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My Training with Allen College of Homoeopathy via Video Link

Written by Marian Booker

Long distance learning with Allen College of Homoeopathy

I live in Texas, attended homeopathy classes in England, and didn’t need to receive a large inheritance to pay for it. I attend Allen College of Homeopathy in Chelmsford, northeast of London, live, by internet video link.


Several times a month I travel from my bedroom to my computer room at 3:30 a.m. to make sure the internet is up, check my email for the link, click and connect, then go make a cup of coffee. At 4 a.m. sharp, I am ready with my Boericke, Allen and Kent, and my headphones, so my family can sleep. I have classmates in Russia, Egypt, Germany, Canada, Thailand – everyone attending by video link and interacting by chat messages.


I receive live training from MD’s on anatomy, physiology and pathology. Homeopathic philosophy, Organon, and Materia Medica are taught by practicing homeopaths. I sit in on live case-taking in full-day clinical sessions. I also attend one-day tutorials on specific subjects, between the monthly weekend classes, and other seminars that are also offered by Allen College.


I watch the lecturers on camera via the video link, and follow along with my comprehensive handout (sent to me by e-mail) as a live Power Point presentation fills part of my screen. When I have questions, I type them in a chat box, and the moderator asks my question for me. The lecturer answers the questions live for the entire class and the extended video-link “classmates”. The moderator also types in any protocols or medicines we discuss and I save a copy of the chat, so those gold nuggets which I’ll use later in my practice are not lost.


If I can’t attend class for some reason, recordings of the class are available to me a couple of days after the class. I can catch up with class when it’s convenient for me, even if my internet was down during the regularly scheduled class time.


When I have traveled in the past for homeopathic training, the cost of travel, lodging and food has always doubled the cost of attending class. All those expenses are gone!


It takes a couple of hours during the first class to learn the ropes and become comfortable interacting with the live class by keyboard. I prefer to establish my internet link at least a half hour before class is scheduled to start. This gives me time to troubleshoot or get help if the technology is having a “bad hair day”. But all in all, these are small inconveniences for the chance to get a world-class homeopathic education, in my pajamas!

About the author

Marian Booker

Marian Booker, DipHom ACH; PG Hom. Marian Booker, DipHom, is a homeopath and craniosacral therapist in practice in Texas. She is a graduate and post graduate of Allen College of Homoeopathy. She continues to study with Allen College of Homeopathy in Chelmsford, England.


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