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Just One Drop – A Documentary Film About Homeopathy

Laurel Chiten’s film Just One Drop is on a mission to educate the world – especially Americans – about homeopathy.

Many of you might have already heard about the documentary Just One Drop that has been in the making for over five years. Just One Drop is on a mission to educate the world – especially Americans – about homeopathy.


Just One Drop has all the elements of a good drama: a love story, a rich little-known history, a war between those who love it and those who love to hate it, a cast of impassioned characters, and a film that leaves the audience with hope for the future.

Just One Drop – A Documentary Film About Homeopathy - Laurel Chitin

Laurel Chiten directing a shoot


So far we have raised over $95,000 all from individuals around the world — United States, Canada, The Netherlands, Israel, England, Norway, Belgium, South Korea, Australia, India and Dubai – to name just a few! With that money, we have shot over 100 hours of footage. Our goal now is to raise $100,000 more to complete this film! (This might seem like an overwhelming amount, but believe it or not, in terms of film production this is considered low budget.) And we are going to raise it, one donation at a time!


Our newest campaign is fundraising dinners! People are volunteering to host “Just One Dinner” events in their hometowns.  Our first dinner launch in June was a smash success. Please watch this fun short clip we created of that event.


Our next dinner is being hosted by homeopath Melissa Burch (Inner Health, Inc) in Cambridge, Massachusetts on July 20th. We still have tickets left. To purchase tickets click here. With a special homeopath discount of $50, anyone who enjoys food, wine, and of course, socializing, can come to this wonderful banquet. During the dinner, you will see a new short clip of the film! If you cannot attend the dinner; any donation is still appreciated. If you would like to host an event in your hometown, please let us know! So far, we have events being planned in Rhode Island, New Jersey and other parts of New York. Stay tuned for more details.


As always, we accept your tax-deductible donations on our website. A donation of $500 or more will put you in the film credits! Even just spreading the word by sharing our story with friends, and liking our Facebook and Twitter pages can help us to reach our goal. Just One Drop will be completed, one dollar, one euro, one rupee, one dinner at a time.


Dosing children in Haiti


Filmmaker Laurel Chiten, a multi award-winning filmmaker, has been directing social issue films for nearly three decades. Her high-profile films have screened at film festivals around the world, at universities and medical schools and won numerous awards. They’ve been nominated for a national Emmy and been broadcast on PBS’s Emmy winning national series, Independent Lens, and POV.


For more information about this film, view a short trailer, or sign up for our mailing list please go to Blind Dog Films website.


About the author

Laurel Chiten

Laurel Chiten has been an independent filmmaker for over twenty-five years. Her films include Jew in the Lotus (1999),Twisted, which was honored with Outstanding Achievement in a Documentary from the Mass Access Awards, Touched (2003), which won Best Documentary at FeFF festival in Toronto and Twitch and Shout 1994. Laurel was Producer/Director/Co-Writer of Two in Twenty, a five episode satirical soap opera series that became a cult classic and was screened internationally. She also produced a 10 part series with Robin Casarjian based on her book Houses of Healing, a self study guide. Her current project is the documentary about homeopathy, Just One Drop. Blind Dog Films website


  • Sir, your efforts for the promotion of this great science are very praiseworthy. Our respected
    Americans have great knowledge and surely they will feel why they oppose homoeopathy for
    which they know it very well.

  • Sir, your efforts are praiseworthy for the promotion of this great science. Our American brothers
    will soon realise that hypocrisy in homoeopathy is a symptom and it must be rectified.

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