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Merry’s Christmas


Kelly’s daughter, “Merry”, has an acute, or is it really an old childhood disease?

Merry’s Christmas began with all the promise of the joyous holiday season!  I refer, of course, to my (Kelly’s) 12 year old daughter, “Merry”.

But she woke up in the morning with watery eyes, itchy, clear, runny nose that caused the skin below her nose to redden and chafe; itchy throat, some coughing and alot of sneezing. She also had a mild headache. Thinking of the bland eye discharge and the corrosive nasal discharge, I gave a dose of Allium cepa, which is famous for that combination. Poor “Merry” spent the day in misery.

I had given a total of 3 doses of Allium cepa during the day. Later in the day, she told me that she also had a red rash on her right calf that had started the day before. As the Allium cepa didn’t seem to be working, I gave a dose of Sulphur based on the redness, itchiness, red, cracked lips and plus it being her constitutional remedy.

She developed a headache shortly thereafter and I noticed that she had become stuffed up. The headache was worse when she coughed. After deliberating for too long, I gave the only potencey of Nat-mur. I had, a 200 C. “Merry” went right to sleep and slept well all night. When a person takes a remedy and falls right to sleep, that’s always a very good sign! Why Nat-mur.: The headache, worse for coughing; the dry cracked lips and the excessive sneezing led me to give it a try.

The next morning, the headache was gone (hooray!) but the cough remained and she had a little stomach ache. She was also still stuffed up. Merry said her stomach felt “empty” (Stomach: emptiness sensation) and like there was a “pit” there. She had been drinking quite alot of ice water. As you can probably guess, I gave a dose of Phosphorus 30 C–known for its coughs, desire for ice cold drinks and it’s in bold under “emptiness sensation” under “Stomach” in the Repertory.

Her nose remained stuffed up but the cough was better. Her overall mood was good and she was up and around more than the day before. This was quite a relief for me. She had a total of 4 doses of Phosphorus.

“Merry” returned to school the next day but came home feeling miserable! Her head hurt, she had a stomach ache and her throat was quite red!

I redosed with Phosphorus and found no improvement. The headache was primarily in the temple area though it hurt everywhere. She was better sitting and actually began to feel a little better until she stood up suddenly to answer the phone. The headache returned full force and she grabbed her head with her hands and then sat back down. Luckily, I was nearby pouring over the Repertory and saw the whole thing! I looked up Headaches: rising, after, sitting, from. Belladonna was the only “2” and all the rest were “1’s”.

I gave a 30C dose of Belladonna and she felt better almost immediately! Her appetite returned! Her mood improved and both headache and stomach ache vanished! Amazing! It was the “homeopathic miracle” we all pray for when we’re trying to help a sick child.

Elaine and I have been talking about whether or not it could have been Belladonna all along. In our conversation I told her about “Merry’s” history of Chicken pox when she was 7. It was a very bad case–sudden onset, high fever, complicated with cellulitis. “Merry” was given antibiotics. Elaine said it sounded like Belladonna chicken pox, suppressed by antibiotics, and that consequently, “Merry” has had subacute chicken pox ever since!  I recalled the number of Belladonna illnesses “Merry” has had since then, and that every illness, just about, seems to begin with a red rash on her right leg. (Belladonna has right-sided symptoms.) “Does the rash look like chicken pox?” Elaine asked. Actually, it does–red and itchy. She went on to say the following:

“I don’t think this acute was Belladonna all along. I think that, if you think in terms of Hering’s Law, or the Law of Cure as it’s sometimes called–that healing takes place in reverse order–then as soon as the current acute cleared up with Nat-mur. and Phosphorus, the old Belladonna state came to the fore, as it apparently keeps trying to do, and the lesson here would be that this is what happens when you use suppressive methods to combat a disease–it just keeps coming back. Sometimes it comes back in disguise, not as the original case, but still as the same remedy that was needed at the time. Dr. Elizabeth Wright-Hubbard mentions this in A BRIEF STUDY COURSE IN HOMEOPATHY, page 10. She says, ‘If the picture of a chronic disease includes a suppression, especially if the suppression is due to drugs, the chronic remedy–acting according to the third law of cure–will sometimes restore the original discharge or eruption. The percentage of cases in which this return is from the original channel is relatively low.’ In other words, ‘the return of old symptoms’ may not look identical to the original case, but learn to recognize it for that anyway. When it comes back in a different place, she calls it ‘a compensatory vent.'”

Thanks, Elaine, I think I get it! We’re going to stick with Belladonna this time and blast off this chicken pox layer once and for all! Tune back in next month for what I hope will be the final chapter in “Merry’s Christmas”!

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