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A Look at the 69th LMHI Congress in Paris – Homeopathy on the Move

Dr. Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi reports on the 69th LMHI Congress in Paris

Introduction: The international homeopathic medical society Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis (LMHI), established in Rotterdam in 1925, represents homeopathic physicians in more than 70 countries all over the world. The purposes of the association are the development and securing of homeopathy worldwide and the creation of a link among licensed homeopaths with medical diplomas and societies and persons who are interested in homeopathy. The LMHI is exclusively devoted to non-profit activities serving philanthropic benefits.


Dr. Renzo Galassi an Enthusiastic President

Dr.Galassi has been acting eagerly to encourage homeopathy worldwide. In a friendly meeting with him, he said that he would like to come to Iran. He wanted us to encourage other Iranian homeopaths to take part in LMHI Congresses. My wife and I talked to him on our weak points in Iran, including lack of homeopathic hospitals and governmental homeopathic colleges. He confirmed that many countries suffer from the same problems. He added “of course some countries like India have a better situation.” My wife has started our mission to promote our colleagues in Iran after coming back home.


Dr.Renzo Galassi – President of LMHI lecturing at the Amphi Bleu


LMHI Annual Meetings: The LIGA scientific meetings take place annually at one of the member countries. Its 69th congress was held in Paris-France from 16th to 19th of July 2014. More than 1500 homeopaths met and learned from each other by presenting 239 dynamic and evidence-based lectures at the Amhi Bleu and the 4 rooms on the 2nd floor of the fantastic building of Palais des Congres close to the Arc of Triumph, one of the nicest historical places in Paris.


Dr.Philippe Servais -President of LMHI 2014 in Paris


Dr. R.S. Pareek enters the sixtieth year of Useful Homeopathic Work

An interesting ceremony was held at the Amphi Bleu on Friday 18 July 2014 in Paris to acknowledge six decades of effective and fruitful homeopathic work in India. The Pareeks are famous for the unique homeopathic center in the world with an attached 50 bed hospital and intensive care unit, located in Agra-India. A workshop is going to be held on applied homeopathy from 16 to 22 of Feb. 2015, including management of advanced cases of cancer, nephrology, hepatology and medical emergencies with applied Materia Medica.


Bienvenue Au Paris; Welcome to Paris

The French Homeopathic Medical Doctors and the organising and scientific committees took great pleasure in welcoming the participants to the 69th LMHI Congress on July 16th 2014 in Paris, the last residence of our great Master, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.

Homeopathy on the Move; Strategies and Levels of Healing



This was the central theme of this year’s congress. According to Dr. Philippe Servais, the President of the 69TH LMHI Congress, the quality of the presentations had been scrutinised by the scientific committee, looking at two aspects; the level of scientific evidence and the correspondence to the congress theme. Other topics were dealt with as well, so that all could express themselves; epidemiology, research, provings, doctrine, history and philosophy. Colleagues coming from 48 countries participated in the congress.

“When Hahnemann moved to Paris in 1835, fifty homeopaths were working in France. Parisian consultations of Antoine Petroz and Auguste-Paul Curi had great success. A friend of the master, Sebastian Guidi founded the Societe Homeopathique Lyonnaise in 1832, which later became the Societe Homeopathique Galliance.” Dr.Servais continued.


Presenting 239 Lectures and 35 Posters at the Congress

During the three active days after the reception ceremony on the July 16th , 239 lectures were presented at the Amphi Bleu, the large amphitheatre on the 2nd floor of the building and Rooms number 251, 252 A and 252 B and room 253. At the amphitheatre, the lectures were translated into 4 languages; English, French, German and Spanish. At room 251 there were two translations; English and French. At the other rooms no translations were done. More than 1500 people took part in this wonderful gathering to exchange their knowledge and experiences. You can read the final topics of lectures in the following website to have an overall view of what was said in Paris: www.lmhi2014.org

liga14-image005  liga14-image004

Mr. &Mrs. Sadeghi, Dr. Sadeghi &His Poster as P1.The Audience at the Amphi Bleu


Many Homeopathic Teachers Take Part at the Congress

Some of the homeopathic teachers who participated at the congress and presented scientific lectures were; Dr. Philippe Servais from France, Dr.Alok Pareek from India, Dr. Pierrette Gengoux from Belgium, Dr. Raj Kumar Manchanda from India, Dr.Peter Kay from the U.K., Dr. Rajan Sankaran ; a video of his lecture titled Vital Sensation and Clinical Cases, was shown to the audience, as he could not attend the congress.

liga14-image007           liga14-image008           liga14-image009

Dr. KimElia and His Colleague,       Dr. Manchanda & Dr. Goupta on the front row,             Dr. Farokh Master 2nd from Right, Dr. S.Tanvir Hussain on the back row


Visit to Hahnemann’s Grave at Pere Lachaise Cemetery


Two visits to Hahnemann’s Grave at the Pere Lachaise Cemetery were planned on Sunday 20 July 2014, at 10.00 and 11.00. Meeting point was the main entrance of the cemetery.

The spirit of Hahnemann lives in our work.

About the author

Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi

Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi M.D., Hom.: Graduated from Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Health Services and Iran Homeopathic Learning Center. He is a Certified medical doctor in Iran, and Official member of the Iranian Homeopathy Association, and was granted RIHA certificate and LMHI certificate of membership. He also writes a health page as a journalist in the Tehran Times daily newspaper. Visit his website: http://drsadeghihom.ir/en/


  • Dear Dr.Sangeeta DHAL

    Thank you. The next conference, the 70th one, will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. You can look it up in the lmhi website; http://www.lmhi.org.

    Argentina will be the next station for the 71st LMHI Congress, 2016. Germany, the home country of our great Master will be holding the 72nd congress in Leipzig, 2017, close to Kothen.

    I hope all homeopaths gather under the flag of LMHI to unite, to exchange their knowledge and friendship for the betterment of the man health condition to overcome the current health challenges world-over.

    Good Luck,


  • Dear Dr. Sadeghi,
    is it possible to get a printed version of the numerous lectures for those
    who could not participate to the conference?
    If yes, where can we get this printed issue?
    Thank you very much
    Dr. Feddersen, Germany

  • Dear Dr.Feddersen

    Hi. Access to the full text articles is limited to the participants of the congress. However a brief booklet of the congress was offered to us in Paris. I don’t know if it is copy righted or no. I suggest you to contact the http://www.lmhi2014.com. Please let me know if you still need help. Send an email to [email protected] if you need help.

    Good Luck,


  • Dear Dr.Sadeghi,
    thank you very much for your quick answer.
    What is the use of the procedure that only the participants of the congress have access to the full text articles?
    Thousands of homeopaths all over the world would be interested in reading those articles – even if there should be a time delay after the congress for the edition of the written lectures of e.g. 6 or 9 months so that the participants had the privilege of getting the information firsthand. In my view this is a sort of elitism that should be abolished asap.

  • Thank you Dr. Sadeghi for doing an excellent job on reporting on the LMH I Congress in Paris.
    This was a great opportunity to be updated on all the latest information on homeopathy throughout the world. Your presentation gave many of the wonderful highlights and it was great to see you there. Upwards and onwards. Richard

    • Dear Richard

      Hi. Thank you so much for your kind and friendly comment. Nice to meet you again at the congress. These events create a very good opportunity for us to update our knowledge, share our homeopathic experiences and renew our friendship to restore the health of people all around the world.

      Good Luck,


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