is introverted, jealous, mysterious and most of all full of fears. There is an extreme lack of self-confidence. He is afraid of doing something new, has a strong fear of examinations and a fear of unknown people. He is lazy and does not want to move or play. Furthermore, he can develop psoriasis, allergies, asthma, benign or malignant tumors. He can become an alcohol or drug addict; often you find hepatitis B or C. In his later life he could suffer from osteoarthritis, arthritis, disc hernia, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, hypertension, heart attack, kidney or gall bladder stones, fistulas, apoplexy, paralysis, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. I am of the opinion that the constantly rising rate of depression and suicides which is unfortunately connected with increasing sorts of mass vaccination is a proof of the dominating sycotic miasm in our modern society.

Syphilitic and tubercular miasm

Other disorders due to vaccination that can be observed are syphilitic or tubercular. The affected child stops growing, physically or mentally. Though his appetite is increased, he loses weight drastically. There is a tendency to deficiency symptoms, assimilation disorders or even rickets. His teeth are bad with cavities from the beginning. The child can be born with hemophilia or a tendency to bleeding. He is susceptible to repeated infections of the respiratory tract like pneumonia, croup or bronchitis. The small child suffers from otitis media, otorrhea or eardrum perforation. He is sensitive to atmospheric disturbances and strongly reacts to different moon phases. He develops seizures which occur periodically around full moon. He might need spectacles with thick lenses at a very young age because he is suffering from myopia or astigmatism; he can even have nystagmus or strabismus. This child is very dissatisfied, angry and unreliable. He gets very upset when he has to sit or stand for some time at a certain place, he cannot occupy himself for a long while with a book or a toy, gets annoyed easily and always needs a change. Many children develop such tendencies which are characteristic for these miasmatic disorders, especially after harmful effects of the whooping cough vaccination. The child is overactive, extremely full of energy and all of a sudden tired; he is charming and suddenly very brutal and vindictive. These children often show an extreme fear and at the same time a strong hate towards animals. The child is a total outsider, at home as well as in school or in our modern society. This frustrated and dissatisfied state of mind can lead to a constant change of home, partners, work and in some cases even to change of sex. Desire and perversion burn him out. These persons who are under the pressure of their constant desire, trying to find the “perfect satisfaction”, end up with the massive help of tobacco, alcohol or other stimulants. As we know, everything starts with one cigarette and one bottle. The result is disastrous because the desire is destructive. Degenerate and destructive diseases like diabetes, retinitis pigmentosa, osteoporosis and gangrene often put an end to the restless life of such constitutions.

Homeopathy and vaccination damage

Homeopathy is the best holistic kind of treatment and prevention; it respects the laws of nature and concentrates on strengthening the natural immunity of the individual. Homeopathy has a lot to offer when it comes to eliminating harmful effects of vaccination. All kinds of physical problems like asthma, seizures, neurodermatitis or sleeplessness and change of personality can be treated successfully. As these diseases are induced or artificially produced, they are not as easy to handle as the natural ones. Concerning less developed children or children with mental disorders, the quality of life can be improved. Healing is not possible all the time but a certain comfort can always be guaranteed.


I am not writing this to attack anybody or any kind of medical system personally, but this is my conclusion after years-long experience with such poor cases. There are cases with complete lack of mental development, with extremely aggressive outbursts, where they bite, hit and spit at the person present. These children who were hurt by harmful effects of vaccination are in between life and death. Is there an explanation for this? Each constitution is a combination of natural and inherited elements. According to the various situations and circumstances, a different degree of weakness manifests itself. Constant stress in the office can lead to high cholesterol results in one person, the other one might suffer from hay fever. Often reason and cause have no direct similarity with the following reaction. The death of a close person may lead to a heart attack in one person, the other one will suffer from sleeplessness or arthritis. Mass vaccinations of small children can increase these effects in many cases; they can cause problems of their own or stimulate the latent miasmatic weakness. Relying on nature and our natural immunity, we take a simple risk, but with a decision against it, we risk much more. Concerning statistics, vaccination cannot prevent the outbreak of a disease; isn’t the illusion of being protected against it just mere guess-work then? How can you accept being part of such a dangerous game? Be wise, have no fear, listen to your inner voice.


Dr. Mohinder Singh Jus, DMS (Cal),
Director SHI Homoeopathic College, Switzerland. www.shi.ch

Further lecture about miasms:
“Journey of a disease” by M.S. Jus. A comprehensive and practical approach to the miasms.

Available at: Homoeosana, Steinhauserstrasse 51, CH-6300 Zug, [email protected],
www.homoeosana.ch or www.shi.ch

Available for Asia: B. Jain Publisher, India., www.bjain.com

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Dr. Mohinder Singh Jus, DMS (Cal),
Director SHI Homoeopathic College, Switzerland. www.shi.ch

Further lecture about miasms:
"Journey of a disease" by M.S. Jus. A comprehensive and practical approach to the miasms.

Available at: Homoeosana, Steinhauserstrasse 51, CH-6300 Zug, [email protected],
www.homoeosana.ch or www.shi.ch

Available for Asia: B. Jain Publisher, India., www.bjain.com


  • I know for a fact that my asthma from the time I was a child was induced by my vaccinations. As a result I was very aware of my daughter and the effects of that her vaccinations have had on her. I have just emigrated and in the new environment of the USA where they are so vaccine happy, I was pressured to get more done for her – government law.
    My daughters behavior is confusing at the best of times. She is always weepy, uncontrollably as she says – can’t stop mommy. I cannot seem to get rid of her mucous, post nasal drip, cannot breathe through her nose and has had chest infections. I monitor her diet, although I admit can do more. Since she has been here the wheat intake has increased and that seems to aggravate her too.
    Mostly I am concerned for her behavior, her restlessness and her inability to listen and follow through with an instruction without being distracted. All of this is not normal. I am very healthy conscious, very aware of what goes into her body, just ashamed that I could not stand up to the forces that pushed me to get her vaccinated.
    Where to from here. I do not want her to be this weepy, week child. This is not her character and this is not who she was!!
    Please advise!

    • I know you are addressing your question to D.r Singh, but I wanted to make a suggestion as well. The effects of vaccination can be treated and an experienced homeopath is best situated to do this. Unless you already know of a good homeopath, I suggest you contact the homeopathy organization in your country for a referral. You can find that information here: https://hpathy.com/homeopathy-organizations/

      Alan V. Schmukler

    • Mirya
      I just wanted to let you know, Here in the USA vaccines are not law. You do NOT have to get them. Many Drs just make/want you to believe that. Next time refuse!


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