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The Mineral Kingdom: Exploring the Fourth Row of the Periodic Table

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Drs. Pratik Desai, Ruchita Shah and Armeen Jasavala discuss Scholten’s view of the 4th row, and present a case to illustrate.

As described in the previous two articles on the Mineral Kingdom from the other song, we have learned that the first three rows correspond to the developmental stages of childhood, starting from conception, then on to birth, separation from the mother, and developing a separate identity.

From the fourth row onwards, the issues are related to adulthood, including security, protection, finding a job, money, performing, and taking responsibility.

The main issue in Row 4 is of security, especially in terms of money/finances and relationships, house, job and health. This row represents the development of one’s security or adding of mass/strength, where one develops the ability to defend or safeguard oneself.

Once the identity is established, the next step is to develop a solidity or defensive capability, which on the left side of the row is deficient, then it slowly starts developing and then on the right side you start losing it.

It is the stage of development where they have developed their identity (issue of row 3) and now the issue is of doing the routine day-to-day work of the daily tasks of work like a soldier or a carpenter.

Row 2 –  needs covering

Row 3 –  needs connection

Row 4 – needs strength and energy

The main issues of Row 4 are

  • Security and Task
  • Adding Mass or Strength
  • Stability and Solidity

Security here is in terms of money, relationships, house, job and health.
The feeling is “I know who I am (‘Identity’- Row 3), but now I need safety and security”.

This process of accumulating mass from the outside is the most important theme in Row 4. In human beings the development of security, mass or strength is seen as:

  • Health
  • Job
  • Relationships
  • Security
  • House
  • Insurance
  • Safety
  • Poverty
  • Development of physical strength
  • Development of bones and muscles
  • Development of finances; having money, insurances, etc

We will often find that individuals in Row 4 need to have a secure and stable job as it gives them stability in terms of health, wealth and shelter (house). This arises from the marked fear of poverty that they have. They need to have different kinds of insurance coverage against any kind of future calamity. e.g. house insurance for theft, fire, earthquake etc; health insurance for medical expenses; life insurance for the future of the family and so on.

So the question in their mind is:

  • “How much mass (i.e. money, health, job, etc) do I have?”
  • “How much mass am I lacking or losing?”
  • “How stable or solid I am to protect and defend myself ?”

The elements on the left hand side of Row 4 experience a lack of this mass; they feel that their ability to protect themselves (security) has not developed enough therefore they need to depend on others for the same.

Elements in the middle have developed the ability to protect and so are successful in protecting themselves.

On the right hand side, the feeling is that they are losing or have lost their mass and their ability to protect, and hence they themselves need it from outside.

The elements in this row are Kali/Potassium, Calcium, Scandium, Titanium, Vanadium, Chromium, Manganum, Ferrum/Iron, Cobalt, Niccolum/Nickel, Cuprum, Zincum, Gallium, Germanium, Arsenic, Selenium, Bromine, Krypton.

Additional Issues of Row 4 include:

  • Endurance and fatigue
  • Resistance against pressure
  • Many fears of realistic things (for example: poverty, financial loss, losing their job, disease/infection, dogs/animals, horrible things/sad stories, dark, ghosts, robbers, injections)
  • Sensitivity to being watched, observed or looked at
  • Responsibility
  • Guilt feeling/guilt of conscience and feeling of a crime/criminal

Key Words

Words expressing the issues of security and protection (security in terms of money, relationships, house, job and health):

  • Security
  • Protection
  • Fear of accidents
  • Fear of animals
  • Afraid of calamity
  • Afraid of darkness
  • Afraid of ghost
  • Afraid of dentist
  • Afraid of doctor
  • Afraid of injection
  • Afraid of loneliness
  • Blood
  • Fire
  • Duty
  • Earthquake
  • Everyday job
  • Everyday task
  • Fight
  • Financial loss
  • Financial security
  • Financial stability
  • Money
  • Foothold
  • Guard
  • Home
  • Horrible
  • Horror
  • Monster
  • Murder
  • Insecure
  • Insurance
  • Poverty
  • Protection
  • Protection
  • Pursued
  • Risk
  • Robber/Thief
  • Safe
  • Safety
  • Secure grip
  • Security
  • Shell
  • Shelter
  • Support
  • Terror
  • Violence

Words expressing issues of consolidation, mass, solidity, etc:

  • Body building
  • Consolidation
  • Firm
  • Firmness
  • Fortify
  • Load
  • Metallic
  • Rest
  • Solidity
  • Steel
  • Store
  • Strength
  • To build
Row 4 Remedy Expressions
Kali I exist and I have a separate identity, care and nourishment but I do not have the capacity to protect myself and to be secure. Therefore, I need to depend totally on someone else, like my spouse, family, doctor, etc. for protection, finances, health, etc.’
Calcium Beginning to find security but still very dependent and in case of slightest threat will resort back to their support
Scandium ‘Can I find my own security or do I still need to depend on someone?’
Titanium Starting to protect own self but unsure of their ability.
Vanadium Alternates and doubts about ones security. Going ahead and coming back.
Chromium They have to prove themselves and it is a challenge to protect themselves and others. There is risk in it but they still go ahead and do it.
Magnanum ‘I know I can defend myself but how much opposition can I bear? How much can I protect myself in difficult situations?’ Here they need support but at the same time resent domination
Ferrum ‘I must protect and defend. I have to resist the pressure and opposition.’ They feel compelled to do something against their wish and have to fight against it.
Cobalt ‘I can face the opposition and defend myself but I doubt whether my protection is absolute and complete’
Niccolum ‘I am successful in protection of myself and others’
Coprum They have reached a level of success as far as security is concerned, both financially as well as feeling protected. In order to maintain their position they have to keep up their defences. They are tested by intermittent attacks to their structure, so they are always ready to defend themselves.
Zincum Constant attack to their position of security and protection and it is difficult for them to handle these anymore. Thus they are alert, agile, and defensive all the time, making constant efforts to see that they don’t lose their structure of security
Gallium An imminent unavoidable loss of protection and security
Germanium Failure to protect their security in face of attack. They couldn’t do anything but they make desperate attempts to restore their ability to protect
Arsenic Now their defences are weak, people are taking away things and they are too old to protect it. They have to be careful and cautious and see for how long and how much can they persevere. Things are going out of control (Cancer miasm). There is no one to go to; they have to do it themselves – the opposite of Kali and Calcarea – and they can’t do anything, the feeling is totally helpless
Selenium There is a complete loss of capacity, loss of energy and a loss of ability to pursue their work or security. They feel weak and attacked.
Bromine Totally insecure and completely alone to face the danged and attack. They feel there is nobody to protect them. They have issues to do with ghosts, being pursued , conscience , hitting, punished etc.
Krypton Content with security and the opposite feeling of total absence of security and then the need to develop it with the self and to feel complete within the self without somebody else providing the security.


Comparing the responsibility of Row 4 and Row 6:

Row 4

(Security and Task)

Row 6

(Responsibility and Leadership)

·  You are responsible and duty bound to someone else or to the organization or to the people above you. You are a part of the structure and you need to fulfil your part in it.

·  You basically do your job as well as you can.

· You are the boss.

· You are responsible for people below you.

· You don’t feel you are reporting to anybody.

· You have to make decisions although you can delegate. You decide the fate of the entire organization.


Comparing the guilt of Row 4 and Row 6:

Row 4

Row 6

·  The guilt is for having failed to do their job or task and then they get blamed by others (the boss or the spouse or family members)

·  It’s a feeling that duty and responsibility is in context with their job and security

·  If they blunder they lose security, i.e. their job, money, health, house, etc.

·        The guilt feeling derives from having failed in a responsible role (in taking the leadership or in a position of power), and here they reproach themselves for the same.

·        It’s a feeling that they have not only affected the lives of several people but of the entire organisation of the entire nation

·        If they blunder then consequences are much more serious.



Let us look at a case example from Dr. Pratik Desai for further explanation.

A Case Of Varicosity Of The Great Saphonious Vein

2nd  June 2012

A male patient, age 38, came to visit on 2nd June 2012 with the main complaint of swelling over the feet and ankle, which was worse in the evening. He also experienced pain in the calf and lower leg that was aggravated by walking and from prolonged standing. He underwent a Doppler study and was diagnosed with a varicosity of the great saphonious vein, with incompetence valves at various levels. He was advised emergency surgery for the same.

When he came for the consultation, the first thing he told me was that he had not informed his family of the surgery. He said that his father was old and retired, and when the doctor told him about the surgery, he became fearful.

On asking to describe more about the fear, he said that he is very tense as he is the only earning member of the family. All of the responsibilities and family burdens are on him, and if at this stage he had to go for surgery, and if something happens, then how and who will run his family. He explained that he is well settled in his job, but he has not saved enough money for his family.

The patient continued and told me that he has neither done anything wrong, nor has any bad habits since his childhood. He is vey superstitious and feels that if he does not do certain acts then something bad will happen. He is very reserved and he likes to remain alone. He has constant fear that he will make a mistake. He is afraid that if he loses his job, then he has to start from scratch, and he will not get a good job as he is not educated. He felt that he made a big mistake by leaving his schooling half way.

When asked about his fears, he explained that he fears he will lose his job, although in recent times he has made good progress and gotten promotions also.

Comment: It is strange to hear from him that he has a fear of losing his job though his job is well settled.

On asking about his fear of losing his job, he said that though he is very honest, has high morals and does not cheat or participate in fraud, he favors other sales people who deal in black money, who are not a part of his company. But, he is afraid that they will disclose an audit and report to his boss. He is ultimately fearful that he will be fired from his job and because of this mistake, he will be blamed and all of it will come on his head. He described the experience of being blamed as if he had done something wrong and felt guilty about that.

Comment: Again it is strange to hear that on one side he describes himself as very honest and of high moral character, and on other side he favors someone in money matters. The origin of his stress or fear is that he has done something wrong and that this thing will be discovered by the authority and then he will lose his job. It is as if he has done some crime and the authority will pounce on him.

On asking about other areas of his life he said that he never went out with his wife because he has a fear that others will pass comment about him, that he is enjoying his life and not taking care of his parents. He felt guilty for not doing his duty towards his family and also for not pursuing education though there was no restriction from his parents.

He describes himself as very reserved and will not discuss things openly with others or even with his wife. He has a very strong sense of not doing anything wrong. He was too shy to speak to elders in his childhood. He believed that he should not do anything which is incorrect or wrong as per his family values, like to have an addiction, cheating or fraud, etc.

Understanding of the Case:

The main thing in this case is the patient’s fear. Firstly, his fear of the operation brought up many issues of his life. For example, he has not saved enough money for his family, his entire family is depending on him, his father is also retired, and if something goes wrong in the operation, he is worried about who will run his family. So, he wants to avoid the surgery.

Another fear is of losing his job and the reason is because he is favoring other people and not those from his company. He feels if his mistake would be discovered then his boss will sack him out of his job and he will have to start from scratch. He feels that he will be blamed for this and he feels guilty because of that.

Another aspect of his nature is that he is very reserved and secretive. He is very moralistic and honest, never cheats etc. There is a contrast between his actions and  what he is.

So, his fear of operation, his anxiety about family, money matters and losing his job indicate the typical fears of Calcarea and also represent the issue of Row 4, that is security. Secondly, his secretive nature shows a strong Sycotic element. On the other side of things he is very honest, moralistic, and does not go against family values. He has a constant fear that if his mistake would be discovered then he would be blamed and lose his job. He would have to start from scratch. This indicates Bromium.

Calcarea brom is well described by Dr Rajan Sankaran in his book Soul of remedies:

“The main feeling of the patient Calcarea bromata is that he will be pounced upon or punished by the very person on whom he depends for his security. He should not do anything that is incorrect. If ever his fault is detected, he is in the danger of losing his security, protection. This feeling shows Calcarea bromata to be a sycotic remedy.

And this is exactly described by the patient, that if his mistake of favoring others will be out then he will be lose his job (security)…

Calcarea bromata persons are constantly seeking a position of security, are inclined towards financial security. They do not however want to be secure at the cost of honesty. I have found these people to be very correct, moralistic and honest, trying always to please everyone. At the same time, they can feel blamed, falsely accused, pounced upon for no fault of their own.”

Rubrics from Soul of Remedies:

  • Ailments from, embarrassment
  • Delusion, attacked, of being (boss will sack him out of job)
  • Delusion, crime, he has committed (he feels that he has done big mistake by favoring others and not to the company)
  • Ailments from, falsely accused, being (he will be blamed though his mistake is not there)

Other rubrics:

Remedy: Calc brom 200C

200C potency was given because this patient was at level 3 (emotion) and he came with a lot of anxiety and fear.

Follow-up (15 days later):

16th June 2012

When asked how he was feeling, the patient explained, “I am feeling much better. There is no pain at night since the start of these medicines. There is no swelling also. I am feeling much more confident that I will be better now. Now there is no fear. I feel relaxed mentally so that I will not go for the operation. The swelling has reduced by 70%. Now I can walk for a long time and there is no heavy feeling over the leg.

At this juncture, placebo was given as the patient was continuing to improve.

Follow-up (7 months later):

A remedy was repeated in the month of Jan 2013 as he had pain in his legs but the intensity was much less and there was no swelling. With this pain, his anxieties about health and the future and about his family were back.

Follow-up (8 months later):

When asked how he was feeling, the patient explained, “I am feeling much better. Now there is no pain or swelling over the feet. My confidence has increased. My stress and anxieties are also in control. I am not thinking about the future much, and all the negative thoughts are not there. Now I am more expressive, I am able to talk confidently with my colleagues and seniors also. I am able to put forward my point of view. That shy and fearful feeling is not there. Now I am mixing with others also. My anger and irritability is also under control, not getting angry at my wife or children. My compulsory acts are also much less. Now I am getting sound and refreshing sleep. There are no scary dreams.

Here, we continued placebo.

Follow-up (1 year later):

26th June 2013

The last medicine was repeated in same potency in the month of May 2013.

When asked how he was feeling, the patient reported, “There is no swelling or pain over the feet. Over all I can say I am more than 80% better. There is no physical complaint. My headache and other problems also are better. I am feeling more relaxed and calm. My relations with others are also better, my confidence is also on the positive side. I have no worries about the future or health or job related.

After one year, the patient continued to follow-up off and on.

To date he continues to do well on the same medicine whenever there is an aggravation of the symptoms.


  1. Rajan Sankaran, Structure Volume 2.

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