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Opening a Homeopathic Medical School in the United States



We have a dream whose time has come. Alternative medical facilities are growing exponentially as people discover better health in a way that is safer, more affordable and curative of chronic disease. Our dream has been to build a homeopathic medical school in Phoenix, Arizona, graduating more practitioners to help even greater numbers of people reach good health and maintain it.

The American Medical College of Homeopathy (AMCH) is opening a new four-year, full-time homeopathic medical school in February 2011. This represents an expansion of educational services from its current part-time programs. The graduates of this new program will be granted a doctoral degree in homeopathic medicine. This program expects to attract students nationwide, and internationally, who seriously wish to study homeopathic medicine. We anticipate a total student body of 240. The program will be available in both campus-based and synchronous online formats.


Currently there are no full-time homeopathic medical schools in the United States. There were about twenty full-time homeopathic medical schools at the turn of the 20th century, the last closing their doors by 1930. These schools were vital in keeping the practice of homeopathic medicine alive during their day.

The world has many successful full-time homeopathic medical schools. There are several hundred in India alone and they can be found throughout Europe and Latin America, and many other countries. The existence of full-time homeopathic medical schools has been shown to immeasurably help the growth of homeopathic medicine in the countries in which they exist.

The Need for a Homeopathic Medical School

There is a strong need for a full-time homeopathic medical school in the United States and particularly in Arizona. The following is the rationale:

Growth and Demand for Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine is growing tremendously in the world today and is in much public demand. A recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that over 50% of the public in the United States routinely use alternative medicine. This is expected only to increase in the next twenty years. The insurance industry and many corporations are increasingly including alternative medicine in their health plans. A 1997 survey by the American Animal Hospital Association reported that 21% of all pet owners used some form of alternative medicine on their pets.

Because of America’s renewed interest in finding alternative care, the following are now true:

Growth and Demand for Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathy is the second most common form of alternative medicine in the world today and the most common form of alternative medicine in North and South America. It also is the fastest growing form of alternative medicine in the world today. Currently, the public demand for homeopathic medicine far outstrips the number of homeopathic practitioners. This program would make homeopathic medicine more available and accessible to the public. This is especially true of the Hispanic community where homeopathic medicine is particularly popular and in common usage. Homeopathic medicine is also quite consistent with Native American medicine, both utilizing substances from the natural world. Also, homeopathy is extremely popular in India and there is a fast growing community in Arizona of immigrants from India. The existence of such a school would build a legacy for the future of homeopathic medicine in the United States.

Safety and Reduction of Health Care Costs

Homeopathic medicine is an effective, safe and relatively inexpensive form of health care. Homeopathic medicines do not have side effects. Typically the cost of treatment is less than one-third of that of conventional medical treatment. In addition, the cost of homeopathic medicine is typically one fifth of conventional medicines.

The public is seeking methods of healing that are safer and less expensive than conventional medicine. Homeopathy also has the capacity to get to the root cause of illness and effect cure, rather than simply managing chronic symptoms over time.

Need for a Profession

Homeopathic medicine is currently practiced by a disparate group of practitioners, including medical doctors, osteopathic doctors, naturopathic doctors, doctors of chiropractic, doctors of oriental medicine, nurse practitioners and unlicensed practitioners. Homeopathy today is at the same place that chiropractic medicine and naturopathic medicine were several decades ago. By creating chiropractic and naturopathic medical schools and licensing their professions, chiropractors and naturopaths have able to grow rapidly and become what they are today. This program would help to grow the homeopathic profession and provide the needed next step in the growth of the homeopathic community. Many current homeopathic schools provide insufficient hours or training for skilled practice or certification as a homeopathic practitioner. This is particularly true of clinical training.

The establishment of homeopathic medical schools will improve the quality and professionalism of the homeopathic profession. The current practice of homeopathic medicine lacks sufficient standards and research. The introduction of a homeopathic medical school will help to fulfill this need. The creation of such a program would also improve the quality of homeopathic education.

Need for Medical Training

Although there are many part-time schools around the country in homeopathic medicine, none offers any medical training. Quality medical training is essential for the ability to safely practice medicine, for diagnosis and for the capacity to work collaboratively with other health care practitioners. The establishment of a full-time program will significantly improve the quality and safety of homeopathic practitioners.

Supporting the Community

Homeopathic medicine has a long history of benefiting local communities. A vital part of the homeopathic medical school will be a Community Health Department. The homeopathic medical school is planning a free/reduced fee clinic, women’s health clinic and a clinic on the Navajo Reservation and outreach programs in the Hispanic Community. Students will be required to perform a senior project that benefits the local community. In addition we anticipate eventually employing 100 staff and faculty as part of the medical school.

Transforming Healthcare

Homeopathic medicine has the potential to transform healthcare in the United States. Homeopathy provides a more effective, cheaper and safer form of healing. It has the capacity to cure many of the modern diseases that are incurable using conventional medicine.

Who is the American Medical College of Homeopathy?

The American Medical College of Homeopathy is a 501c3 non-profit Arizona corporation that promotes quality education and research in homeopathic medicine. It currently runs a state licensed school with accreditation for its certificate programs through the Council on Homeopathic Education. AMCH programs are nationally renowned for their high standards of quality and excellence.

The mission of the American Medical College of Homeopathy is:

AMCH is a center of excellence in homeopathic education, clinical care and research. AMCH offers classical homeopathic training in both traditional and distance learning modalities. The college offers the following programs:

AMCH Doctoral Program

This program offers a 4280 clock-hour intensive training program in homeopathic medicine. This program includes extensive medical and homeopathic education. Prerequisites are a bachelor’s level of education with courses in physics, chemistry, biology and psychology. Graduates will receive a doctoral degree upon graduation. The program is offered in both campus and synchronous online formats, although online students are required to do residential intensives. Advanced placement for those with prior homeopathic or medical training is permitted. The program fully prepares students for national homeopathic certification. This program is licensed in the State of Arizona.

AMCH Practitioner Program

This program is an 1104-hour intensive training program in classical homeopathy. This is designed to train practitioners in the practice of classical homeopathy. This program is licensed in the State of Arizona and accredited by the Council for Homeopathic Education. Prerequisites are an associate’s degree of education with courses prior or concurrent with the program in anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology. Graduates will receive a certificate upon graduation. The program is offered in both campus based and synchronous online formats, although online students are required to do residential intensives. Advanced placement for those with prior homeopathic training is permitted. The program fully prepares students for national homeopathic certification.

Homeopathic Practitioner Distance Learning Programs

This program offers a 40-hour introductory course and a 50-hour intermediate course in classical homeopathy. They are CD based and are designed to provide the minimum hours necessary to sit for licensure with the Arizona Homeopathic Board of Medical Examiners. These programs are open to MD’s, DO’s and ND’s. The introductory program has been in existence since 1998 and has successfully graduated over 200 students. These programs are licensed in the State of Arizona and endorsed by the American Institute of Homeopathy.

4. Acute Care Homeopathy Course

This is a 40-hour course offering a practical and comprehensive introduction to first-aid and acute care problems using classical homeopathy. Based on AMCH’s Distance Learning Introductory Course, classes consist of lectures on theory and philosophy, materia medica for acute care problems, case work and repertory work. These classes are targeted for the general public.

5. Medical Center

AMCH offers comprehensive reduced-rate homeopathic medical services to the general public. These services cover nearly all medical conditions and are available on either a walk-in basis or scheduled appointment. The medical center also offers an educational environment for homeopathic practitioners who wish to further their studies in classical homeopathy.

6. Postgraduate Training

AMCH offers an ongoing series of postgraduate seminars for its students, alumni, faculty and for the homeopathic community. These seminars are held periodically throughout the year in Phoenix, Arizona. AMCH also has an alumni association.

7. Preceptorships

AMCH offers preceptorships for visiting students from other programs. Preceptorships are one-on-one or small group experiences where students study with a homeopathic practitioner. These include medical students, osteopathic students, naturopathic students, residents, fellows and nursing students. Rotations vary from half day to a full month in length.

Future Campus

In addition to the establishment of a full time medical school, AMCH is raising funds to build a campus which will house the following entities:

We see this program as a critical next step in the growth of homeopathic medicine and the practice of alternative medicine in the United States. We are seeking $10,000,000 towards the establishment of this campus.

Funding for the College

We have raised $1 million of the $1.2 million needed for Phase One to date towards the start of this project. We are seeking an additional $10,000,000 over the next five years towards the establishment of the medical school and related programs. Contributions towards the establishment of the American College of Homeopathy and related programmatic, scholarship and endowment funding will create the only full-time medical school of homeopathy in the United States, provide students the opportunity to study homeopathy and become credentialed and licensed practitioners and change the face of traditional medicine for the future generations.

The campaign has been structured to provide a variety of opportunities for involvement. With naming opportunities in the capital portion beginning at $25,000, the campaign offers a meaningful menu of funding alternatives and financial partnerships.

For More Information

Contact us at 1951 West Camelback, Suite 300, Phoenix AZ 85015; 602-347-7950; [email protected] For more information about this project, please visit our website at www.AMCofH.org.

Artistic Renderings of the Future Campus   (Click Images to Enlarge)