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Milestone Seminar Celebrating 50 Years of Teachings of Prof George Vithoulkas


Prof. George Vithoulkas’ life is that of commitment to homeopathy – seen in the treatment of over 200,000 cases all over the world and training of over 15,000 homeopathic physicians globally. Such an exemplary life demands celebration. On the completion of 50 years as a teacher of Classical Homeopathy, Prof. Vithoulkas is one of the most senior and greatest teachers of Homeopathy and the adored master of Classical Homeopathy.

As students of Prof Vithoulkas, the organisers wanted the teachings of this great master to reach the grass roots level of homeopathy. To achieve this goal, a rally was planned three months prior to the seminar itself. Dr. Mahesh travelled to nearly 40 colleges throughout India, carrying the teachings of Prof. Vithoulkas to the students, so they will start thinking along these lines. The purpose was also to spur them into attending the seminar. The response for this rally was unbelievable. It was as though there was a specific sort of direction that all the students were seeking and exactly that was provided. Students were inspired by the clarity of his concepts and the sheer practicality when they were applied in cases.


Other students of Prof Vithoulkas such as Dr. Viraj Shah, Dr. Dharmesh Bhadja, Dr. Anil V. Karande, Dr. Suhas Nanaware and Dr. Obing Nani took this work to colleges where Dr. Mahesh could not go himself. Also, many coordinators of the event http://eventindia.vithoulkas.com [2] , students of Prof. Vithoulkas put in all their efforts to ensure that the teachings reached the maximum number of students.

Thus motivated, the registrations filled in an unprecedented manner. The seminar was held on 14th and 15th April 2018 at the Christ University Auditorium, Bangalore.  The day dawned with delegates lined up for registration at 8 am. They also had the advantage of an exclusive book stall of Prof. Vithoulkas’ books at a great discount, a stall by Vithoulkas Compass – the main sponsors of the event- who gave lessons to the operation of the greatest homeopathic software hitherto, and also an attractive subscription discount, a stall by International Academy of Classical Homeopathy’s E Learning Program – where the delegates received amazing offers for courses and a stall by AmWay who helped people meet their nutritional queries.

The inauguration ceremony began at 10.00 and was a star studded affair. The stage saw a Right Livelihood Awardee, two Padmashri Awardees and a Nadoja Awardee. These were model men of medicine whose lives are committed to the cause of health in the community. Accompanying them was a man who formed the financial backbone of the project. The invocation song was sung by Ms.Varnashree who instilled everyone present with noble thoughts and joy with her voice.  Following that the guests addressed the gathering. Dr Nagendra Guruji, who is, among other things, the AYUSH task force Chairman addressed the


need to develop research in AYUSH systems so we may offer the community evidence based medicine. Dr Rudresh spoke about the importance of staying true to one’s profession and not being led astray. Dr Sudarshan spoke about the relevance of homeopathy to community health and Mr. Raghavendra extolled the goodness of homeopathic treatment. The honourable guests released
the souvenir of the seminar which contained all the scientific material being presented during the two days.

The guests were honoured by distinguished men from the delegation and the ceremony concluded with the Indian National Anthem sung by the gathering led by Ms. Varnashree.

The Scientific Program started with Dr. Stefano Carlino’s lecture of the “Continuum of the Unified Theory of Diseases. The students and doctors were treated to the idea that has been presented at various conferences of conventional medicine and received wide acceptance. An idea that can connect the pathological phenomena occurring in a person from birth to death.

This was followed by an hour long session by Andreas Tsokanas on the Vithoulkas Compass.  The next one and a half hours saw the audience enthralled by the presentation of extreme pathological cases solved with homeopathy by application of the right prescription strategy Dr. Atul Jaggi, whom Prof. Vithoulkas has proclaimed as one of his best students, explained the need to have a clear understanding of which strategy of the five or a combination of them would be useful in which case.


After this, the moment everyone waited for arrived, with Prof. Vithoulkas coming online to address the students. The students offered a standing ovation the moment the Professor appeared on the screen and he told them about the love he bears for India and its people. Students were lined up to ask him their questions which he answered with love and concern, for one and a half hours.

The day concluded with Dr Nadezhda Kubasheva presenting an integrative approach to cases of dermatology that were dramatically healed with homeopathy.

The second day began with the presentation of a case of myocardial infarction treated successfully with homeopathy. Dr Bindu John Pulparampil exhibited the efficacy of homeopathy when keen observation is possible, in even serious cases such as myocardial infarction.


At this point the students were introduced to the Vithoulkas E-Learning Course – its curriculum, its exceptionality, its value, design and necessity – by Dr. Seema Mahesh.

Dr. B. T. Rudresh, a name synonymous with homeopathy in the state of Karnataka, India, next invigorated the audience through his vibrant speech involving lessons from a life dedicated to homeopathy.

Dr. Mahesh M next explained to the gathering, the expertise required in recognising easy and difficult cases of gangrene and the approach and prognosis in each of these. His cases have been published in peer reviewed journals and were very educative in prescription approach, analysis and handling the follow- ups.


Dr. Dmitriy Chabanov lectured next on severe rheumatoid arthritis cases and showed through video documentation, the changes that occurred with classical homeopathy. These were cases followed up for very long periods of time and hence provided insight to the development of disease and response to treatment

Dr. Seema Mahesh taught the Levels of Health theory next, by explaining the background on which the theory stood and how it was relevant to every case taken. She also showed two cases of the same pathology but of different levels of health, so the students may understand better what was to be done in which level.


Then, again the zenith of the program arrived with Prof. Vithoulkas coming online. The connection the audience felt with him was tangible in the hall. The questions asked by students were deep and unprecedented. As the one and a half hour of scheduled time drew to a close nobody wanted the session to end.



This was followed by another hour of professional treat where Dr. Latika Jaggi presented an hour long video of Prof. Vithoulkas describing the differential diagnosis of egotism, a clear exposition of which remedy’ ego presented in what form and how it could affect the health.

Other than the scientific sessions, the delegates enjoyed the breaks by socialising and networking. People clicked numerous photos and selfies to remember these moments. The local press also made a coverage of the event, rendering it very important in the history of homeopathy.






http://eventindia.vithoulkas.com [2]

Feedback from Event India when Prof George Vithoulkas answered questions from the group:

Really it was a useful seminar. It will be very helpful if you conduct more seminars like this. All the cases explained by the doctors were very different and we had a great chance to know their experiences and the way of treatment they followed. Really an awesome arrangement and I thank for these arrangements.

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