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It’s Metaphysical, darling!

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Written by Sue Young

Homeopath and homeopathy biographer Sue Young offers a brief epistemological, cosmological journey and one perspective on homeopathy. She traces philosophical evolution from Emanuel Swedenborg to the Rig Vedas through Plato, Plotinus, Homer, Newton and Leibnitz.

This article is taken from my forthcoming biography of James John Garth Wilkinson (1812-1899), an English orthodox physician who converted to Homeopathy in the early part of the 19th century.

Garth’s family connections introduced him to William Blake (1757-1827), a British Christian Mystic and our British National Treasure, and in 1839, Garth published the first posthumous edition of Blake’s Songs of Innocence and Experience 1789[1].

Garth then turned his attention to Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772), a Swedish Christian Mystic and the Swedish National Treasure in the same vein, and throughout his life, Garth became Swedenborg’s primary translator and biographer.

Please accept my apologies for the constant repetition of certain phrases and words, necessary to explain some awkward, complex and obtuse mentation. Old Language explains what we discuss in our Modern Language, so we need to be careful when we ask, what did Blake, Garth and Swedenborg understand?

It will be needful for us to grasp some exceptionally complex Esoterics as we proceed because Blake, Garth and Swedenborg lived in this world. To follow them, we must hastily acquire a basic comprehension of some very difficult Metaphysics, and any errors here are mine and do not reflect on the very many experts who have advised me and who are currently studying this material.

To bring these Metaphysics into alignment with our everyday understanding for a moment, there is never any physical action in our Dense Physical World unless some Unmanifested Triple Thought generates it[2]. The Origin of Everything is therefore Consciousness and the Unmanifested Celestial First Thought:

‘… What is lower is just like what is higher,

and what is higher is just like what is lower,

for one thing’s miracle which has to be accomplished…’

The Emerald Tablets of Hermes Trismegistus

Translated into Latin by Chrysogonus Polydorus 1541[3]

History began when humans invented gods,

and will end when humans become gods[4]

The Cartography of our Mind possibly began sitting around a lightning struck fire, or our First Camp Fire, clustered together for protection, which empowered and intimated survival for us in our constantly changing, dangerous and uncertain Dense Physical World.

What catalyst provoked this explosion of thought? Was this an environmental disaster, or the perceived terror of a close encounter with a predator? We can understand and witness this Sacred Fire, this Physically Manifested Empyrean.

As our Primal Ancestors looked up to our Sun, is it then a short hop to birth our Celestial Imagination to visualise a Primal Unmanifested Celestial Fire birthing a Primal Unmanifested Celestial Creation, into which we can ask a Primal Imagined Celestial First Thought and begin to contemplate our Primal Origin as an Unmanifested Celestial Dot in a Circle? This is the Bottom Up explanation for our Mental Mind Map of the Lost Continent of Our Mind.

This First Unmanifested Celestial Engram then emanates down the ladder as the First Unmanifested Spiritual Engram to become our First Manifest Physical Engram and our First Physically Manifested Symbol. From the Celestial Dot in a Circle, we now have the Spiritual Dot in a Circle, and ultimately the Physical Dot in a Circle, which is one of the most common daub or scratch marks to appear in archaeological sites across our Dense Physical World.

This transit marks the route of our First Celestial Thought Form from a Celestial Unmanifested Zero, to a Spiritual Unmanifested Zero, into our Physically Manifested Zero, reproduced for example, as a circular loom stone with a hole in the middle used for weaving our cloth and our destiny, which now speaks to us so powerfully and symbolically as they are retrieved from the dirt and dust of our birth soil. It is also the Astrological symbol for the Sun encircling the Earth in its’ daily transit, and potentially the trigger for our Spiritual Imagination, which led to our Intellectual Imagination, still so painfully developing into our Emotional Imagination and our Moral Imagination.

The Rig Vedas ?1700BC, the oldest Indian scripture preserved possibly from the end of the Ice Age, explain that Unmanifested Creation asked the Celestial First Question ‘… who am I…?’ So we have unimaginable phenomena stepping outside itself to ask the Celestial First Question to produce the Celestial First Thought.

This creates the Celestial Dot in a Circle, the Dot representing Wisdom (Aditi or Sophia), the Mother of the Four Great Gods. The Celestial Dot in a Circle also represents Wisdom’s pregnant Celestial Womb, which births the final member of our Trinity, our Mind, our Soul, and our Will are now in Unmanifested Existence.

The Rig Vedas further clarify the Celestial Dot in a Circle as the First Impulse, the Seed of Manifestation, also represented by the Shiva Shakti Lingham seen from above ‘… Shiva is the hidden formless principle, and Shakti is the manifestation of this ‘divine mind’[5]

The Chinese Yin Yang symbol indicates our Hermaphrodite at the Moment of Duality within the Celestial Womb when our fertilised zygote splits in two, agitated into movement by breathing, sound and vibration. The Four Faces of Brahma [our Four Great Gods] follow, as male and female forms emerge from the mist.

This Bottom Up Creation of Unmanifested Celestial Creation is counterpoint to the cognizance given in Ancient Sacred Texts, for example, the Manasaputras, the Four Mind Born Sons of Brahma, gave the first mental spark of a Top Down Creation for this Explosion of Cosmic Thought. This perspective is reflected in every Esoteric Cosmovision, as our Sevenfold Nature is revealed.

This boundaried Uncreated Unity thus emanated an Unmanifested Spiritual Second Thought, the Unmanifested Spiritual Dot in a Circle, and the Unmanifested Spiritual Zero. We are thus children of the Unmanifested Third Thought, which patterned the product of the Celestial Womb, ultimately as the physical material single cell and the fertilised ova, the Manifested Physical Dot in a Circle, and the Manifested Physical Zero. Our Sevenfold Nature is now complete and set in motion.

The Unmanifested Hermaphrodite is also visualised as an Ouroboros, a Snake eating its own tail. This Unmanifested Third Spiritual Engram represents the product of conception moments before Manifested Sexual Duality occurs. We can now utilise our Spiritual Intelligence in the form of an Unmanifested Fire Breathing Serpent [snake] surrounding us and protecting us from Good and from Evil[6]. This symbol ‘… signifies the self, kingship and confidence, the father, the masculine principle and the hero[7]‘ Over time, this Unmanifested Third Spiritual Cryptogram was subsequently impregnated with many layers of awkward meaning.

Greek Paganism was not Monotheistic, so there was not just one Holy Book but many, leaving them free to challenge their texts and develop Philosophy. I would suggest they had many Sacred Orphic manuscripts, which have been lost. Their poets were also considered divinely inspired.

The Jewish, Christian and Islamic Philosophies, mindful and cognizant of these Ideas, were ultimately constrained by their Sacred Literature. The Greek Philosopher Pythagoras of Samos (?570BC-?495BC) reminded us that everything begins as an Idea.

His colleague Plato (?428-?348 BC) said these Ancient Mysteries contain the Highest Principle. Plotinus (?204/5-270AD), an Egyptian, regarded the Triple Zeros as the Triple Unity of all there is, and the Triple Engram of the One True Reality, Metaphysically Sacred, and the One Unknowable Simplicity. The Triple Dots represent the Axis of the Universe, soon to become manifest.

The Greek poets Homer (?800-700 BC) and Hesiod (?750-650 BC) believed their Myths and stories to be a ‘world of codes and cyphers’. The Egyptians had believed for millennia that Engrams were the ultimate source of Magical Power. Homer and Hesiod wrote as the Greeks came into contact with Babylonian Astronomers and mathematicians, and believed the role of their gods was to ‘… oversee the governance of the universe[8]

In Europe, the very thought of the Zero was sacred, hidden and forbidden by the Roman Catholic Church 1st Century for millennia, feared and obscured because of its roots in the heart of Pagan Mysteries. It was thus left to the rest of the world, who had no fear of Esoteric symbols, to utilise this most valuable cognition.

Egypt and Babylon had used the Zero in all its forms since the 2nd millennium BC to race ahead of a hobbled Europe. The miraculously, Isaac Newton (1643-1727) and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz (1646-1716) embraced this most necessary symbol of No Thing to create Calculus, a mathematical study of continuous change, which gave birth to our Modern World. These were very dangerous Notions, and the Royal Society 1660 started life as an Invisible College (1640-1660), considered heretical, they risked everything to protect this leap of Consciousness.

A note of Homeopathic humour here will explain how comforting, protective, safe and useful codes and cyphers are, considering the censure, persecution and threat Homeopathy endures. My mentor and first teacher Robert Davidson (1946-2018), a British Chief Druid and Homeopath, in the first few days of my study at the College of Homeopathy in Regents Park 1978, told me straight faced ‘… we have done so much for so long with so little that now we can do anything with nothing [the Triple Zero… No Thing]…’ This is why we do snigger a tiny bit when skeptics say there is No Thing in Homeopathy, as what they are really saying is Everything is in Homeopathy! It’s Metaphysical, darling!

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Sue Young

Sue Young B.Sc., FSHoM - My name is Sue Young and my passion is homeopathic history and the history of Humanity. My sueyounghistories.com studies were inspired by the sterling work begun by Dana Ullman in his very influential book The Homeopathic Revolution: Why Famous People and Cultural Heroes Choose Homeopathy.
Before I began my sueyounghistories.com website, I wrote The Lost Book of History, the first attempt by a homeopath to study the whole history of humanity as a whole from our very origins. This was followed by Three Lost Books of Healing.
I hold a BSc in Psychology and an FSHOM in Homeopathy, having been in homeopathic private practice for over 30 years, I have been writing homeopathic history constantly for nearly 50 years. In 2022, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the founding of Dr Manish Bhatia’s Hpathy.com, I was honoured to be among those recognized with an Award for Excellence in Homeopathy for my contributions to Hpathy.com.
I’m intensely pleased and proud to surrender my body of work to the Hahnemann House Trust and the very capable and precious hands of my esteemed colleague and friend Mel Draper, who will confidently carry this wonderful work into our homeopathic future.

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