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Looking at the Covid-19 Situation as a Wake-up call to Humanity

Written by Misha Norland

Covid-19 is argued as being a wake-up call to humanity — a call to take action, not just to avert the pandemic, but also to avert imminent ecocatastrophe. The pandemic is also examined in relation to the quantum world, where entanglement, connectedness and synchronicity operate.


In this extensive article, Covid-19 is argued as being a wake-up call to humanity — a call to take action, not just to avert the pandemic, but also to avert imminent ecocatastrophe. The pandemic is also examined in relation to the quantum world, where entanglement, connectedness and synchronicity operate. The energetic patterns that gave rise to humanity’s response to Covid are a repeat of our response to AIDS. This similarity is noted with regard to deploying the AIDS nosode in homoeopathic prophylaxis. It is argued that the world functions from the subtle to the gross, in a manner analogous to homoeopathic pharmacy, so that the living/vital level is unconsciously activated. The new age of uncertainty that is upon us need not lead to mass extinctions and an end to civilisation as we know it, because through worldwide cooperation we can reverse some of the destructive trends we are witnessing and indeed creating. This may be a part of the evolution of consciousness we are expecting, and that we believe Covid-19 may be busy encoding in our DNA.

We have all been chasing the tail of the virus, but has this been a wild goose chase? As health practitioners we crave to gain awareness of the big picture, to gain an eagle’s perspective. Just as we put our patients into the context of their history, we will wish to view the pandemic within it’s context, that of the newly emerging zeitgeist.

Behind what we see is the thing that is. Behind a sad face with tears (which is the representation, the image) is sadness. Behind the image of the virus is its consciousness; behind this is its potential, which is connected to all potentials of all things and of course to us. We can say that existence is eternal and manifestations are infinite.

We can imagine from top down or from bottom up. Science prefers the latter, working at the bottom and deriving insights that may be applied to the state above. It is believed by many, that the two views, from top down and from bottom up, are not only interrelated but are expressions of the same underlying and unifying set of principles. Science investigates the behavior of matter, of energy, but not of existence, nor can it locate consciousness or provide a description of what this might be.

Consciousness used to be considered a product of soul, but in today’s absence of belief in the soul, it is said to be dreamed up by the brain to fill the uncomfortable void left by the absence of soul.

As said, science examines phenomena, accumulates data and attempts to elaborate meaning from the analysis of the patterns it sees. In this sense homoeopathy is a science, however, when it postulates releasing spirit from matter by dilution and succussion it crosses a line and enters an arena where it becomes vulnerable to being ridiculed. This arena is clearly located above, rather than below, exerting its influence by ‘spooky’ means as Einstein, criticizing quantum theory, called it.

The spirit-like vital force is influenced by the spirit-like potentised remedy to which it is sensitive because of harmonic resonance along pathways of similarity.  Some identify this as an aspect or extension of consciousness that reaches beyond the domain of the physical, informing in that spooky manner Einstein thought to be unlikely. Perhaps it is similar, after all, to the spooky behavior of particles in entanglement theory.

We can view the effects of the current pandemic as a collection of symptoms modified by personal circumstances and mutations in viral strains, as data for analysis, finding patterns and similarities whether we are homoeopaths searching for the genus epidemicus or bio-chemists looking to manufacture a jab to vaccinate the populace.

And we can attempt to look from above, gathering ever more overview as we ascend. Finally, in identifying the dots as our ascending view presents them to us, we may connect them, and in so doing, sense the potential of the virus.

An opportunity wrapped up in a protein.

Since the beginning of life on earth, viruses have infected bacteria and all higher life forms, leaving traces of its DNA that are incorporated in the host and passed onto offspring. They are not just agents of harm, except in the short term and upon the infected life form (until they get over it), they are now generally thought of as agents of evolution.

Sir Peter Medawar, Nobel prize winner in 1960 for the discovery of acquired immunological tolerance, famously described viruses as “a piece of bad news wrapped up in a protein,” but they may equally be thought of as “an opportunity wrapped up in a protein.”

Research on viruses is urgent and ongoing and indeed may have resulted in the emergence of Covid-19 as an escapee from a biotech laboratory, as has been suggested by Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier and many others.

It has been postulated that the consciousness of the virus is simply to promote itself at the expense of its host. However, in providing for itself, it prompts its host to change, to evolve, and to pass on its immunological advantage to its offspring.

It is a dance, if you will, of mutual adaptation. Immunity to infection is not only initiated in the herd, but eventually will be carried forward to future generations epigenetically. Where a hapless organism is not protected by previously acquired immunity, then that weakness to disease is likewise passed on.

It becomes part of an individual’s innate susceptibility, which is in turn part of their miasmatic signature. In summary, the virus is uniquely linked to the organism under attack, leading to the acquisition of the organism’s innate resistance to future infection and to acquiring miasmatic pliability and the continuing possibility for further development and change.

Looked at from above, we see a significant potential of viruses is to regulate, to balance. In the case of the present pandemic, it is regulating us by putting breaks on economic growth via lock-down measures aimed at controlling the virus.

The microbiome provides a good example of how interconnectedness between bacteria and viruses operates. We need the bacteria in our microbiomes to help us digest our food and to ‘train’ our immune systems, among other important roles.

It has been observed that young children who have early exposure to different types of pathogens are less likely to develop autoimmune diseases. This provides one of the powerful arguments not to vaccinate against childhood diseases. Unvaccinated children are more likely to develop a robust immune system with which to fight off infections and epidemic diseases.

Research has found that certain people with diseases and conditions like Autism, Inflammatory Bowel Disease or certain Cancers have different microbiomes than healthy people. Recent work has provided evidence that the microbiome influences our brains.

For example, transferring intestinal microbiome from humans suffering from depression into rats resulted in the animals demonstrating behaviours that are also characteristic of depression. The microbiomes from non-depressed humans did not have this effect. (For homoeopaths familiar with the Bowel Nosodes, this will come as no revelation!)

Some viruses (bacteriophages) hold bacteria in check. When these are damaging bacteria, the effect of specific bacteriophages become life enhancing. This is similar, it seems to me, to the effects of reintroducing a prime predator into an environment that had become overrun by its prey, such as has been observed in Yellowstone National Park where wolves have kept grazing elk populations in balance, bringing back beaver and aspen, wetland vegetation and birds.

Perhaps this pandemic is a dress rehearsal for what is yet to come.

I quote this blog from the hand of Bronx born journalist and astrologer, Eric F. Coppolino. It comments on viruses that have been our convenient scape-goat since they were first discovered, and it re-allocates responsibility to the sources of our susceptibility.

Whenever people get sick, a virus is the presumed cause and convicted without trial. No matter how many pesticides or herbicides are sprayed on our food, no matter how much GMO we are fed, or toxins we’re exposed to — such as dioxin, PCBs, or nuclear radiation, it’s always a virus.

No matter how many food additives, or aspartame, or high-fructose corn syrup, or plasticizers, or how much air pollution, or EMF radiation we get from all directions (3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi, Bluetooth and 100 others), it’s always a virus.

Poisons stockpiled under the sink? Indoor air pollution? It must be a virus. No matter how many medications we are prescribed and pile on, which all have ‘side’ effects and most of which compromise the liver and the immune system, a virus is always the convenient thing to blame, immediately, without actual inquiry, the moment anyone gets sick with anything.

Under this approach, the abundant toxins we consume are ‘proven’ harmless. What this represents is denial of our toxic lifestyle, and blaming ‘nature’ for problems that humans and in particular industry have caused.”

While on the subject of susceptibility to infection we must include social status. The poor underprivileged fare worst, with black unemployed in the lowest rank. These unfortunate people are those least helped by government or welfare schemes. In the USA they are left to fend for themselves. In the trap of generations of racial discrimination, poverty and unemployment exacerbated by Covid lock-down, their immune systems, like their self-confidence, are deeply compromised.

The promise of the vaccination.

Let us speculate some more about the virus that is so much maligned, scapegoated, and blamed for all manner of diseases. We wage war against the enemy, and use our intelligence to bio-engineer ourselves out of the pandemic. I read the following in a thread to a blog I was following and liked it’s succinctness

“All roads lead to the vaccine, with stakeholders banking on countries mandating the vaccine worldwide. Those who stand to make the greatest profit are those who have the largest sums to invest, the ruling elite.”

Some believe there is a global goal to ‘mark’ people, so that elitists bent on running the entire world know who and where you are — and so can force the entire population into compliance. This paranoid attitude informs us of the amplified imagination arising from the fear brewed in the bubbling cauldron of our current and extreme situation.

It is the result, one could say, of weakened defences plus the virus with powerful psychological amplification acting together. Most people however, are obeying simply because they’re frightened of dying, desperate to get back to the ‘normal’ they knew before, of going to work, of sending their children to school, and because they do not wish to be cast out, being dubbed as selfish individualists, and therefore of not complying to the rules. They fear they will be ostracised if they are seen to be different.

This response informs us of the relationships we have with covid-19, and that it, because of mirroring, has with us. The virus presents us with its fear invoking image of increasingly easy transmissibility and virulence that threatens to wipe us out, behind that the deadly potential of all pathogens, behind that historical accounts of plagues, and behind that memories carried epigenetically going back to the beginnings of life on Earth.

When we enter the level of universal potential, everything is interconnected throughout time and space. At this level, before separation and individualization, all is one, fear evaporates as universality takes over.

Individual beings come and go, however their specific potential of being remains and reincarnates. It is like water in a tap. Glasses come and go, while the water in the tap remains, ready to refill on demand. The virus’ consciousness is a primitive one, it is quite literally ‘a simple soul’; it is half way, if you will, between the water in the tap and the glass being filled.

It is DNA without its cell, looking to find a host to take over and bend to its will. The virus needs the cell. Indeed, over countless eons, the two have been entangled, but in this union the virus provides the vector for change, aided and abetted by its incredible speed of mutation, through which evolution may proceed at ‘warp’ speed according to Darwinian principles of natural selection. This potential is its gift, for it supports not only changes in DNA, but also a paradigm shift in collective consciousness.

The virus is not an enemy

In these perilous times we face climate change, destruction of habitat and mass extinctions, pollution on an industrial scale, and a multitude of man-made bio-hazards including vast stock-piles of nuclear weapons.

We are becoming ever more aware that we may not have a future for our children to step into. We are frightened. This provides the perfect soil into which the newest strains of the virus may find a weakened immune system. We fight back, the virus mutates and all the time we further undermine our capacity by seeking pharmaceutical solutions.

The primitive soul of the virus has only one purpose or vector it is able to move along; it challenges the status quo. (To include an astrological perspective, this vector chimes perfectly with our current situation with Pluto in Capricorn.)

From the point of view of the planet’s ecology, that is already past its tipping point, the reduction of human population seems to provide a solution to our burgeoning ecological crisis. Like reintroducing the prime predator, the wolf into Yellowstone, the ever-mutating virus may be providing the means towards an ecological solution. We are hearing our wake up call. Greta Thunberg’s thunder has been galvanizing, but the pandemic has been even more arousing.

From our personal point of view we need to strengthen our defence systems, pay attention to the health of our microbiome, consume organically grown food, ingest no poisons, empty our medicine cabinets, use homeopathy…

From a social point of view, we need to scrap the inhuman measures of social distancing, mask wearing and lockdown that perpetuate our fear of death. We can find faith, for that is our birthright, given by the act of being born and surviving.

From a spiritual point of view, we need to understand ourselves, who we really are, and what our purpose is. Clearly it is not to acquire wealth for its own sake, thereby creating social division, or rise above others by means of exploitation.

We could reexamine our goals and redefine our motives. We may not like what we see, but that is grist for the mill of change. The virus is not only out there, it is also in here. The plague, pandemic, virus also represents an archetype that is part of our collective unconsciousness.

According to the psychologist Carl Gustav Jung, the collective unconscious is made up of knowledge, imagery and archetypes that every person is born with. It is shared by all human beings due to their common ancestral heritage, but being unconscious, it usually lies beyond everyday awareness.

Fighting the virus with a vaccine, any vaccine, whether old-style or new, must have long-term consequences, exchanging acute manifestations that could kill, for long term chronic disease. Before vaccination for childhood diseases became fashionable, we routinely witnessed developmental leaps in children who had had them.

I cut my homeopathic teeth in paediatrics, discovering the power of the vital force and the effectiveness of the similar remedy. I also used homoeo-prophylaxis with unerring success. I still do. I recommend you visit Kate Birch’s website https://freeandhealthychildren.org/.

A dilemma arises. If we take on board that vaccination and homoeo-prophylaxis curtail diseases, then potentially, in the long run, are not both equally harmful?  Are not both methodologies trading acute manifestations for long term chronic disease arising later on in life? Are we not chasing the wolf out of the park? And in so doing, are we not acting contra naturum?

When we ask, ‘what does nature need’, we have to conclude that right now it probably needs fewer humans on the planet! I am not suggesting that we scrap preventative medicine, allowing this and other pandemics unfettered reign, but I am absolutely convinced that we must take action to voluntarily reduce our population or we will perish alongside so many irreplaceable life-forms. The issue we face is a spiritual one, we need to abide in oneness, and act out of oneness. All sentient beings are equally entitled to their territory, no one is any more important than another.

Harry van der Zee, best known to our homoeopthic community for his inspirational editorship of Similimum commenting on this article, has the following to say.

“If we want to use homeopathy to prevent people from falling (seriously) ill, it is important that the remedy used touches on the deeper role and purpose of the virus and not only treats or prevents its symptoms. Such a remedy then actually supports the virus to bring its message home in a ‘rapid, gentle and permanent’ way. As then it in no way suppresses the disease, miasmatic consequences will also be prevented.

 If homoeo-prophylaxis is to be used collectively for covid-19 it becomes paramount to determine the correct simillimum. The question then is “what needs to be cured in the collective?” The next one being, “how / or who to answer the first question?” Who better to ask this question to, than the virus itself? As ultimately everything is consciousness, it is possible to attune to the consciousness of the virus and to learn about its role and purpose in this time and age and to determine the simillimum that covers this. If homeopathy wishes to deal with pandemics in a meaningful way, we need to develop the ability to communicate with these teachers of humankind or involve others, like shamans to do so for us.”

The AIDS nosode and the AIDS miasm

In the summer of 1988 I carried out the first proving of blood from an HIV infected patient, and then again on several occasions in 1994. Details are available on line. While immersing myself in the provings, and later helped by Peter Fraser, we articulated the genius of the AIDS miasm.

This work is similar to shamanic process, it seems to me, in that it asks the substance under examination to reveal itself and its healing purpose. This is relevant here, because Corona virus is a retro-virus with morphological similarities to HIV, and both are said to have jumped species, perhaps more than once before landing and infecting humans.

The AIDS miasm is powerfully called to mind by the pandemic and our responses to it. Here the kernel concept is that of weak or violated boundaries offering inadequate protection. As one prover put it,

‘I had lost my wall and my shell, and there was a free flow of emotions both in and out. I was exposed, almost naked, with no control.’ ‘. . . uninterrupted flow between myself and the group versus I do not belong. I feel excluded and lied to.’

This is precisely what many people are currently feeling. If and when they voice this, then they are usually dubbed as conspiracy theorists. Absence of international borders allowed global spread through air travel, again pointing to weakened boundaries.

Initially, we had no natural immunity, no boundary, generating a feeling of being exposed, unprotected and vulnerable. Anti-retroviral drugs have been used against corona virus and standardly against AIDS – another link. The fear of contagion and contamination is very strong in both, while social distancing, wearing masks, quarantining, all cut us off from our family, friends and our community.

In the proving of the AIDS nosode, the opposite also appeared: the polarity to fear and social isolation was overwhelming love for humankind and a feeling of unification. Peter Fraser was the first to associate the AIDS miasm with the Electronic Age, and it is through this medium that we are finding our sense of community now that we are isolated.

In my experience, the AIDS nosode works as an excellent homoeoprophylaxis in this pandemic, as well as helping in individual cases of long covid, as long as, in the latter case, there is some similarity to current symptoms, such as left sided symptoms, dreams of houses, of wealth, of beauty and youth, and a personal or ancestral history of abuse and punishment.

In ancient Greece, Gaia is the primal mother Goddess; we need to experience Her, feeling the interconnectedness of all phenomena.

Robert Malthus who died in 1834, and whose work influenced Sir Charles Darwin, commented, population does invariably increase when the means of subsistence increases, while population is checked by disease, famine, war and catastrophe. It needs to be, or else its uncontrolled march would quickly overwhelm Earth resources and drive us into deploying world-wide, non-ecologically sustainable agriculture, where companies such as Monsanto rule, and where forests are felled to plant palm oil.

I have to say, I feel it is Gaia who is calling the shots; it may be she who has summoned the pandemic! In olden times and in other civilizations we would have made sacrifices and drawn blood. We are still carrying out similar ritual practices in the name of ‘following the science’, with rituals of jabbing, quarantining, mask wearing, disinfecting and so forth.

Of course, all of ‘reality’ is a projection, and the scientific one is just another, objectivised by experimentation and empiricism. In actuality the global death toll so far, due to Covid-19 has been low, compared to say the casualties of the flu epidemic of 1918, while the psychological effects overwhelm us and lead to panic measures being employed including the mass deployment of the current jabs that have been rushed into use before customary periods of testing over time.

Long Covid

Although the acute phase of the pandemic has proven amenable to homoeopathic treatment, ‘long covid’ resists a quick homoeopathic fix. It lingers with ME like symptoms and forces those afflicted into involuntary cessation of doing, out of which, periods of being may emerge. Looked at from above, we see that the potential of viruses is twofold, to regulate and establish balance as well as prompt evolution. This is long-covid’s most creative outcome, it seems to me: to re-establish the balance between Yin and Yang, between being and doing, between resting (albeit involuntary) and acting, bringing a pause for reflection and reorientation.

During periods of non-action we can experience peace. These experiences may be brief yet we can abide in them and learn not to criticize ourselves. This state can mature into the non-dual experience of no identification, from which no projection is made. This undifferentiated consciousness, this awareness without conditioning, is similar to sleep without dreaming while still being awake.

It is like lying on a meadow in spring sunshine, by the side of a gurgling stream, listening to birdsong. It is Gaia’s gift to sentience, simple, and without clutter. It is peace without end, a warm breeze stirring the body, like a mother’s caress. It is all things connected up. No questions arise, there are no doubts…

This state is the primordial, unconditioned one. It is the state to be in as we step over the threshold of life/death at the end, and death/life at the beginning. This state is the ‘lesson’ given by death experiences, by deadly viruses, and that is why in killing some of us, they also give us important clues as to how we can live a human and interconnected life where feelings of isolation and alienation do not arise (Cf. proving of the AIDS nosode).

Projection and polarity

Many psychological/philosophical seekers have stated, “We can only see outwardly what is within us. We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” When we see ugliness, or anything that confronts our ethical values, anything that might evoke guilt, anger or outrage, we have to conclude that these qualities are in us, and that we are projecting them.

As C. G. Jung states, negative projections arise from our shadow. Jung described this as “the thing a person has no wish to be.” When we take this on board, fully acknowledging it, we are bound to ask, what does this show us that we can learn from?

However, when we witness beauty, experience love or anything that might inspire us, we are reassured and delighted. I do not subscribe to the view of polarity at the level of universal consciousness, as in good and evil forces doing battle, preferring the non-dual realisation that witnesser and what is witnessed both disappear when love is the abiding experience.

Viewing the two poles as they emerge into being, now one, now the other, compels us to acknowledge the intrinsic duality within ourselves. Whether they serve the continuation of experiences of pleasure or pain, the addiction we have to them is profound because these experiences animate us.

Primitive emotions that express as fight or flight, because they invoke the excitement of the adrenaline flow, make us feel alive. (But if that stimulation persists for too long we become fatigued and cease to respond. This could correspond to the situation of some of those who are suffering long covid.)

If we are on a path of sincere enquiry, we may crave for reconciliation between what often appear as combating parties. This requires effort not only to bring the two sides together, but to recognize the warring beasts themselves, understanding that taming them means giving them plenty of space, not fighting them with more opposition, but flexing with them. It is the homoeopathy of surrender and flow.

The big question I have, concerns awareness, not theoretically but practically – how to maintain it, not being distracted by the ever- changing play of our projections that beg us to believe in them, and act upon them as if they represented the truth.

Do we follow the footstep along the trail we have blazoned and continue to create? Or do we withdraw from them all, entering a domain of non-action like a hermit in retreat? Can there be a middle path, where we exercise pin-sharp scrutiny, looking at ourselves, our beliefs and our projections so as to disallow some that would cause distress while permitting others that would further creative and loving ends?

My bottom line is, love is in charge, for then we can trust that all outcomes will be okay, although some of our voyages leading to awareness will surely hurt more than others. The least pain comes from the practice of least resistance.

The answer has to be personal, of course, for some individuals it will involve various stages of Hatha Yoga through breath control to meditation and samadhi. For others, a path through service and love, yet others though action, through ritual or alchemy, yet others through philosophical understanding, and yet others through worship of nature.

These are a few of the paths reaching towards maintained awareness. When practiced assiduously this heightened state becomes more continuous. To this end it helps to have teachers so the path may remain illuminated.

The wonderful news is that all time, each tiny moment holds eternity within itself. Thus we discover another paradox, that illuminated awareness, albeit temporal, is also without an end. In the instant we give up, when it seems everything has come to nothing, when we surrender, then the transition into awareness of the collective experience of love, burgeons into being. The consciousness of the virus and the potential it represents is towards manifesting that change. Perhaps humanity may seize this opportunity instead of going back to ‘normal’.

It helps to have a group of fellow seekers to reinforce such realizations. We are such a community, even if we do not explicitly say so, because as homoeopaths we follow the credo of Hahnemann, who affirms the necessity of unprejudiced observation, who gave us the methodology of potentisation and thereby the way beyond the material and of addressing the vital, and who himself practiced in the spirit of enquiry for all of his long life.

About the author

Misha Norland

The School"™s Director, Misha Norland is a Fellow and a founding member of The Society of Homeopaths. A practitioner now for over 30 years, he was head of Homeopathic Research at the first UK homeopathic college. Widely respected for his teaching and practice skills, over the years has taught many of the world"™s leading homeopaths. An international clinical facilitator, lecturer and author, he is well known for his contributions to journals, conferences and new materia medica. He also teaches and overviews the assessment standards at the School of Homeopathy, New York, and is the principal clinical teacher for the School"™s International Study programme.


  • Very well said, Misha!
    Your erudite articulation of the view from above does help us take a sweeping, broader look at what has been happening with mankind collectively.
    Thank you for writing this piece, and publishing it.

  • Thank you for taking the time to share your perspective. I always value the calm I feel inside after listening. I wish you and your loved ones a peaceful journey at this time.

  • Thank you Misha. I haven’t read or been involved much with homeopaths, but I have thought a lot about my and others experience of this situation from that perspective. Am delighted I have come up with similar thoughts and theories, and remedy! The longer this goes on, the more I see it. Sending my love to you and the entire community. It would be a great time to reconnect. I am very much alone out here!

    • Being sadly out of touch with you, I wonder where you are to be feeling ‘very much alone out there’? Perhaps we can we meet via Facetime or zoom? Do drop me a line.

  • Dear Corrie, thanks so much for your comment. Meaning and purpose are lost to stoppered ears. Postmodern alienation drives these qualities into the dust. Love is certainly the best remover of metaphorical ear-wax. Love strengthens us, lowering our susceptibility to diseases. Love manifests most wonderfully through the practice of homeopathy!

  • Very nice Misha. I have shared this as you express much of what I believe in a way that I wouldn’t have been able to.

  • I see much to accept Misha, thank you for such abroad view. I do not see eye to on what seemed to be the negative connotation given ‘paranoia’. In old days i have read this was a valued warning sign; the nous saw ‘para’ around the corners as it were.

    The rarher easily provable set of facts buttressing the claims of an elite/darksider takeover are not hard to reaearch.

    Corbett report.com
    UnlimitedHangout by whitney webb
    Amd lastAmericanVagabond.com

    And a short daily news show wearechange.org

    All will give abundant if spooky ( 😉 ) evidence of a conspiracy amongst davos elites, the UN world economic forum’s Great Reset/6uild6ack6etter plan(And yes they have used that orthography themselves) and the darksider troublemakers the rothschilds/rockerfellers and their pets.

    If we shy away from exploring these darkest of human waters and instead swallow the eco-propaganda of Greta and her handlers as a baseline of real concerns we have troubles more than we actually do.

    Imo, we have already lost the 1st world, and an organized retreat out behooves though who can see and join together while travel is still free.

    I have been recommending the following 3 books to all I can far and wide:
    Sun Tzu : so as to know what battles can be fought and won and which not.
    Lao tzu to gain neutrality and natural seeeing.
    4 gospels and the revelation (Richmond Lattimore the famed greek classocs translators celebrated edition)

    It is past time we reexamine Jesus words and prophecies especially given the chilling lines in revelations “by pharmakia shall all nations be decieved”.
    Dare to know indeed.

    I will be sharing the link to this whole edition of Hpathy and making special mention of your in so many ways excellent article Misha, much thanks!

    David Ryan (jr co author Earthwise Herbal Repertory)

  • Thank you Misha for sharing your refreshing, wide and deep perspective on this pandemic and its character. I have been struggling to find the more constructive aspects of ‘all this’ and you have now provided me with a clear lens. Thank you again. Sue

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