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Overview of Reactor Problems in Japan — Homeopathic Remedies and Nutrients for Radiation Symptoms

Written by V.D. Kaviraj

Homeopathic prevention of problems from radiation exposure after the earthquake, tsunami and impending nuclear disaster in Japan.

Reactor type and fuel rods

First, we shall examine the type of reactor involved, so that we shall have a good understanding of the requirements for detoxification. Below is also a time-line of the developments.

Fukushima # 3 uses MOX, a different, Plutonium based fuel to the low-enriched uranium oxide fuel for which most nuclear reactors was designed. MOX fuel tends to run hotter because of lower thermal conductivity, which may be an issue in some reactor designs i.e. the use of MOX does change the operating characteristics of a reactor, and the plant must be designed or adapted slightly to take it. More control rods are needed; who OK’d the use of MOX without modifying all plant systems (especially emergency cooling)? Are any other similar plants using MOX now?

Meltdown – Causes & Results

“There is a possibility of a meltdown,” said Toshihiro Bannai, director of the agency’s international affairs office, in a telephone interview from the agency’s headquarters in Tokyo. “At this point, we have still not confirmed that there is an actual meltdown, but there is a possibility.”

(Meanwhile, the meltdown of one reactor is already a fact).

A meltdown is a catastrophic failure of the reactor core, with a potential for widespread radiation release. Though Bannai said engineers have been unable to get close enough to the core to know what’s going on, he based his conclusion on the fact that they measured radioactive isotopes in the air Saturday night.

“What we have seen is only the slight indication from a monitoring post of Cesium and Iodine,” he said. Since then, he said, plant officials have injected sea water and Boron into the plant in an effort to cool its nuclear fuel and stop any reactions.

“We have some confidence, to some extent, to make the situation to be stable status,” he said. “We actually have very good confidence that we will resolve this.”

Here we have the spin-doctor, trying to talk down the real risk and protecting the politicians and industry people, while simultaneously trying to give the impression all is under control, while the reality on the ground dictates a different scenario.

Expert: ‘This Is A Serious Situation’

A state of emergency has been declared for this reactor and two other reactors at the same complex, which holds a total of six reactors, he said. Three are in a safe, shut-down state, he said. “The other two still have some cooling systems, but not enough capacity.”

“What we have seen is only the slight indication from a monitoring post of cesium and iodine,” he said.  “The authorities have informed the IAEA that the three reactor units at the Onagawa nuclear power plant are under control.”

With the loss of power at reactor 3, and with its valves and pumps damaged by the tsunami, emergency workers were pumping in seawater mixed with Boron – which disrupts nuclear chain reactions – to cool the rods.

But this creates a build-up of radioactive steam containing hydrogen which must be vented to relieve pressure inside the reactor vessel – risking a blast.

“At the risk of raising further public concern, we cannot rule out the possibility of an explosion,” Mr. Edano said, according to the AP news agency.  “If there is an explosion, however, there would be no significant impact on human health.”

More spin, to diminish the fact that one reactor has blown its top, so to speak. Three explosions have occurred in reactor 3, and this is the one now in meltdown.

Japan quake: Fears of Meltdoown

There is a risk of a second explosion at the quake-hit Fukushima power station, Japanese officials have said. That risk has become reality and the third explosion has also occurred.  However, chief cabinet secretary Yukio Edano said the facility could withstand the impact and the nuclear reactor itself would not be damaged.

Technicians are frantically battling to cool reactor 3 following a blast at the building housing reactor 1 on Saturday. A state of emergency has also been declared at the Onagawa plant to the north of Fukushima.

The first – or lowest – state of emergency was reported by Tohoku Electric Power Company, said the UN nuclear watchdog, the IAEA. It was declared “as a consequence of radioactivity readings exceeding allowed levels in the area surrounding the plant. Japanese authorities are investigating the source of radiation,” the IAEA said on its website.

Scale of nuclear accidents

* Level 7 – Major release of radioactive material. Example: Chernobyl, Ukraine, 1986

* Level 6 – Significant release of radioactive material. Example: Kyshtym, Russia, 1957

* Level 5 – Limited release of radioactive material. Example: Three Mile Island, US, 1979, and Windscale, UK, 1957

* Level 4 – Minor release of radioactive material with at least one death from radiation. Example: Tokaimura, Japan, 1999

* Level 3 – Exposure in excess of 10 times the statutory annual limit for workers

* Level 2 – Exposure of a member of the public in excess of 10mSv (average annual dose is 1mSv)

* Level 1 – Exposure of a member of public above statutory annual limit. Minor safety problems

(Source: UN nuclear agency, IAEA)

* Struggle to stabilise plant

“The authorities have informed the IAEA that the three reactor units at the Onagawa nuclear power plant are under control.”

Oh how they wish. The spin-doctors have started their “reassurances”.



Possible Remedies
From this information, we can determine which is the best remedy to use for radiation sickness. It will be Plutonium nitricum, being the closest similimum.

Other remedies useful for radiation sickness:

Radium bromatum. Uranium nitricum. Plutonium nitricum and X-ray. Use low potencies, dilute in water and give daily repetition during exposure. Of course those remedies must be prescribed on individuality. It is either/or, not and/and.

Also – Iodine supplements will prevent radiation from binding to your cells because the iodine will bind first.  Begin two days ahead of exposure if possible plus vitamin C  (someone recommended clay also) . Potassium iodide in material doses as a supplement should also be adequate to protect the thyroid. Further, Selenium is a supplement useful in thyroid protection.

That is useful for those living further away. For those already exposed in Tokyo Bay, the above remedies should be taken first and this recommendation should be supplemented.

Thyroid Reactions

Anyone with Hyper/Hypothyroidism due to radiation needs to redouble their efforts to rapidly cleanse the system. The thyroid gland is key to overall health. Produces T3 & T4 hormones (Iodine atoms). Iodine helps regulate metabolism in the body. Thyroid synthesizes vital T3 (rare) from T4 (plentiful). The body needs 150 mg per day – 80% comes from T4 conversion to T3 in the Liver. The pituitary gland also plays a role in thyroid function by moderating the production of both T3 and T4 (Iodine atoms).

The hypothalamus in turn regulates pituitary function. The thyroid is weakened and neutralized by processed food and white sugars. All sorts of problems can occur. Diabetes 2 is common amongst the youngest and most vulnerable. T3 & T4 regulate body temperature & metabolic rate of every cell in the body (it regulates biochemical reactivity). There are some other factors one needs to consider also, in cases of radiation sickness, which will exacerbate the symptoms and make the condition worse.

Underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism): An underactive thyroid releases too little T4 and T3 into the bloodstream, causing the metabolism to slow down too much. The most common cause is Hashimoto’s disease. This is an autoimmune condition in which white blood cells and antibodies attack the thyroid gland. If not treated, the metabolism will continue to slow and will ultimately (in 10 to 15 years) lead to death. 90% of Hypothyroidism occurs in women. On average 1/3 of women over 55 have low thyroid. Symptoms of an underactive thyroid include:

* Lethargy and fatigue
* Feeling cold (even on warm days)
* Unusual weight gain
* Depression
* Reduced concentration (brain fag)
* Puffiness of the face
* Hair loss
* Dry skin
* Constipation
* Goitre

1) Chemicals in environment (PCB, DDT, Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides, Lubricants, adhesives)

2) Chlorine & Fluorine in tap water (Iodine mimics) – leads to hypothyroid.

3) Polyunsaturated Food Oil (eg. Corn, Soy – Oxidized oils) – which impair T4 to T3 conversion.

4) Sugar & refined Grains – Carbohydrates convert to Glycogen & Triglycerides, suppress hormone levels.

5) Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil – Trans-fats inhibit conversion of T4 to T3, and decrease metabolism, leading to low body temperature, which in turn makes the immune response slower.

6) Mercury (eg. fish, amalgam fillings) – displaces Selenium which is vital for T4 production, T4 to T3

7) Non Organic Green & Black Tea – contains high levels of fluoride.

Nutrients & Supplements Available

a) Iodine (Himalayan Salt – contains Iodine in proportional trace amounts with 70 + other trace minerals, raw kelp, seaweed – which one can combine with meals several times per week). Make sure the source of this seaweed is clean. Seaweed tablets (from the sea, not from a lake) have natural iodine too.

b) Essential fatty acids (some fish oil, cod liver oil, flax seed/oil, Borage/Black currant oil).

c) Selenium – This is an anti-oxidant, which helps convert T4 to T3.

d) Zinc – Stimulates the pituitary which signals the thyroid to make more thyroid hormones.

e) Vitamin D3 -Steroid hormone necessary for thyroid production.

f) Vitamin E – Tocopherol

g) L-tyrosine – Amino acid precursor to T4 & Co Q-10 (heart muscle supplier) – Spectrum of amino acids, which act synergistically.

h) Antioxidants (Selenium, Alpha lipoic acid & grape seed extract)

i) Progesterone – which helps the thyroid gland.

Several of the best ways to chelate accumulated heavy metals out of body:

1) Activated charcoal, 2) Chlorella, 3) Zeolite rock powder, 4) Kale, 5) Cilantro.

Symptoms of hyperthyroid from radiation. (But not limited to this cause)

Overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) : An overactive thyroid releases too much T4 and T3 into the bloodstream, causing the metabolism to speed up too much. The most common cause is Graves’ disease. This is an autoimmune condition in which antibodies behave like TSH and stimulate the thyroid uncontrollably. Complications of untreated hyperthyroidism include liver damage, cancer and heart failure, which can lead to death. Symptoms of an overactive thyroid include:

* Rapid pulse
* Tremor (shaking) of the hands
* Sweating and sensitivity to heat
* Weight loss (despite an increased appetite)
* Nervousness, agitation and anxiety
* Fatigue
* Diarrhea
* Bulging eyes
* Goitre

Remedies Available

Potassium Iodate as a supplement is wonderful in case of long life radiation potentials. For the short term issues, DU requires sodium bicarbonate. Other radioactive forms that are rapidly harsh do require potassium iodide. What form to use? Potassium iodide or iodate? The latter is used by the US army in combat conditions – mainly to deal with exposure to US made depleted uranium.


About the author

V.D. Kaviraj

V.D. Kaviraj is a Dutch homeopath, author, researcher and pioneer in Agrohomeopathy. He is also Vice President, World Homoeopathic Association UK Chapter. He has written textbooks on various aspects of homeopathy including "Homeopathy for Farm and Garden", which is now available in seven languages. The revised and enlarged edition with 376 pages has just been published : http://www.narayana-publishers.com/Homeopathy-for-Farm-and-Garden/Vaikunthanath-Das-Kaviraj/b8241


  • if homoeopaths and patients wish a remedy for nuclear fall out ..
    the “fossil prescription ” is ( Diatom +Cladoselache +Kimmeridge oyster +Burmirrhynchia + Torquirrhynchia ) 200
    It can be obtained from Ainsworths pharmacy This information can be passed on .. thank you Martine Mercy

    PS: you article is excellent, well documented and researched . Thank you for all this important document .

  • I really am struggling to understand why these medicines are clearly indicated. It all seems to me to be too much speculation as to what might be with anyone.
    We have no clear analysis or case taking, just pathology of the thyroid etc. Yes this may occur, but we are individuals and react individually. Has anyone taken the symptoms of the case?
    and what is the case, where should be our border for totality in this situation.
    Does anyone have a Materia Medica through proving of Radium bromatum. Uranium nitricum. Plutonium nitricum.
    I look forward to answers to this very important issue.
    Thank you.

    • I gather the thrust of your comments is that this is speculation, which is exactly what the author is offering – so that we can be observant. However I would make two comments
      1. a proving is a “laboratory” testing of a remedy and in itself should not be relied upon for clinic certainty. In the “laboratory” we are treating healthy people and in the field treating clients with symptoms. The confirmation in treating clients with the symptoms is what should be recorded. So what we have is what we have and we use all repertories and MM as guiding tools. There is plenty on information of this type in reference works on all these remedies.
      2. Kent talked of a status epidemicus, when the human group presents a common picture – he said knock on one door and take a symptom, go two house down the street and take another and at a third house take a third symptom and this will give you the common remedy for 80% of the presenting clients (my paraphrase) – you then have the maximum amount of time to work with those that don’t fall into this picture. This applies to any epidemic and is how we naturally work in the field with acutes anyway.
      This article is very useful and I don’t think you need to be in Japan or in the middle of an atomic fall out to see these symptoms occurring, both on the physical (increases in prostate diseases as well as thyroid dysfunction) and the mental in our own communities.

      This interesting thing of breaking glass (the end of the silica age?) in my proving of Cabbage Tree several provers had accidents – falling through windows and not being hurt themselves. This is a common symptom in Japan, the death toll may be high but actually so many people survived – I am not specifically saying there is one remedy for Japan at the moment but the look at this article – Schulz’s Radium Bromatum

      A densely packed grouping, very structured, very old, potentially becoming unstable, following strict rules, huge knowledge – Uranium series? Japan

    • Jeremy Sherr proved Plutonium – I think for exactly the purpose to help in such a situation… Foresight!

    • Hi Jamie,
      although you posted your question more than three years ago, I consider it as serious and it also shows a profound interest in homeopathy. I was wondering by myself about it. The question concernes actually the complete range of remedies with strong clinical indications, which are often given without an intense casetaking. But if we can find a causa, which is at least a strong §153-symptom, the amount of possible remedies decreases instantly. I can`t imagine how a causa can be the result of any proving because it is not a proper symptom. Nevertheless, a causa is the most important hint in a case and we are allowed to use these remedies. And they do their work with great success! Remedies as plutonium nitricum are now found in repertories (for ailments from radiation). Caesium is not proved yet, but Jan Scholten wrote in “homeopathy and the elements” about its topics. Maybe there is a proving possible some day, and I`d not be surprised, if some Fukushima- or Tschernobyl-ailments would occur! During the past decade, the homeopathic interest in the radioactive substances (is the English word “actinoids”?) is increasing in Germany – don`t know about your country? I read provings of plutonium nitricum and of uranium metallicum. These provings (and four other provings of non-radiating remedies) were lead by two Germans in 1999. I don`t know if there exists a translation into English language, but if you are still interested, try to find out – their names are Dr. Hans Eberle and Friedrich Ritzer. The title is “Arzneimittellehre, neue homöopathische Arzneien 1”, published by Verlag Müller & Steinicke, München.
      Good luck!

  • For the first time,I have read the article on Homeopatic remedies and that too related to very important subject matter ie Radiation systoms.The “cause and effect” analysis is very informative and educative too.
    Lot of thanks to the author.

  • A goog article, informative and interesting. Guidelines given are useful;Homoeopathy is one step ahead in treating the aftermaths of all new human hazards when given to handle such situations. Thank god.

  • I agree with Jamie Taylor, the trend with a lot of homoeopaths is towards the shotgun approach which does not take into account the individuality of the case. The information in the article was well researched and presented but this is a homoeopathic magazine and I was disappointed in lack of materia medica.
    Boericke has a write up on Rad.Brom. and Uran.Nit., Clarke has some good information on pathology for both of these and Vermeulen gives a materia medica for Plut.Nit. and Uran.Nit. which seems well researched. This said, I would be looking for the indicated remedy/ies for the individual not the disease.

  • I’m a Hanford downwinder 1951 to 1958 and have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and was born with a thyroid tumor that tumored down in my chest. What can people like me do to keep from further harm from iodine 131.

  • many thanks for this most valuable timely article,I have Plutonium nit 1m,& Uranium nitri 50mfrom Helios U.K.Anyone can take ,if needed,Tough better medicine willbe Uranium Oxide 1m,10m,50m,& Plutonium oxide 10m for them order had gone,
    Dr.Rajesh Malaviya,

  • My response to the article was disappointment, especially at the misleading statements. It’s always fishy to me when the author uses terms like “spin doctor”, “catastrophe”, “how they wish”, and other hyperbole, with no data to back up the assertions.
    Example of fact versus author version:
    On March 13, 2011, levels of radiation at Onagawa nuclear plant measured 0.021 mSv per hour, a level at which a declaration of state of emergency is required. That was 12.50. Ten minutes later the measurement was down to 0.001 mSv, and by 20.445 it was measured at the usual background level. (The small radiation was due to drift from the Fukushima plant – checked by IAEA).
    Author version:
    “Struggle to stabilise plant…
    ‘The authorities have informed the IAEA that the three reactor units at the Onagawa nuclear power plant are under control.’
    Oh how they wish. The spin-doctors have started their “reassurances”.”

    Do we not have enough hype about this Japanese disaster, without adding more?
    Surely the real problems (not presented much here) are more relevant to discuss?
    I find the entire description of events equally misleading. For example there is only 6% MOX in the number three reactor; there was no meltdown; the explosions were (intentionally released) hydrogen mixed with oxygen OUTside the reactor containment (not nuclear reaction explosions as implied and as occurred at Chernobyl); etc. Here are links where you can read some more accurate information:
    Good daily update to bookmark – followed by information links to enable you to see it in context:
    Explanation of how a nuclear plant makes electricity:

    Explanation of nuclear plant construction/safety features:
    [Problem: Fukushima was designed in 1970 for 8.2 earthquake and got 8.9 – five times stronger; and it was designed for 25 foot tsumani and got 30 foot. MOX was retrofitted recently as fuel. SPENT MOX is the main issue here, it’s hard to cool and needs it a long time.]
    MOX details (long but official investigation report from mid-2009 USA, tells where plants are):

    Realistic incident blog/advice from Dr Mark Foreman, BSc, ARCS,PhD, CChem in Sweden:
    A formal university-run West Coast USA monitoring station for radiation:
    [Proportion and perspective: Radiation measured by the international atomic energy commission in Japan is up to 170 mSv per hour in the worst areas of Japan (definitely very harmful at that level there as 100 to 400 mSv causes permanent – halflife 40 yrs style – bone damage), and less than 1 in the better areas. Background radiation in USA is 3.6 to 10 mSv depending where you live.. and what little gets here is VERY insignificant compared to background.]

    What I consider the two REAL concerns:
    1. Food.
    We get food from Japan which will be contaminated with radiation. The Japanese also need to know how to farm safely.
    I know that AFTER the radiation stops, they can deep-plow, and they can meantime grow nonfood crops. Cattle can be given medicinal grade prussian blue (for cesium removal) – also used in people.
    Iodine is LESS of a problem as the half life is so short. But for now it is in milk (we import powdered milk from there), and vegetables, and canola oil (we import too) and I would not trust the seaweed also imported from Japan – ironically used to help us get Iodine to protect the thyroid from cancer due to radioactive Iodine 🙂

    As to homeopathy, ideas of things to consider are fine but IMO one should separate homeoprophylaxis (which can use potentized versions of a specific compound to resist their symptoms) and actual symptoms AFTER exposure (such as the skin burns of beta radiation from cesium if things get worse and it gets around more widely.)
    Prevention from alpha radiation from plutonium, needs physical barriers – carbon filter masks and goggles. Once internal, alpha is the worst, but it can not even penetrate paper. SO keep it out. Cesium penetrates a few millimeters of skin. Gamma is like xray. Not good. It needs lead.
    (Plutonium will not get to USA from Japan – it is a heavy metal and would not stay aloft.)

    Home-base issues:
    We need to know what nuclear plants are near our homes, and to assume they can also get hit by a quake, and prepare a plan for that……….Irene

  • Dear hm and all,
    Some ideas on radiation contamination as requested and what to do:
    I suggest:
    (Find a really good clasical homeopath to help get you well.)
    Your chances of exposure to I-131 are the same as other people, except you may tend to take in more in a given time: So understanding it may help:
    Your thyroid needs iodine to function well (to make T3 from T4, T3 being the active form and both need iodine), and since your thyroid gets attacked by antibodies due to Hashimotos, I’d imagine you benefit from extra amounts of Iodine as your thyroid must be trying to keep up with replacing itself from antibody damage. My favorite place to get Iodine is seawed called Nori – the kind used in Suhi. This is a mix of about 27 seaweeds, with high Iodine and almost no sodium. (Some brands add sodium, normal is 1mg). For NOW avoid the Nori grown in Japan! Look for Norwegian etc or make sure Japanese Nori was pre-earthquake.
    Th reason to be well stocked in the thyroid, on normal Iodine (not I-131 which is radioactive), is that if your thyroid is in effect “full” of good iodine, then it will not take in other things instead such as I-131 or Fluoride. Make SURE you have no fluoridated water for example.
    You may also like to stimulate thyroid activity with the sarcoid “Thyroid 4C”.

    Radioactive I-131 is high risk anywhere near a nuclear accident, especially *soon* after the accident. It has a half-life of 8 days, so that means after 8 days only half of it is there and after another 8 days, half of what’s left is there and so on. SO after a few weeks, there is nothing left to speak of, in the soil or air, even near a plant. The Iodine goes off first and early, and is soon depleted in a radiation fuel leak – as all of it has that 8 day half life.
    Even Iodine in food.
    So unless you are NEAR a nuclear accident when it happens, your risk is negligible. SO if a nuclear accident happens near you – get far away from it fast, for a few weeks, while the Iodine irradiates the area and then dies away.

    But you need to avoid the OTHER nuclear reactor radiation as well; it affects the WHOLE body:
    There are two issues with nuclear accident radiation fallout that you eat or breathe:
    One is the danger from the actual radiation – which is not the metal but the alpha, beta, or gamma rays emanating from the metal. Nuclear fission reactors MAKE the metal in there very radioactive – it does not start out that way. These nuclear radiation waves are what cause the cancers and such.
    Second is the damage from heavy metals. Iodine is not one but uranium and plutonium and cesium are heavy metals. SO they give you radiation waves AND heavy metal poison.
    To get rid of BOTH for heavy metal radiation particles- you need to get rid of the heavy metal that is emitting radiation. That can be done by detoxification using
    * homeopathy (eg Merc 6C, makes the body toss out amalgam mercury, I have not used it for radioactive items yet) and
    Homeopathy has also proved effective for detoxification at 10M potency – replacing the offending metal with a “ghost” of itself, so the metal is excreted.
    *by ordinary chelation (eg prussian blue chelates cesium) . Prussian blue is full of potassium atoms and the body will swap out cesium for potassium. This is because the body can not tell the difference between potassium and cesium. The radioactive cesium binds (chelates) to the prussian blue instead of the potassium and gets excreted in the gut. (Prussian blue is not absorbed.)
    *by lithotherapy (de-chelation). This is almost a lost art – lithotherapy. It uses *metal* remedies at 8X potency (8X chosen due to clinical experience) made from the culprit metal in the form that has the right SYMPTOMS to match the situation.
    De-chelation uses the principle that the offending (radioactive in tis case) metal is bound in the body in some kind of complex that blocks normal function there. So the lithotherapic remedy breaks this bond (de-chelates, rather than making a bond as in chelation) to get rid of the metal. The chosen de-chelation metal needs to match symptoms. [For more on this, and for some known symptoms per remedy, see the book by Dr Rozencwajg at lulu.com on “Organotherapy, drainage and detoxification”. The book also has many other options for detoxification in general. ]

    • You state Merc 6X to get rid of amalgam mercury, I went to the Helios homeopathy website to order and there are at least 10 different merc’s, which one should I order.


  • Your information is very helpful and I’am full of questions. As I told you above about what I was born with I had my surgery for the thyroid tumor at 1 years old and on my pathology report I was able to get after all these years stated I was given methylene blue during surgery is this alot different then prussian blue? I’am wondering if it might have been treatment for the necrosis that was found in the tumor?

  • In response to supplements for hypothyroid.

    Vitamin D3 is mentioned as being available as a supplement this is fine if you are OK with lanolin [animal derived product]. D2 is available for vegans and now we [in the northern hemisphere] have passed the spring equinox UVB is available naturally from the sun for six months to enable us to naturally synthesise vitamin D.

  • Dear hm,
    No way to know why they used methylene blue in your specific case – it has literally dozens of allopathic uses. But one of them is to outline a polyps etc to be excised in surgery.

    Vitamin D:
    As animals, we are designed to make and use cholecalcifrol (Vitamin D3). No creature or plant makes vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol). It is artificially produced by ultraviolet irradiation of ergot fungus. It is NOT equivalent at all to D3 and results in odd metabolites and other issues including inefficiency. It also is risky in terms of Vitamin D toxicity – unlike natural D3. Details here:

    The human body makes 10,000 units of D3 in 15 minutes daily, on exposure of 25% of the skin to sunlight;. After 10,000 IU of D3 is made for the day, no more is made that day. SO we have a natural measure of how much is right per day – of D3. The same number of units of D2 is not equivalent, despite popular misconception.

    A good supplement option is a single 50,000 IU capsule per WEEK, of natural D3; (unless you are meeting the sun exposure criteria to get it that way instead). Common sources of commercial D3 are made from lanolin (the grease in the wool of shorn sheep where sheep make theirs much as we make it in our skin oils) and fish liver oil.


  • Thank you Kaviraj for this timely information and all those who have responded with additions that add to our knowledge. We will learn much as time passes and we observe the long term effects of the trauma, radiation, and toll to the environment.

    Yours truly

  • Thanks a lot for the timefitted article. It is some experience based and some research based. The commenters commented but may be effective if the case is very very emergency. Now we can devote research on the matter but need some solution of emergency cases. Why we cannot try and side by side continue our research. Thanks to all. Dr Rahman Gazipur Bangladesh

  • Dear all

    I have liked this article. It may help some of us. I just woul mention the provings of Nuala Eising (Eire) on Granite and Marble White. The provings are fine and can be useful. They were made to help Tchernobyl Children who came for a short healthy Holidays in Ireland.
    Have a good positive Thought for the Japanese, victims of Nature but also of human greediness and will of Power.

  • Thanks for the excelents articles!! I would like to know if somebody knows Lac du Bonnet Water, the homeopatic remedy made with a sample of the water of this lake in Manitoba, that have the radiations of the nuclear plant near by this lake.

    Thanks, kind regards,

    Mª Esther Murie

  • Thank you for this complete resource list for homeopathic remedies and radiation exposure help. I agree with everything you said, although I would substitute natural iodine for potassium iodide. Great article and thanks for informing everyone that natural remedies exist.

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