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Message No.1 from IHZT, Meissen – Rare Exhibits at Hahnemann Exhibition in Hahnemann’s House

This is the first of a number of articles by homeopath Siegfried Letzel that focus on Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s birthplace and on the rare exhibits displayed in an upcoming Hahnemann Exhibition in Hahnemann’s House.

Welcome dear readers of Homeopathy for Everyone!

This is the first message from the International Hahnemann Center Torgau (IHZT) – now based in Meissen, Germany. This is the city where Dr. Samuel Hahnemann was born and from here, we will restart our public presence. Since the Corona measures have started, we were forced to halt. The proclamation of a pandemic with lockdowns and restrictions in almost all aspects of social life appeared synchronously with the fundamental realignment of our activities – what an unfavourable timing.

As the curator of the Hahnemann Exhibition, which is run by the IHZT, and as a charter member of the Parent Association of Hahnemann Sites, I feel obliged to share with you the actual processes and matters around Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s birthplace, his life and work and the early history homeopathy.

In the present time, as homeopathy develops in all kinds of directions, there remains an urgent need to preserve the pure and original method for reference to present and future students, physicians, laypeople and patients. This we feel to be the mission for our highly respected and beloved method of medicine: to preserve historic homeopathic knowledge and memorabilia and to make them available to all mankind.

Beyond doubt, our exhibits have a tangible value. But much the more they have a spiritual value. While the tangible value is owned by proprietors (who responsibly care for it), the spiritual value is under the ownership of mankind. It is our common history, our common evolution, a vital body of our common existence.

As far as I can see, Hpathy and this journal do just the same with past and present homeopathy: they disseminate all available information about homeopathy to the people of planet earth, keeping it easily accessible and alive. It is our great pleasure and honour that Dr. Manish Bhatia and his portal Hpathy.com and Alan Schmukler, tireless chief editor of “Homeopathy for Everyone”, generously open space in their monthly journal to accommodate a page for us just in case there is news which may be of interest to you.

Today, let us begin with a new development happening right now:

We, the homeopaths of the world, are in the process of settling in the original house just at the place where Dr. Samuel Hahnemann was born!  This truly is a historic event. Homeopaths in Meissen have tried for about thirty years to rent the first floor in the new Hahnemann’s House in Meissen. These days the dream comes true. Helge Landmann and Sandra Alband finally have succeeded in getting support from the city of Meissen.  The mayor and the city council hear the call of our community now for returning homeopathy to this historic place (the area in front of the house already shares the name with the founder of homeopathy: Hahnemann’s Square [Hahnemanns-Platz]).

The Parent Association of Hahnemann Sites, which got incorporated on September 12, 2021, will rent the rooms. It also will align the different activities of the other organisations which trace Samuel Hahnemann‘s imprints located in the cities where he has lived before.

This will help to coordinate travelling for tourists intending to visit places vital to Hahnemann’s research in early scientific chemistry, pharmaceutics, medicine and homeopathy. The International Hahnemann Center Torgau will also reopen its amazing Hahnemann Exhibition with historic items related to Samuel Hahnemann and early days of homeopathy in Meissen’s Hahnemann House.

Some of the readers may have seen our first exhibition pieces in Torgau, where we kept on facing adverse circumstances.

Remember, when still in Torgau, the city where Hahnemann wrote the first edition of his Organon of Rational Medicine, we missed the support of local officials. In fact, we met with their resistance, while our international homeopathic community did everything to fulfill the demanded terms stipulated by the mayor and the city council. Even then we were neglected.

Our mission was unwanted, homeopathy was not welcome in Torgau. Finally, we had to give up. The loyalty of a few true and brave citizens kept us going as long as it was possible. In the end we had to leave for Meissen. Now we are happy to realize that officials and the Meissen Hahnemann Center welcome us and have begun with us a very loyal, friendly and promising cooperation.

The reactivation of the rooms in Hahnemann’s House in Meissen by exhibiting traces of the intellect, efforts and lifelong studiousness of Hahnemann, a man of science and a philanthropist, will return his aura to contemporary visitors. This can only be effected by shaping the exhibition in such a way, that it will become a vital venue, a place, where spirit and emotions are aroused and hearts are going to be touched.

Still, before we begin with our activities, there is much preparatory work to do. The building is close to the river Elbe, which at times causes severe floods in Meissen. Even Hahnemann’s House suffered bad damage in the past. For this reason, we need to replace old carpets with stable tiles, walls have to be removed for more adequate use of the rooms, electricity and lighting have to be renewed… For all these efforts we accept any help and support which can be given by our homeopathic community.

In the mean time we will present some of our exhibits with the next messages from Meissen. Some will be accompanied with interesting stories. In this way we invite you to enter with us a new sphere of creating an ever increasing awareness of homeopathic medicine to the general public.

We like to contribute in sharing the origin of homeopathy with our community to demonstrate that this modality is a true, evidence-based and affordable science for the benefit of all mankind. We will keep alive the legacy of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann and we will share it with you. His life and work will be available to you for your examination and edification. This is why we collect historic and rare pieces.

Our bilingual homeopathic library (the English section was donated by Dr. Manish Bhatia) serves for the study of history, early science of medicine and homeopathy. Please note that we are not opening the doors for a limited circle of specialists and enthusiasts. Rather, we will welcome everybody interested in this field of medicine and will try to satisfy any need we are able to. We are with YOU — Will YOU be with us?

What you will find in our collection is part of our common history. The written words in these very old books are the result of thoughts when science started to abandon superstition, assumptions and guesswork in medicine and related fields. This is the beginning of science in its true sense: Hahnemann made use of pure unprejudiced observation. He did everything to verify or disprove his findings.

I wish to end this message with an invitation: The International Hahnemann Center Torgau (IHZT) wants you to join our group of enthusiasts. As a member, you will be close to all developments, events and news around Dr. Hahnemann’s birthplace. We keep on expanding our exhibition piece by piece and every member supports the preservation of Hahnemann’s heritage.

In order to give it a greater international face, the IHZT has decided to distribute memberships to homeopaths worldwide. A person with this multi-year membership has the following privileges.

Perennial Membership Privilege:

  1. Certificate
  2. Visa assistance at your embassy upon invitation.
  3. Free admission to the exhibition in Meissen
  4. News from Meissen and the exhibition, free newsletter
  5. 10% discount for travel or tour companions on the trail of homeopathy
  6. Free coffee and tea in Meissen
  7. 10% discount on IHZT courses, congresses or training courses

If you are from India, our Indian Ambassadors will guide you in acquiring this membership. A 12 year membership fee is 200 euros,
You can contact any of our ambassadors via WhatsApp:
Dr Rajesh Kumar +919349496252
[email protected]
Dr Sudin Kumar +919496285515

Best wishes and keep on attending our mission,
your IHZT

1 Picture is taken from Richard Haehl’s biography “Samuel Hahnemann – Sein Leben und Schaffen”, 1922. The original picture is under the care of the Institute for the History of Medicine of the Robert Bosch Foundation, Stuttgart, Germany

2 Sandra Alband (left), Helge Landmann (right) of the Meissen Hahnemann Center. Andreas Jung, Siegfried Letzel of the Int. Hahnemann Center Torgau

About the author

Siegfried Letzel

Siegfried Letzel is a biologist and he also qualified as a natural health professional specializing in TCM and homeopathy. For the last couple years, he has been studying historical papers and the works of early homeopaths in search of the original and true homeopathy. Letzel is the curator of the Hahnemann Exhibition of the International Hahnemann Center Torgau and a board member of the umbrella Association of Hahnemann Sites in Meissen, the city where the founder of homeopathy was born. He has also contributed to various books on homeopathy.


  • In 2005 I visited Meissen. Go with me to the ‘Freiheit’ and enter the yard of the school, through the main gate. On the left side you will see a door. Above this this door you will read: Aude Sapere. But….. enter this door, and in front of you you will find another door. Enter this door too and you are in the garden of the school. Go to the right side and see the wall of big stones. There you will find the big stone which once was the main stone above the door of the school Hahnemann visited. You can read the message (very old) ‘Aude Sapere’. It is still there and my wife Joyce found this stone. Even Helge Landmann did not know the stone still existed. I told him. I took pictures of the stone.

    • Dear Arien,
      I love to read that you have been to Meissen, at St Afra school and that you met with Helge Landmann. Thank you for telling us about the engravings. You are very right! Meissen is such a beautiful town. It would be nice if we could share our pictures here. But it seems that the feature is not available in the comments section. Will we meet in Meissen once the exhibition has opened the doors? I’d like to meet you and to show you around! _()_

      • Dear Siegfried, for more information, send a mail to [email protected] and I will send you lots of information of all the journeys we made. We visited all Hahnemann’s houses, except the one in Romania. Of course not all houses still exist, but we found very many nice places. Please, do send me a mail and you will surprised of what you will receive. Text will be in Englisch too (not in Dutch language). As long as we have terrible corona rules I cannot travel outside The Netherlands.

        • Dear Arjen,
          thank you very much for your kind offer. I am really excited to learn from your travelling of Hahnemann Sites. What great community we are! I wrote an email to you.
          Take care,

  • Hello Mr.Seigfried !
    Nice to hear from the latest developments on our Master !
    I would love to meet you all in Meissen next April 10th with a group of Enthusiastic Homoeopathic community!!
    Chennai, India

    • Dear Dr. Ravindran,
      how nice to hear from you again. I hope hat you are doing very well. April 10 2023: with you it will be a special day even much more! Let us hope that our governments will not block travelling like before. Great to see you soon again!
      All best wishes,

  • Dear Dr. Shanthakumar,
    thank you very much for your request which is warmy welcome. It will be great to extend our team and activities to Sri Lanka!
    The best thing to do is that you to get in touch with our member and ambassador Dr. Sudin Kumar via SMS or WhatsApp. His number is +919496285515.
    If you need any further informations, please come back.
    Sincerely yours,

  • Dear Dr. Shanta Kumar,
    I saw your picture on your website with Dr. Rajesh Kumar at IHMA Conference.
    Maybe you like to contact him:
    Dr Rajesh Kumar +919349496252

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