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NATURAL IMMUNITY-Why You Should NOT Vaccinate! Pay Macay’s complete and most exhaustive book against vaccination is now online. Read it at Hpathy.com for Free!

– A book by Pat McKay

Author of: Reigning Cats & Dogs; Good Nutrition; Healthy Happy Animal
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This book is not intended, nor should it be regarded, as allopathic veterinarian medical advice.

The fields of health hold widely varying views. The intent of this book is to provide information to help you make an informed decision whether to use naturopathic methods of caring for your own animals, which is your constitutional right.

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NATURAL IMMUNITY-Why You Should NOT Vaccinate!



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NATURAL IMMUNITY-Why You Should NOT Vaccinate!

If you believe a law is immoral you have a duty to disobey it.


by Celeste Yarnall

The first time my daughter, Camilla, went to the pediatrician, he gave her the DPT vaccine.

I had done the Lamaze method of childbirth, was breast-feeding her and was eating a vegetarian, fresh, natural, raw diet. I was taking organic supplements in order to be the best mom I could be.

I thought this traditional visit to the doctor was a part of being a good mom.

When he injected her, she screamed bloody murder and, for the first time, cried real tears. Great salty torrents poured down her little pink cheeks. It broke my heart.

It was at that moment that I knew this was a flawed and dangerous concept. But back then I didn’t have the information to give me the courage to “buck the system.”

At last, here it is. This wealth of information Pat McKay has collected is nothing short of extraordinary. What you are about to read will come as a great shock to many of you.

We all know when we do something that is wrong and against nature, but we don’t always listen to that wee, small voice we hear in our heads. We, instead, trust those learned individuals whom we so willingly turn our care and feeding over to rather than trust our own instincts. But do we really know?

Each one of us truly unique living beings was programmed for survival, and inherent in that ability to survive is contained a “knowing.”

Despite it all-the pollution, the stress, the drugs, the vaccines-we survive, much of the time by that knowingness. But how well are we surviving?

What is glowing health? Has anyone we love experienced it since being assaulted by these suspicious substances? I think not.

Then why do we do it? Fear. Fear drives us against our “knowing.” And so it is out of this negative, destructive emotion that we act blindly and destroy the one thing nature gives us to survive-our immune system.

It’s time to stop reacting out of fear and have the courage to make informed choices. I stopped vaccinating my cats because I am informed. I have all the evidence I need now.

Thank you, Pat McKay, for not only teaching us how to feed our companion animals a fresh, raw, natural diet, but for also giving us the courage to trust in our God-given right to protect ourselves from the brainwashing we have all been bombarded with regarding vaccines.

Now we know the truth, and the truth will always set us free-free to not subject anything or anyone we love to this abuse and a lifetime of chronic ill health.

Welcome to a world grounded in courage. With courage we can travel the road to real health-the natural way.

Pat McKay: My classmates and I were given a polio vaccine in a cube of sugar followed with a candy bar as a reward. Sugar and vaccines, what a disastrous combination.

Because this was almost fifty years ago, there are some details I do not remember; however, some are still very vivid, especially the pain.

I was going to a Catholic boarding school in south Minneapolis along with forty-six other girls. I believe there were eight or ten students that had full-blown polio and many others who were ill for short periods of time, but no paralysis.

Polio was an epidemic across the country. The hospitals were full, so we had to stay at the school while being treated. It was our good fortune that Sister Elizabeth Kenny was in Minneapolis at that time. She had a wonderful method of treatment, which was not being recognized by traditional medicine, and she accepted the invitation from the sisters at our school to instruct them in her method of treatment.

Sister Kenny’s treatment involved moving the affected muscles at all times, at all cost. The pain was excruciating. Three sisters would hold me down and one would move my head. My paralysis was in my neck muscles. No matter how I screamed or carried on, they continued the treatment. Within three months I was able to move my neck on my own and within a year, no one would suspect I had any problem, except for the constant pain in one of the muscles in the right side of my neck, which would become worse whenever I was under stress or got chilled.

I grew accustomed to the pain and discomfort over the next forty years, and in my early fifties I took my first constitutional homeopathic remedy. Within two hours of taking my remedy I had that same excruciating pain, which lasted about ten minutes, and since then for the past ten years not one bit of pain or discomfort in my neck. Yes, homeopathy is miraculous.

Every time I see or hear about an animal or a child being vaccinated, it is as if I had been stabbed. So much of the suffering in my life comes from vaccines. My parents thought they were doing the right thing. I remember telling them how I dreaded vaccinations and how sick I felt afterwards. How can something be good for you that is so invasive?

Some people feel that maybe one or two vaccinations are good for various reasons. That is not true.

Animal nutrition is my first love and concern. We must feed our beloved companion animals fresh, raw, whole foods. We are losing our cats and dogs (and children) to serious maladies because most of them have been eating junk food for the past fifty years since canned and dry food has been available.

However, even if you feed them fresh, raw food and yet you continue to vaccinate, you will suppress and eventually destroy their Life Force, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Please don’t use the excuse that it’s the law.

First of all, there are no laws for any vaccinations except rabies. Secondly, laws are not always in our best interest. Don’t just blindly follow. Be creative. Your animal (and your child) is your primary concern. Do what you need to do to protect your cats and dogs and children.

Viera Scheibner, PhD Lecture given in Santa Monica, CA July 16, 1995

Who is irresponsible, the one that studies and makes the decision not to vaccinate or the one who vaccinates without asking questions?

Pat McKay: Last year I was “caught” and told I had to vaccinate Ross, my seventeen-year-old yellow Lab-mix. I immediately went to an allopathic veterinarian, Rolando Vasquez, DVM, and he agreed to give me a letter of exemption, which was good for six months.

I took that letter to the City of South Pasadena who promptly said that I had to have a two-year exemption.

I went back to Rolando who said that by law he could only give a six-month exemption. So, as usual, the bureaucracies don’t match up. The City of South Pasadena said they couldn’t do anything further. I was fined $90 and told to either pay the fine and vaccinate my dog or I would have to go to court. Here in South Pasadena the crime of not vaccinating your dog is handled by the criminal court division.

My day in court, along with car-jackers, muggers and burglars, was very quick. The city defense attorney approached me in the audience part of the courtroom and said, “You are here for what?” She was stunned. The judge was kind enough to hear my case first with practically the same reaction. Without my saying one word, the judge turned to my appointed defense attorney and said, “Counselor, I believe we can dismiss this case.” Also, the judge did not make me pay the fine.

I now have a court order that says Ross does not have to be vaccinated.

My only disappointment is that I had a grand speech all prepared to cover all the reasons why Ross should not be vaccinated and I did not get the opportunity to say even one word.

Pat McKay: Medical doctors, scientists and other professionals that I quote in this book have done a superlative job in putting together excellent information warning the guardians of animals and children about the deadly effects of vaccinations. I hope to bring that information to you in a short, sweet and succinct fashion, because you need to know the truth.

If after knowing that some of the health hazards from vaccinations include AIDS, allergies, arthritis, asthma, autism, blindness, cancer, cataracts, cerebral palsy, chronic ear infections, conception rate lowered, encephalitis, epilepsy, fibrosarcoma at the vaccination site, hyperactivity, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, interdigital pyoderma, juvenile type diabetes, learning disabilities, leukemia, lupus, meningitis, mental retardation, multiple sclerosis, paralysis, short lifespan, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), tuberculosis, damage to and/or failure of heart, kidneys, liver, pancreas and other organs of the body, and ALL of the diseases for which your animal or child were vaccinated, are you still willing to take that risk of vaccinating? If so, WHY? There is no proof that vaccinations work at all.

The general public has been sucked in to believing that decayed animals, diseased blood, sera, bacteria, viruses, fungi, mucous, pus, urine, feces, antibiotics, formaldehyde, mercury derivatives, acetone, aluminum and carbolic acid put into a mixture; shot through our greatest protector, our skin; directly into our blood system is the answer to keeping us free of disease. How barbaric.

Yet, the majority of people really do believe this works. There is no proof, but if you hear something often enough, it becomes “true” whether it is or not. This is what has happened with vaccinations.

Have you ever asked your veterinarian or your pediatrician before they vaccinated your animal or your child for written medical proof that the vaccines work?

The information in this book, for most lay people, will come as a complete shock. When the realization hits, please don’t blame yourself or feel guilty. You counted on your doctor to tell you the truth. And in defense of these medical professionals, most of them don’t know the truth either, as you will hear from veterinarians themselves in this book.

The medical community has been brainwashed. They are told in medical school that vaccines work, and they take it on faith. Most veterinarians are sincerely interested in the best care for their patients; however, because new concepts of vaccination are currently being taught in veterinary schools, that just continues to perpetuate the veterinarian’s belief in them.

Western or allopathic medicine is always saying they have to have proof, double-blind studies, and yet, has your veterinarian ever shown you proof that vaccinations work?

One of the most frightening aspects of vaccines is that studies are done on as few as five to fifteen animals for as little time as three months before allowing them to be used nationwide. You will read many quotes similar to the following in this book.

Viera Scheibner, PhD, states, “I did not find it difficult to conclude that there is no evidence whatsoever that vaccines of any kind-but especially those against childhood diseases-are effective in preventing the infectious diseases they are supposed to prevent. Further, adverse effects are amply documented and are far more significant to public health than any adverse effects of infectious diseases. Immunizations, including those practiced on babies, not only did not prevent any infectious diseases, they caused more suffering and more deaths than has any other human activity in the entire history of medical intervention. It will be decades before the mopping -up after the disasters caused by childhood vaccination will b~ completed. All vaccination should cease forthwith and all victims of their side effects should be appropriately compensated.”

Pat McKay: Throughout the book all the bold type is mine. I hope it helps as a reference for prominent points of interest.

All the quotes are verbatim, word-for-word, from books, speeches and articles, so some points may be repetitive or similar. I want you to know that this information comes from many reputable sources and even they have slight, and sometimes profound, differences.

Some of the opinions I personally disagree with; however, I want you, the reader, to have the information to make your own decisions and choices.

The following compilation of evidence excerpted from thousands of pages from medical journals on information written by experts about vaccines will explain to you how and why you have been deceived concerning vaccinations.



Pat McKay: For years I have felt that vaccinations caused much of the illness in the world. The fear, guilt and intimidation put upon us by the medical community, the media and politicians would certainly lead you to believe otherwise. However, after hearing Viera Scheibner, PhD (Natural Sciences), speak out in total opposition to vaccinations, I knew my feelings were true. She had solid medical proof, after going through some 30,000 pages of medical papers dealing with vaccines, that there is no evidence of their effectiveness or safety.

We as the guardians of our animals and children have the responsibility and the obligation to protect our loved ones. Just because some “authority” figure says this is what you must do, don’t succumb; ask questions; ask for medical proof; get a second opinion. Your loyalty is to your animal and your child, not to rules, regulations and laws by a politician or a doctor.

When you read Dr Viera Scheibner’s book, Vaccination, 100 Years of Orthodox Research Show that Vaccines Represent a Medical Assault on the Immune System; Eustace Mullins’ book, Murder By Injection; and Dr John Fudens’ book, The Affinity Holistic Clinic’s Layman IS Handbook to Holistic Care, you will know that making vaccinations mandatory is not about protecting our animals and children, but about money and greed.

What happened to the part of the Hippocratic oath that states: “…to work for the good of the patient, to do him or her no harm, to prescribe no deadly drugs, to give no advice that could cause death … “? In this world of drugs we are getting far afield from taking care of our bodies in a common-sense, naturally healthy way.

Everyone wants a quick fix! We have been led to believe that vaccinations are just that.

Yet over and over, animals and children come down with the very disease for which they were vaccinated. So why do people continue to give them? Because the medical and the political bureaucracies promote vaccines, while rationalizing and denying the devastating effects of them.

More than 100 years ago vaccines were described in medical journals to be noxious substances ” … and that when injected into the blood stream they do not immunize, they sensitize,” causing allergies, respiratory problems and other autoimmune diseases.

If you are waiting for the medical community to discontinue vaccinations, it won’t happen.

Now, I don’t believe for a moment that any medical doctor would knowingly give vaccines if they believed it would make your loved one ill. However … 1) they are force-fed statistics in medical school and it continues throughout their practice from the pharmaceutical companies; 2) studies, tests, and research are made to favor pro-vaccination in the same way as the tobacco industries’ studies do concerning cigarettes; 3) doctors are also in fear of liability because vaccinations are presently the accepted norm; 4) much of their income comes from vaccinations; 5) it is often that very vaccination that causes the child or the animal to come back again as a patient with illnesses caused by the vaccines they were given, which perpetuates the physician’s practice; and foremost 6) the majority of medical doctors just don’t entertain any conscious thought about the deadly effects of vaccines.

I often hear that “My dog, cat or child has had vaccinations and they are okay.” How do you know? The body harbors many of these illnesses for years. We have no idea what the incubation period is or how long the body holds these poisons in abeyance.

A few months ago, an old smallpox vaccine came out on my thigh as a skin cancer. I was given that vaccination fifty years ago. I knew it was from the vaccination, because when it first came out it formed the same type of scab and angry redness over the scarred area. What a memory the body has. The more you give vaccinations the more the body succumbs. I equate it to being hit with a bat. The first few times you keep getting up; then you realize that every time you get up you get hit with the bat again, so for survival you don’t get up any more. With vaccines, the immune system keeps trying to “get up” by showing signs of simple, acute problems, but finally after being hit over and over again with vaccines, antibiotics and steroids, it just doesn’t respond anymore. Then the serious autoimmune problems take over within the system and most often it is years before you outwardly see the symptoms.

Richard H Pitcairn, DVM, PhD (Immunology), warns, “If I may venture to make a prediction, it is that fifty to one hundred years from now, people will look back at the practice of introducing disease into people and animals for the purpose of preventing these same diseases as foolishness … a foolishness similar to that of the practice of bloodletting and the use of toxic doses of mercury in the treatment of disease.”

Viera Scheibner, PhD, “The well-vaccinated United States is experiencing epidemics of infectious diseases in fully vaccinated children. No amount of denial and underreporting will cover up the one most obvious fact, namely, that vaccines do not work.”

Pat McKay: All beings were created with a marvelous immune system. If we take care of this omnipotent system the way we should, it, in turn, will take care of us. People and animals who start eating fresh, raw foods, get plenty of exercise and practice natural health care will immediately begin to flourish. This is the way to take care of our immune systems. NATURAL IMMUNITY.




The Vaccination Question by Richard Pitcairn, DVM PhD

There is probably no more troubling issue in holistic veterinary medicine today than the question of giving vaccinations to animals. There is compelling and suggestive evidence, at least to many perceptive clinicians, that they do more harm than good. As a way to get into this discussion, let’s look, first, at some of the concepts behind the vaccine idea.

As developed and used by the medical profession, vaccination is based on two notions. The first one is that if the patient can be given a disease that expresses itself in a very mild form, then immunity (later protection) will develop just as it would with the usual, more virulent, infection. This immunity would obviously allow protection without having to go through the discomfort or even life-threatening experience of the disease itself.

The second notion is that this milder disease is not harmful in any significant way.

Have these ideas been successful? There is controversy about this in the medical profession. Most practicing doctors think of vaccines as being highly safe and successful, yet those who are more knowledgeable in the field of immunology speak in more guarded tones. (I speak from some personal experience as my PhD training was in the field of veterinary immunology.) There are problems.

Without going into excessive detail, there are two major problem areas. The first has to do with the vaccination not “taking.” That is, even though it is given properly, no immunity results. There are many factors associated with this development, not the least of which is the inability of the patient to properly respond to the vaccine infection (read weakened immune system). The second major problem is the report, in human beings, of illness, retardation, paralysis and death after vaccination. Though this varies with different types of vaccines, it is a continuing issue. One needs only to mention the swine flu vaccination drive in the United States a few years ago (See Chapter Five) to bring to mind some of the things that can happen.

As if this were not enough fuel for controversy, let me add one thought. Over the last decade or so, there has been increasing use of combined vaccines. Rather than give each one individually and allow the body to deal with that infection, the practice now is to add them together and given them all in one big “shot.” Thus, it is not unusual for a dog to receive six vaccines, altogether at one time. Further, though this is hard to believe, I know that dogs being treated with corticosteroids for allergy problems are vaccinated just the same as other animals. One of the side effects of corticosteroids is the suppression of the immune system. Is this logical?

In my opinion, the result of this practice-frequent vaccination (once or twice a year) and of multiple injections at one time–is a confusing and weakening of the immune system. There is no precedent in nature for this kind of experience. When I was teaching epidemiology at Washington State University, my study of natural disease cycles in wolves and similar animals revealed something very interesting. When epidemics of disease sweep through a population (actually called an epizootic when involving animals), it is always one disease at a time. In wolves, this is usually distemper or rabies; often in different years.

What this means is that over millennia of evolutionary development, the animal body has adapted to responding quickly to infection; one at a time. What this means is that the practice of giving six or more infections at one time is highly unnatural.

To understand what can happen as a result of this practice, let us look for just a moment at the function of the immune system. Now, I am not going to use a lot of big words and talk about all the component parts of the immune system.

This is neither necessary nor helpful. If you wanted to understand what a car does would you need to know about cylinders, pistons, crank rods, spark gaps, etc? Of course not. Understanding what a car does involves understanding its function or use. A car moves things-mostly people, but also objects-from one place to another, along roads, highways etc.

In the same way, what does the immune system do? It recognizes and remembers what is supposed to be in the body. It is as simple as that. As the young animal grows, both before birth and after, the immune system goes through a learning process. “Ah, that’s the liver. Supposed to be here. All right. Oh-oh, what’s that? Looks like a splinter. Not supposed to be here. Let’s get it out. Come on everybody, work to do!” Get the idea?

Now, like our brains, which also recognize and remember things, though of a different sort, there is a natural limit to its function. We all know that trying to take in too much at once only leads to confusion. Confusion means mistakes. Mistakes mean doing the wrong thing-or the right thing at the wrong time.

How would the immune system act if it became confused and made mistakes? Would it not react to what it was supposed to react to? Over-react? React to the wrong things?

What I think has happened is that the increased use of vaccines (once or twice a year, whereas it used to be only early in life; like for children) and also combining vaccines together has confused the immune system.

I think vaccines are the number one cause for the increase of chronic disease in animals. Yes, I know that nutrition and food are important in the health of animals; but this is nothing compared to vaccinations, which have such a direct impact on the immune system.

Think for a moment of the tremendous incidence of allergies in dogs. All those itchy skins, inflamed bowels, eczematous ears. Think of the hundreds of gallons of prednisone used to keep these over-reactions in check.

Think now of the tremendous epidemic of the AIDS- like Feline Leukemia disease. This is characterized by what? More often than not, the leukemic cat is brought to the veterinarian because it has some infection, a “cold,” an abscess, that it cannot get over. At root, it does not have a functional immune system. Same story with feline infectious peritonitis.

The outcome of this confusion of the immune system is the development of a state that cannot properly respond to either naturally occurring diseases or to vaccinations. This connects then with the problem mentioned above: lack of protection after being vaccinated. Over a period of time, there will emerge a population which is not protected, in spite of “good” vaccinations programs. There will also be the emergence of an increasing number of autoimmune and immune deficiency diseases.

This is what I see in my practice. Many animals are not able to resist diseases that they should be able to resist. A common example is the cat vaccinated for feline leukemia which within a short time (few weeks) comes down with infectious peritonitis, unresponsive anemia or some other serious and usually life-threatening disease.

The difficulty in recognizing a relationship here is conceptual. If you go to your veterinarian and say, “I think my cat is sick from the vaccine you gave him a month ago,” you will not be taken seriously. I tell you from personal experience that within the veterinary profession, this possibility is almost universally denied. It is a question of faith, you see. There is absolutely no concept of a vaccine reaction which can result in increased susceptibility to another unrelated disease. It is not a question of not believing in the possibility. It is not even considered.

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Pat McKay

Pat McKay
Acknowledged pioneer and leader in the development of the raw and fresh food diet, animal nutritionist, counselor and author, Pat McKay is nationally recognized by animal health care professionals for her contribution to the raw food revolution for cats and dogs.

She has synthesized her findings, creating a complete nutritional guide, which offers the most up-to-date clinical information and quick-step menus that make raw, fresh-food preparations both fun and easy.

All Pat"™s animals are on her fresh, raw food program, including naturally grown meats and vegetables. Pat uses homeopathy for all medical needs. Authoring several books, her latest is:
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