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Our Instincts to Survive, Conquer Fear and Nature’s Response


Homeopath and naturalist Robert van der Touw shares his experiences and thoughts on nature, how we learn from it, our place in it, viruses, how we can practice homeopathy intuitively and more.

When I arrived in Aotearoa, New Zealand in 1990 as a teacher and practitioner in homeopathy I awakened to a new way of learning, a new way of being. This through a momentous experience on an off shore island. Before that experience my love was awakened for the natural beauty in the New Zealand bush. I thought here I am with all my remedies from overseas and then I find this amazing storehouse of mystery and power! I developed the desire to research these beautiful plant beings.

Trees over a thousand years old. If they could only speak……..and then they started to speak. But not until I had that momentous awakening on obsidian island, as that is what it is named: Tuhua (Maori for obsidian).

I cannot really give words to that experience which left me out of control for 5 hours. The Maori call, “the call of the Wairua!”. The In Between place where Two Rivers meet. As I felt the countless souls of loved ones move through my chest, I gradually disappeared in this river of souls.

What a beautiful experience! It did not leave me untouched. The next day everything was sacred. You might raise your eyebrows as I did too, to no avail! I cannot go back to the old way; I have to move with the Wairua.

The world had changed, the plants, trees came alive with mystery. If I could just understand the mystery of one plant, I would know everything there is to know. That was what I was feeling. So with this huge feeling of awe and respect I set on a journey of discovery that triggered magical occurrences I would not dare share for the risk of being ridiculed, condemned and burned at the stake. Well, not anymore. But have things really changed?

Is homeopathy too not being ridiculed? And that goes back to where humanity is at. It is a collective state of ignorance that leads to selfishness and greed. A state of disrespect of nature and her resources and a betrayal of our very own origin as a species.

Nature is a perfect mirror. I have learned that now. When I lead my course participants into the bush to connect with their chosen plants, they meet the perfect nature being, to mirror their need or issue. This without me telling what that plant is, for they tell me through their natural attraction to it and the love they have for it far more then I could ever tell them.

That is how I learn about the plants, from their ‘lovers’. So this whole process of re-connecting to our own wisdom, our intuitive knowing is a journey of self empowerment and love for creation.

When we look at viruses, we know they are here all the time and that they are an active response to our immune system. Does humanity as a whole have an immune system? I think so. When we are collectively ruled by fear, greed and ignorance, by our most instinctive and primal parts, nature too will respond with her most primal part – the survival of the fittest.

Or should I say the underlying consciousness of nature responds in equal measure to our invasion of her sacred space! She has no problem with viruses and the sky is the limit to what she has in her arsenal to fight back with. Whether this is through ‘natural’ means or through ‘human intervention’ . In essence in my view, it is a fight against ourselves.

So how do we stop these viral emanations? You’ll be lucky if your client comes in with fever, strong thirst and a sensation as if their bones are broken! But even after prescribing you are still treating symptoms and not the cause.

In my view in Classical fashion, treat acutely with remedies that can respond to that situation but other than that, stick to the basic principle. Give your clients the greatest amount of freedom to explore who they are, what makes them tic. Give them the remedy that has the strongest possible influence to lead them back to a sense of who they truly are.

They are no less like the plant I talked about before, that holds all the mysteries in the universe. And so are we. We are the key, your clients are the key. Holding that knowing is powerful. I once heard someone say the homeopathic practise is not the practitioner. I cannot disagree more. The remedies are an extension of who you are, your state of consciousness, the power you have to hold an intent!

Have you ever noticed that many great homeopaths have a great way of practising that actually works only for them?  Far more powerful you are, than any of the remedies you give. You have been given the opportunity to be a light for this world. Homeopathy has given you nature’s arsenal so that through your awareness and power of intent you can make a difference to yourself and your environment.

The laws applicable to homeopathy are applicable to all fields of life, Like cures like, like attracts like…. The people you are with are your remedy. The things you love in the house and that speak to you are your remedy. Life is a mirror and no science relates to that deeper than the science of homeopathy which is founded on that principle.

So now coming back to that current virus. Should I give it a name? Is that really what it is? Who cares. They are all just symptoms, nature’s response to our collective ailments: the ig-no-ran-ce virus and the g-r-e-e-d virus.

The wisdom of homeopathy will not change. It works with solid universal principles. It goes back to treating the client as a wholesome endless being of light that expresses the disharmony of that light in the physical. This so it can heal and be an even bigger light.

So what is, in my humble view, the best response to the current virus? Be the light that you are and shine that on others, focussing on their totality, seeing the interconnectedness between the physical and non-physical, between the seen and unseen. Walk In Between the Two Rivers (Wairua) and have faith in your power to heal and let it works it magic through the minimal dose, based on totality.

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About the author

Robert van der Touw

I have been practising and teaching homeopathy for 27 years. I arrived in New Zealand in 1990 after my graduation from the School of Classical Homeopathy in Bloemendaal. I was able to set up practice and teach in most New Zealand homeopathic and naturopatic colleges. I set up the curriculum for a three year course in classical homeopathy at Hamilton polytechnic where I lectured for many years. After a deep spiritual experience at Tuhua I was drawn to study shamanic techniques and I followed courses at the Academy of Shamanic studies of Elizabeth von Madarasz. Together with my partner at the time, Michelle Tappenden, I developed a series of workshops called Medicine of the Four Winds. These workshops. which we held in different parts of New Zealand, became the platform for the research on the medicinal properties of New Zealand native plants and animals. My published works include: the Sacred Web book and cards, The Rainbow Essences of Aotearoa and Homeotherapy a compendium of 123 homeopathic essences from New Zealand animals and plants. Visit Robert at: www.artandhealingnz.com

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