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Based on my own experience a few comments are offered in supplementation of Intercurrent Prescribing as per Dr. Kulkarni’s excellent response to Dr. Vikulov:

An important use of IP or collateral prescribing would be during aggravations management, hedging against patients taking matters into their own hands. Here, prescribing the collateral remedy fitting the aggravation symptoms has several benefits: 1) It alleviates suffering; 2) when well-selected (as in cases presenting a likelihood that the collateral is also complementary) the collateral selection prefigures a thematic pendulum swing in the case that readies the patient for his or her ideal follow-up remedy; 3) as opposed to the client performing mischief by wildly self-prescribing, your interpolation of a good collateral supports the general flow of the case while doing no harm.

Some examples:

*A Naja client in whose aggravation state the smallest decisions she encounters are fraught with life or death importance. A collateral snake in a lower potency, Elaps is seen to lower the emotional stakes, while perhaps also prefiguring a pendulum swing from the externally oriented Naja (my decisions put others at risk) stress to the more internal stress of Elaps (it is I myself who is hyper-vulnerable);
*  Nat Mur in aggravation (hyper-relationship dependence) can benefit from Bryonia, related via the clinging vine hinge, can prefigure a pendulum swing in the direction of Bryonia’s non-relationally, dry business concerns;
* Argentum Nitricum in aggravation (global anxiety in the face of a future ordeal) can benefit from Gelsemium, related via the anxiety hinge that can prefigure a pendulum swing in the direction of Gelsemium’s past-oriented trauma.

Possibly, some of Dr. Kulkarni’s eleven General Indications for IP can be collapsed into the general category of toxic overload, a definite hindrance to the effectiveness of classical prescribing. Especially in my work with autism where classical prescribing is inadequate a wide range of intercurrent prescribing comes into play. This includes tautopathic remedies derived from harm inducing vaccines, medications, and environmental toxins; interpolation of support remedies such as cell salts, oligo-therapy and organotherapy remedies, emunctory function supporting remedies; the bowel nosodes; sarcodes; meditative proving remedies that can speed karmic processing; and referral to a detoxification specialist skilled in performing Homotoxicology according to the methodology of Heinrich Reckeweg.

In a less complex clinical arena IP has historically included reliance on remedies such Nux Vomica, Aloe, and Sulphur in order to reestablish equilibrium following a patient’s having been excessively dosed.

A word of caution is offered to newer practitioners: The foundation of your practice will always be constitutional prescribing. Do not allow the difficulties of a case to justify premature recourse to an intercurrent. Practice according to the highest standards. Make every effort to find the strongest constitutional remedy.

Jerry Kantor
Author of:
Interpreting Chronic Illness;
The Toxic Relationship Cure

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Jerry Kantor

Jerry Kantor, Lic. Ac., CCH practices and teaches at Vital Force Health Care in Needham, MA. He is the author of an integrative medicine text: Interpreting Chronic Illness, the Convergence of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy and Biomedicine; and a homeopathy book, The Toxic Relationship Cure, Clearing Traumatic Damage from a Boss, Parent, Lover or Friend with Natural Drug-Free Remedies and Autism Reversal Toolbox: Strategies, Remedies, Resources. Jerry Kantor is also author of
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