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My Answer to the Skeptics

Written by Avinash Agnihotri

We received this letter from one of our readers, who practiced homeopathy for over 50 years. He relates one of his personal miracles in this true story.

The recent tirade against homeopathy is neither new, nor the last one. Ever since the Grand Master propounded the new theory of Similia similibus there has been a  violent reaction from the Old School. Still the message of homeopathy reached every prominent country of the world during 19th century.  As for their recent plea of a placebo, it is nothing short of either their ignorance or foolhardiness.

I am a pretty old homeopath  (now 87 years) and started practising homeopathy in the early fifties as a quack, then qualified at New Delhi College of Homeopathy in 1970.  I have many stories of homeopathy’s effectiveness but I want to relate my personal incident, for which I am indebted to homeopathy till today.

In 1965 my only daughter got enteric fever. I gave her some routine remedies for about a week, but nothing happened. On the insistence of my elders I took her to a big hospital. They refused to admit her saying that it was a case for the Infectious Diseases Hospital.

Hurriedly I took her there and they told me that she had inverted measles. They admitted her and treatment began. She did not respond to their treatment and grew from bad to worse She went into a coma and was put on oxygen.

One day the doctor along with two interns came in, examined her and nodded their heads saying that I should only pray to God, as nothing more could be done. Soon after that the hospital staff came, removed their equipment and slid her bed to one side.

My mother-in-law, who was attending her, put her finger into my daughter’s  mouth and said it was “cold”. Then she touched her legs. They were also cold. I felt her pulse. It was slow and sinking.  I rode my motor bike at once to the nearest homeopath, and asked for carbo veg.

He started asking me questions, but I told him I was in a hurry, and could not answer. He gave me carbo veg 30 and  I rushed back to the hospital and put some pills into her mouth. After three or four minutes she passed water so profusely, that it ran through the bed onto the floor, quite afar.

After another four or five minutes she opened her eyes, and tears rolled down her eyes. You can imagine what my condition was at that time. I wiped her tears and thanked God and Homeopathy. She of course could not speak yet, but I was sure that she was saved.

I remember all this so vividly, as if it happened yesterday. I then called in my Guru homeopath, Dr. A. H. Rizvi,  an M.B.B.S turned homeopath.  We managed to get her discharged from the hospital, but with a lot of hassle. Dr. Rizvi and I had to give them an affidavit signed by two witnesses before a magistrate that we were taking the patient at our own risk and would take all measures to keep her in isolation and under the treatment of a qualified doctor.

That night Dr. Rizvi gave her a dose of Opium 30, followed  the next day by three doses of Gelsemium 6 .  No medicine the next day, then at night one dose of Baptisia 12, repeated on two consecutive nights. The third night she vomited heavily at about 1:30  a.m.   The odor was cadaveric, so I gave her Arsenic 6 without asking Dr. Rizvi.

She fell asleep in about 20 minutes and woke in the morning at 7.30, quite relaxed and fresh looking.  Her speech became more articulate . She asked me what had happened.  I just stroked my hands lovingly on her face and told her that she was alright.

That morning I told Dr. Rizvi what had happened during the night. He said that he had expected something like that, and that I had done a wonderful job. He said that she had successfully gone through the ordeal. He prescribed a dose of Nux vomica 200 on two consecutive nights.

I asked Dr. Rizvi if instead of Nux, Sulphur could be given. He said that I should never venture that, because the intestines were so week and inflamed, that Sulphur might do untold damage. I followed his  instructions and my daughter  recovered nicely and soon went back to school. Dr. Rizvi  prescribed a bio-chemic mixture of Calc. phos 3x, Ferrum phos 3x, Kali phos 6x and Natrum sulph 12x,  which we gave her bid for quite some time.

After everything was normal,  Dr. Rizvi humorously said that I had become “master” of homeopathy,  to which I replied,  “No, I have not become master of  homeopathy, but a slave of  homeopathy”…. and it is still true to this day.

By the way, that little girl is now 58 years old, a mother of two and grandmother of four.  I just talked with her this morning . She said that she is prepared to go with me, to testify before any committee, for the cause of homeopathy.

Now, let me ask the skeptics if all this is a placebo effect, or does it rather prove the profound effectiveness of the law of similars.

Ever in service of homeopathy – Avinash Agnihotri

About the author

Avinash Agnihotri

Dr Avinash Agnihotri is a veteran homeopath who graduated from the New Delhi College of Homeopathy in 1970. Read his full interview here:



  • I am a retired Railway Engineer of 66 years old. When I came to Canada last month from India, I had a severe loose motion. I took Ars.Alb 200 Xand carbo veg 200. 20 minutes – 4 times on the night. I could get relief and the loose motion stopped. Thanks to Dr.Hahneman, a wonderful physician of that times.
    Whatever medicines given in this article are all time tested and proven .
    Let Homeopathy be recognised in Government Hospital to prevent fatalities.
    It is better that this system should be taught to all the Doctors who qualify in Allopathy

  • hello sir,
    v.much touched to know about your daughter & how homeopathy saved her. I am a mother of 3yr old girl & want to make the big switch, from regular medicine to homeopathy! need your guidance, could you suggest a homeopath in hyderabad and/or baroda as we belong to both the places!
    thanks & regards – megha.

  • Very much touched by your story!!!! I have witnessed how a change of my own diet changed my health (I was constantly sick). Now, I am learning more about homeopathy. Thank you and may you live with great health and peace always!

  • Thanks for telling this. It is clear that this was most certainly not placebo effect.

    In your long experience, if you have any good book or article suggestions for the learner of Homeopathy, this would be of great interest!

    I am currently reading the works of Dorothy Sheperd, J Ellis Barker and Dr. M Blackie.

    In particular, are there any good books which specifically address issues such as the acute case emergency such as you described? I have heard and read of Homeopathic Opium performing near miracles of recovery on people after strokes.

    Again, Thanks!

  • Your story is so important and it shows that she responded while unaware of treatment. Thank you for telling it. And I would also ask skeptics who believe it is all in the head, how it is that animals respond to homeopathic treatment

  • Hello sir,
    Your story reveals your strong belief in the homoeopathic treatment.And
    your successful treatment of your own daughter’s problem is great.Thanks for rerepoting your success story.

  • What a great little story! Thank you for sharing your experience with homeopathy….and more so, how you are truly blessed that you still have your little girl. The wonders of homeopathy.

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