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My Experience Working in a Homeopathic Hospital

I have been practicing classical Homoeopathy since 1987. I joined the O.P.D. at Government Homoeopathic hospital as R.M.O. in 1986under excellent homoeopaths and teachers like Dr. Prakash Vakil and Dr.PrafullVijaykar. It was a an amazing, mind changing experience for me. I witnessed miracles of homoeopathy.

Both Homoeopaths were confident in treating emergencies and acute cases with  homeopathyalone. The did this very effectively and in very quick time without breaking any rules of Organon. It developed a desire to be like them and work like them in a homoeopathic hospital someday!

Dr. Prakash Vakil used to conduct intensive training programs for international homoeopaths andI became part of those as a student and then as lecturer. In 1990 Dr. Vakil decided to have his own charitable homoeopathic hospital so that he could work in his own way,and do research. With his relentless efforts a homoeopathic hospital with 80 beds was started in December 1990. It was housed in an allopathic hospital which had closed and only the OPD was still going on. Iwas appointed as Hon.physician at this place. We had a very good number of patients in OPD and IPD also. Many cases of terminally ill conditions were referred from allopathic doctors to homoeopathy because a number of cases had shown very good results.  We had cures,palliation and quick relief in cases like hemiplegia,cancer, asthma,cardiac conditions, ascites and chronic renal failure.

After about five years Dr. vakil decided we should have our own place. In 1997, with the help of his charitable called “Prakash Charities”he bought this place. It was named Dr. Hering Homoeopathic Hospital. The OPD was started at this new place in May 1997.  In September 1997 the IPD was opened for patients to be admitted. Unfortunately, shortly after that, on September 14th, 1997we lost Dr. Prakash Vakil.  I was put incharge of the hospital.

What I saw and experienced at the hospital under Dr Vakil andfrom patients I treated at the IPD level amazed me. Cases like typhoid,asthma,rheumatoid arthritis, cryptococcal meningitis and more, were treated successfully.

Imust mention at least one case to illustrate. There was a case of cor pulmonale and the patient was in a bad state. While he was monitored on ECG his oxygen level was diminishing and he was having Cheyne-Stokes breathing. Dr. Vakil had gone to his consulting room to repertorize the case but suddenly the patient collapsed and we rushed to him. His breathing had almost stopped.Dr. Vakil ordered Carbo.veg.30 which was quickly administered as a few drops on the patient’s tongue. A miracle happened, as just a few minutes later the patient was able to talk and his oxygen level and blood pressure improved.This case was later treated with other homoeopathic remedies andthe patient, now stabilized and mobile, went home.

Dr. Sanjeev Narula at the hospital