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What Plagues Homeopathy in Bangladesh?

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Written by Salma Afroz

Homeopath Dr. Salma Afroz bemoans the state of homeopathy in Bangladesh, with too few homeopaths and many who don’t follow Organon.


It is a pity that 99 percent of the people living in Bangladesh are not aware of the healing power of homeopathic medicine. They believe that only the allopathic mode of treatment is dependable and that one may or may not get relief from homeopathy – there is neither guarantee nor much hope of cure. Many of them are not aware that Dr. S.C.F. Hahnemann, the father of homeopathy was an allopathic doctor. Finding no remedy and disgusted with the mode of allopathic treatment and its evil effects, he denounced it and did extensive research and invented homeopathy.

Actually, in our country, the homeopathic mode of treatment is more sinned against than sinning. Unqualified and under qualified homeopaths have earned a bad name for it. They do not thoroughly take down the case history of a patient, which is a must for selection of the proper medicine and which requires quite some time. Lazy insincere doctors just ask two or three questions and prescribe. Patients do not get much relief and are not cured.

Many practicing homeopaths often shoot in the dark and prescribe more than one medicine at a time, thinking that any one remedy may deliver the goods. They do not follow Dr. Hahnemann’s directions. They have little idea that prescribing two or three potentized medicines at a time produces the complex medicinal disease. All this is against the fundamental principles of homeopathy. Their knowledge is very shallow and some of them have admitted to us that they do not study at all. They know of only a few medicines and manage somehow. They take this more as a source of income than a noble profession. They draw few patients and of those, many are very poor, but they still charge exorbitant fees.

Many homeopaths behave like allopaths and use patent, tonic and compound medicines to impress patients and extort money.  These compound medicines have not been proved on healthy bodies and not prepared according to the principle of homeopathy.  Some doctors who have completed BHMS from government homeopathic medical colleges advised us to use mother tincture to get quick relief and easily earn more money, caring little for the harm it causes to patients. We were amused that qualified as they were, they could make such statements.

Many homeopaths do not know about the relationship of one medicine to another. Administration of an inimical remedy may cause great harm. Most of these doctors are unaware of the duration of action of medicines. They willingly continue medicine for an unnecessarily long time, whereas homeopathic medicine should be administered in doses sufficient only to produce the desired effect. Repetition of a dose more than required will only disturb and complicate the process of cure, and may causes medicinal aggravation.

Homeopathy is meant to cure disease and not just stop it temporarily. If any disease is suppressed temporarily, the root cause remains within the body and the disease relapses. To cure a disease, the power of the medicine should be increased gradually and the medicine should be continued for sufficient time. It is harmful to suddenly discontinue taking medicine for treatment that is half done. Inappropriate application of the centesimal scale of potency (i.e. 30c, 200c, 1M, 10M) increases  chances for aggravation. But most homeopaths in Bangladesh don’t allow the medicine to act for a sufficient time, little knowing the risks associated with over repetition.  Unfortunately, most shops don’t have LM potencies as they are not frequently used.   In the government hospital, fifty millesimal medicine is given to patients.

Our country is one of the poorest in the world. Most of the people living in this country cannot afford proper allopathic treatment, which is beyond their means. Many poor women living in rural areas have diseases for years, but cannot get treatment for want of money. They suffer silently.  Many such women and men come to the government homeopathic hospital at Mirpur and receive treatment. But there is only one government homeopathic hospital in the whole of Bangladesh. Charitable dispensaries are very few and their capacity is very poor and limited. If homeopaths are charitable and God fearing, those poor patients can be treated. Actually, the cost of homeopathic medicine is much less in comparison to allopathic treatment, and well within the reach of poor people.

It is unfortunate that the government does not employ homeopaths. In the neighboring country of India, at Delhi, Bombay and Kolkata, the government employs homeopathic medical graduates (BHMS). In hospitals and health centers, homeopaths are posted beside allopaths. Allopathic doctors refer patients to homeopaths if they think homeopathic treatment is more suitable for the patients and homeopaths do vice versa.  Of course all patients have a choice of allopathic or homeopathic treatment. In India a lot of work is being done on homeopathy, and I am glad to say they are making headway. Books and articles are being written and published. Software’s, CD’s and DVD’s are made. People are being motivated and reverting to homeopathy. Homeopaths are drawing a large number of patients. After getting relief and cure, patients are inspiring other patients to try homeopathy. It must be appreciated that many Indian homeopaths are quite dedicated, sincere and not greedy. But alas! There is a dearth of such dedicated and sincere homeopaths in Bangladesh.

A minority of dedicated homeopaths, living in remote areas are practicing and giving their best services to a huge number of poor patients.  It’s just that their service is not sufficient and adequate. It is high time we recognize homeopathy and build a homeopathic hospital in Bangladesh based on holistic treatment. Being affordable, effective and safe, homeopathy is ideal for our country.

Homeopathy lovers and homeopaths should take the initiative to popularize homeopathy. Hazrat Imam Ali (AS) said: “One, who wishes to reach great heights and does not work hard, will waste his time in pursuit of the impossible”. Let us reduce our fees and try to treat more patients. The holy prophet has said the service to Allah’s creation is a great worship. Let us nurse the desire to serve within our means.  Allah will reward us for “Allah is the best of providers” (Holy Quran Sura 62 verse 11).


About the author

Salma Afroz

Dr. Salma Afroz: I completed the BHMS in 2004 from Government Homeopathic College and Hospital, Mirpur. I started practicing homeopathy privately at home, among relations and neighbors. After completing the bachelors, I returned to Chittagong and worked under renowned classical homeopath Dr. Aminul Haque until 2005. I returned to Dhaka and proposed that an NGO begin a project for the homeopathic treatment of poor patients. Since 2007 I have been working with them and treating patients successfully using classical homeopathy. I started a private homeopathic clinic in 2009 in Green Road, Dhaka. I love homeopathy and believe it can produce miracles if we, homeopaths have devotion and treat patients sincerely following the basic rules and principles.


  • Doctor, I congratulate you for correctly diagnosing the true picture of homeopaths of Bangladesh. Excepting few, 99.9% are using mixed pathy because of poor knowledge of Materia Medica & that requires a Short cut case taking or not at all.

    However, We should try to contribute for the positive development of homeopathy in Bangladesh. I would appreciate, If you publish the important cases you have treated in classical homeopathic method in this e- journal, then the homeopaths of the world would be benefited.
    Thanks for your write up.

    • Thanks a lot Dr. for encouraging. We are trying and have plan to establish a clinic based on holistic approach or classical way of treatment. It’s hard to find doctors of same mentality. Most of the doctors, after completing graduation use to run after money. To cure the patient has become less important to them. That is the reason we can’t still make a good team and can’t materialise our dream. Still we will keep trying. Currently i am doing a ultrasound course which i am enjoying very much. I hope this will improve my anatomic knowledge and ability to diagnose the case hugely. After completing this course, InshAllah I shall write some of my cured cases here. pray for me.

  • Dear dr. Thanks a lot for the inspiration you use to provide always. It’s really the fact. Very few of us, classical homeopaths are trying to establish true homeopathic method of treatment. It is our failure that we couldn’t yet make people know the magic of honeopathic cure. We are working on it and doing progress very slowly. I believe huge number of population can be benefited by homeopathy if only we treat them following organon.

  • Apu, Thanks a lot for giving such a good information for Bangladeshi people. Plz continue to write like this article next…thanks again. Dr Shafique, Natore, Bangladesh

    • Thank you brother. You are doing good practice mashAllah. We need devoted and dedicated doctors like you. Allah bless you.

  • I am very sad to hear that the status of homeopathy in Bangladesh now is so low. I have lived in Calcutta for 50 years and was converted to homeopathy long ago. It is so popular in Calcutta city and I understood ,in the rural areas of Bengal too. I presumed that it is as popular in Bangladesh rural areas also which share a common language and culture also. The difference may be that there is active state support here and Bangladeshis also should ask for it. Especially in the rural areas where hospitals are scarce because of finamcial stringency, homeopaths [ qualified and dedicated] can do a lot of good and make a good living also. Popular opinion only can convincethe Government to allocate the necessary funds for education and recognition of Homeopathy as a valid solution.
    Sambamurti Bangalore

  • MaashAllah a well written article. Thanks for sharing and depicting the reality and condition of homeopathy in Bangladesh.

  • Is it possible to get consultation over phone? We live in another country, and very few homeopath doctor here charge very high fees. Please, I need to talk over Skype/ Viber or any other online. I can pay for consultation inshaaAllah.

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