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The Mineral Kingdom: Exploring the First and Second Row

D: What do you mean when you say, that the whole universe is one?

P: My only aim is no illness, no difficulties. Everyone is disturbed; no one has real understanding of life. There is total fear in everyone.

D: What fear does everyone have?

P: Fear of loneliness. Everyone feels that they are not connected with everyone. They are scared that any one can attack them at any time and finish them. If everyone has one understanding, one goal then there is no problem. No fear at all. The feeling is I will attack if I become lonely.

D: Tell me what do you want to do in your life?

P: I want to explain myself that the mind, body and soul work in unity. Then I want to tell my family, then my village. I want to go to all villages and explain everyone about life, food, truth and god, but because of diabetes I can’t go. Then whole India and whole world.

D: What do you want to explain to them?

P: That there is no fear of loneliness, if you know that there is one god, one universe. You get two opposite i.e. loneliness and unity. If there is unity then there is no loneliness.

D: Tell more about it?

P: I want to make a united world, like how we have the United State of America.

D: Explain in detail?

P: There will be one government, there will be one god, and there will be one universe. What we call in Sanskrit, ‘Vasudev Kutumbh?.

Which means everything is one, everything is united. Whole universe is filled with god. You can’t see god, can’t smell him, can’t speak with him, and because he is present everywhere. There is no place without god.

D: Explain to me more; you are doing it very well.

P: Fight occurs because of the word ‘me’ and ‘myself’. This ‘me’ and ‘myself’ divides me from the rest of the world. When you remove this then you are like the ocean. No difference anywhere. Only human beings stores money, no body else stores the money. Then they have the fear of robbery   (When you remove ‘me and ‘myself’, then there is no boundary, its like an ocean. What we understand is, he wants unity and oneness everywhere like the ocean water.)   I have been to India, Britain, USA, but not in communist countries like Russia.

D: What is the reason for not going to communist country?

P: Just like that.

D: Tell about communist country?

P: Country where there is no power, no king, everyone has the same standard. There is no unity amongst them.

D: What can happen if there is no unity?

P: There will be fight, kidnapping, there will be total destruction. Whole world will be destroyed. There will be total loneliness. There will be difference between you and the world. Whole world will be totally destroyed. Destruction and loneliness if there is no unity, there will be difference between people. Opposite of unity for patient is loneliness; fear of loneliness must be the main symptom of the patient. Your name and fame is destroying you. Just drop your name and shape, and you will be like the ocean, nothing but one.

D: Tell about your childhood?

P: (patient started talking about his sons) I have five sons all are married. One is in Oman, one is in Australia, and one is in Britain, one in America. So you can see my family is spread everywhere. I have started message of oneness from my family.

D: Any Dreams?

P: My dreams come true but I don’t remember my dreams. If you close eyes of young child who is just born, then he will remain child through out his life, even if he is 82 year old.

D: What is the worst that will happen if unity won’t be there?

P: Then the sufferings of human being will increase, like what happened in communist country. There will be revolution, communist will come and destroy whole world.

(If there is no unity then whole world will be destroyed)

D: Craving/Aversion?

P: Nothing specific.

D: Thirst

P: I like to drink water, loving to drink water at regular intervals.

D: What is the saddest moment of your life?

P: When my wife died, feeling was as if everything has suddenly gone. It was like a shock. She was not ill at all and died in fraction of seconds. Felt completely lonely. You feel as if part of you has gone.

D: Any particular fears?

P: Everything depends on time and space. Like if tiger comes in front of you, your reaction will be the jump out of the window.

On examination:

Lt. Leg : Power of hip flexor was zero, Knee extension and flexion was 2+, SLR-zero

Rt . Leg: normal power. SLR-

Vesicular eruption on the whole left leg.

Case Analysis:

The first thing that came up in the case was sound mind is sound body. When asked about it he says, ‘When you are ill, your mind and body are separated, and they don’t work as single unit?. What we understand is when mind and body are separated; he can’t work in single unit. Issue of separation and unity is important for him. Our next aim is whether this is the issue present at all levels. Further he says, ‘ When both are together, you are in a deep state of meditation. There is unity of all things. Your body suffers when there is no connection with the supreme i.e. soul. So according to him, you are in deep state of meditation when there is unity of all things. According to him the whole universe is one. We can understand that the theme of oneness is coming up in the case. When there is no oneness there is a ‘fear of loneliness. Everyone feels that they are not connected with everyone. This is the opposite of oneness in the case.

He wants a world where there is one god, one country, one universe etc. says, ‘That there is no fear of loneliness, if you know that there is one god, one universe. He explains this with Sanskrit word ‘Vasudev Kutumbh?. And if this is not there, then there is total destruction. He further explains, ‘Your name and fame is destroying you, just drop your name and shape, and you will be like ocean, nothing but one.

 Regarding his wife’s death he says, ‘It was like a shock. She was not ill at all and died in fraction of seconds. Felt completely lonely. You feel as if part of you has gone. This speaks of both the acute miasm and the loneliness.

Regarding fears he says, ‘Everything depends on time and space. Like if tiger comes in front of you, your reaction will be to jump out of the window. This speaks of the acute miasm.
Rubric selected for the case:

  • Delusions, imaginations: separated: world, from the, that he is.
  • Forsaken feeling: isolation, sensation of.

Scholten’s Themes:

  • Being one: desire to be one
  • Desire to be one: totally, forever
  • One truth
  • One whole: wholism
  • Not being one: isolation
  • Simplicity: spaceless
  • Simplicity: timeless
  • Being alone: impersonal
  • Initiative to exist: conception
  • Desire to be one: symbiosis
  • Desire to be one: exhaustion
  • Loneliness through being separated.

Miasm: Acute

Remedy given: Hydrogen 1M/one dose

Follow up two months after treatment:

No change. Power of leg is still zero. Sensation decreased in affected leg.

Plan: Hydrogen1M/One dose was given
Follow up three months after treatment:

Able to stand on his leg. But walking is still difficult; pt is able to move his leg horizontally from hip joint. Eruption on leg is improving. Swelling on leg is 80% better.

Plan: SL was given
Follow up five months after treatment:

Patient has started walking. O/E- power of hip flexor is still zero. Power of knee flexor and extensor improved. Eruption completely disappeared. Swelling on leg completely reduced. Got dream of being a child and playing with his grand children.

Plan: SL was given.
Follow up eight months after treatment:

Hip flexor improved. O/E- SLR- 60 Power, hip 3+. Says walk for 1-hour everyday.

Plan: SL was given.

Follow up nine months after treatmen

Patient is much better, and now has no problems. Below is a case excerpt.

D: How are you overall?

P: Much better, going to Oman after two days. My leg is all right, now I can walk for 2 hours with no problems. No eruption on the leg.

D: How is your health otherwise?

P: Nothing is wrong with me. Now I have understood the meaning of the life.

D: Explain this little bit?

P: There can’t be only happiness in world. If there is happiness, there will be pain in world. On one side there is good people and other side there is bad people. When Mahavira, Buddha could not make world one, who am I? In this world both will exist equally, whatever you do. Pain and pleasure is part of life. Oneness or separation is the part of life, you have to accept whatever comes in your life.

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