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Proof of Evidence for Homeopathy

Written by Cyril W. Smith

Physicist Cyril W. Smith discusses the mechanism for homeopathy’s biological activity, gives insight into the action of allopathic drugs, relates electrical sensitivity to toxin load, describes a possible means of determining a remedy from someone’s photo, and much more.


Coherent frequencies can have a biological effect. A homeopathic potency has a pattern of coherent frequencies. Therefore, homeopathy has a mechanism for its biological activity.


Coherent frequencies; Homeopathy; Activity mechanism

Citation: Smith CW (2017) Proof of Evidence for Homeopathy. Altern Integr Med 6:241. doi: 10.4172/2327-5162.1000242

Received date: April 29, 2017; Accepted date: June 19, 2017; Published date: June 26, 201

Background – 1974-2014

My paper “Electromagnetic and magnetic vector potential bioinformation and water”[1] was written as a 20 years update to my three chapters in Professor Christian Endler’s book “Ultra High Dilution” [24]. This was based on my previous 20 years of work directed towards an understanding of the physics of water and living systems in respect of electromagnetic interactions. In 1974, measurements of the dielectric properties of biological materials gave results which attracted the interest of theoretical physicist Professor Herbert Fröhlich F.R.S. and our cooperation continued until his death in 1991[5].

Coherent Frequencies and Hypersensitive Patients

In 1982, physician Dr. Jean Monro sought my help in treating her electrically hypersensitive patients [6,7]. Later, I also cooperated with Dr. W.J. Rea at the Environmental Health Center, Dallas TX particularly on my visits between 1986 and 2010 to speak at his International Annual Symposia on “Man and His Environment in Health and Disease”

Electrical hypersensitivity is usually found in patients who already have seven or more on-going multiple chemical sensitivities. There were specific frequencies which would provoke or neutralize the patients’ symptoms and frequency imprinted water was therapeutically as effective as that frequency from the field of a coil connected to an oscillator. Hypersensitive patients showed the same reaction to a frequency or a chemical and the reaction could equally well be neutralized by a frequency or potency.

If the toxic chemical body load is reduced, the electrical sensitivities often go away too. This emphasizes the duality between the frequency signatures of chemicals and homeopathic potencies. Electromagnetically hypersensitive patients can be treated using Dr. Joseph Miller’s ‘Provocation/Neutralization’ therapy. This is equivalent to homeopathy but, because of the extreme sensitivity of such patients a five-fold dilution sequence is needed rather than the decade pattern used in homeopathy. These serial dilutions become potentised by vortex in the syringe when taking an aliquot for the next dilution.

Evidence that ‘Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity’ actually does exist was elicited under environmentally controlled double-blind conditions [8] with 100% reacting to an active frequency and 0% reacting to placebos. This was for 16% of the initial cohort of subjects tested at a frequency to which each subject happened to be sensitive. Clearly, there was no point in using any other frequency. Of the rest, 50% were not sensitive. The 34% that gave false positives or negatives on test would have been in a state of mathematical chaos rather than in a stable state of health or disease and their results not repeatable [9].

The plus side of electromagnetic sensitivity is that if a particular frequency causes a particular disease or condition, there will be another frequency which is therapeutic. These effects are biphasic.

Homeopathic Potencies Administer Coherent Frequency Patterns

Homoeopathy acts through the biological effects of a pattern of coherent frequencies derived from the frequency signature of the empirically determined ‘mother tincture’ and developed through dilution and succussion. Evidence that a coherent frequency can have a biological effect is seen in an effect on yeast growth [10].

Homeopathic potentization is a physics and mathematics consequence of dilution and succussion [11]. For example, the frequency 1Hz was imprinted into water. At each potentization all previous frequencies were retained and one further frequency was added. The first dilution gave the original frequency f0 multiplied by the dilution ratio d. Subsequent frequencies f followed an approximately logarithmic law given by the empirical equation: log (f/f0) = r × d. Initially, r=0.35 but above D6 r=0.11. Professor Endler supplied me with a set of potencies of thyroxin from D5 to D30. These gave r=0.5 up to D17 and then r=0.16. There was no discontinuity at the Avogadro (Loschmidt) Number which is irrelevant at ultra-high dilutions where effects are frequency and not chemical related.

Any allopathic preparation must have both a chemical and a homoeopathic activity, the latter derived from the frequency signature of its chemicals. It may be that chemistry is an elaborate but highly profitable way to create frequency signatures. Chemical frequency signatures have the advantage that they do not erase but, the patient may need to detoxify afterwards.

There are coherent endogenous frequencies on the acupuncture meridians (Classical and Ting) and on the Chakra points. These provide a powerful clinical tool for investigating patient stress conditions and identifying a homeopathic similiter able to cancel a patient’s stress related to the particular target organ.

Water Memory – Quantum Physics is involved

The physics underlying water-frequency-memory [5] requires sufficient protons to become coherent so that the proton magnetic resonance (NMR) condition is satisfied for any precession frequency. This requires 6.3 × 1012 protons to form a domain of coherent frequency through long-range order. For frequency imprints in metals, the corresponding ESR condition is involved.

Frequency imprints can be erased in several ways:

shielding from the geomagnetic field with a steel (mu-metal) box, the application of the nil-potent frequency [10,12]

generating a ‘winner-takes-all’ (Bose condensation) condition – imprinting multiple copies of a single frequency erases all the other frequencies already imprinted,

completing any of the three courses of Chinese Acupuncture Meridians

using prime number dilution ratios

The bio-information takes the form of coherent frequencies modulating the magnetic vector potential (A-field) component of the internal field. ‘Water Memory’ applies to water as liquid, vicinal or vapor. Any chemical which can H-bond to vicinal water develops a characteristic frequency signature.

Imprinting frequencies into water results in an increase in pH due to removal of free H+ ions (protons) and the generation of an equal number of OH ions. Water at pH 7 accepted 965 imprints/ml but at pH 9 only 77. The pH of a solution of NaOH at pH 8.01 increased to pH 8.05 at frequency saturation. This involved the imprinting of 377 different frequencies. This pH change involved 3.2 ×1012 hydrogen and hydroxyl ions. Thus, a total of 6.4 × 1012 protons were involved per imprint, a value experimentally consistent with the above proton-NMR condition. A 6 mm homeopathic tablet accepted 584 distinct frequency imprints.

The propagation of frequency coherence in water is by diffusion with a velocity of the order of meters per second. Importantly, it propagates through atmospheric humidity. If a water imprint is placed in a plastic bag containing desiccant silica-gel it cannot be measured. If a tube of water is placed in a plastic bag containing desiccant silica-gel it cannot be imprinted. If a toroid is placed in a plastic bag containing desiccant silica-gel the A-field penetrates and it can imprint water outside the bag and its frequency can be measured.

In a coherent system, the constant parameter is the coherence length – the distance over which the coherence persists. This generates multiple frequencies each proportional to a velocity the system will support. The result is a ‘fractal-like’ effect through which bio-effects in the optical, microwave, RF and ELF frequency bands can all interact. The precise frequency ratios for these interactions are determined by the ratio of the velocity of light (300 Mm/s) to the velocity of coherence diffusion. (~m/s).

A frequency imprint carries a chirality which is determined by the relation of the imprinting A-field to the A-field component of the geomagnetic field (East-West). A solution of optical chirality can block the field from an ELF imprint due to the ‘fractal-like’ effect. For example L-fructose blocks the bio-information of a D-imprint and D-sucrose blocks the bio-information of an L-imprint. This chirality has been demonstrated by a Stern-Gerlach experiment.

Frequency imprints into ‘Water Memory’ are ‘non-Abelian’ (order matters) and previous layers of imprints can be accessed. The body may still carry a recoverable template for the condition of health even if the current template is for a disease state.

If a frequency resonance is to have a biological effect, it must persist until the biological activity is completed. This is achieved by having enough coherence. The fractional bandwidth of a frequency resonance is given by the square-root on the number of particles in coherence which in turn gives the number of frequency cycles in 2π decay time constants.

Optical to Circadian Frequencies

The whole of the electromagnetic spectrum from the ultra-violet to circadian (microHertz) frequencies is being used by water and living systems.

For example, tadpoles can be frequency synchronised in the ELF but, for synchronicity to persist the tadpoles have to be in optical (biophoton) contact at yellow or shorter wavelengths. Critical angle measurements at an air/water interface show that under certain conditions refraction at an air/water interface is on the air-side indicating a superluminal velocity. This was found both for water imprints and for frequency synchronised earthworms. The possibility of superluminal communication between bio-systems makes “Maxwell’s Demon” a possibility thereby overcoming the restrictions of thermodynamics.

If a frequency imprinted water drop on a glass plate is divided into two droplets, no imprint can be measured from either droplet but, the frequency reappears when the two droplets are recombined unless optical contact has been broken. Green, red and infra-red filters break the communication between the two droplets. Blue and ultra-violet filters do not. The original imprint and the 384 MHz water resonance can be detected in the space between the droplets.

Homeopathy and Acupuncture

There are characteristic endogenous frequencies present on acupuncture meridians (and chakra points). This includes both the Classical Points and the Ting Acupuncture Points commonly used in electro-acupuncture. These range in frequency from 100 μHz to 300 GHz. These frequencies fluctuate slightly in a quasi-periodic manner. They occur in two chiralities which are respectively stimulatory or depressive of biological activity. When there is a stress or disease in a target organ, its meridian frequency spreads into the whole-body field. The Nerve Degeneration Meridian is Dr. Reinhardt Voll’s summation point for entire ANS and is stimulated by Naja trop. 6C or Electricitas 200C.

A list of homeopathic potencies which stimulate the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches of the autonomic nervous system is given in Chapter 8 of Reference 11 together with tables which show that Aspirin and Aconite 6C have identical frequency signatures and likewise Paracetamol and Conium 10M. This suggests that the frequency signatures of pharmaceuticals should be included in clinical trials to determine how much of their activity is chemical and how much is homeopathic.

From this information it is possible to find a remedy and potency to match the patient’s stress/disease pattern to find a ‘similiter’ for therapy. Over the years, homeopaths have found substances and their potencies which are therapeutic by ‘trial and error’ using the (proving) symptoms they produce in healthy subjects. If potencies can produce proving symptoms in healthy subjects, so can coherent frequencies. Such frequencies may be chance environmental coincidences. However, one should be aware that it is possible to use light modulation of images to target a population with proving symptoms and create a demand for a product or activity.

The frequency signatures of chemicals in contact with the body are as effective in producing frequency entrainment at an acupuncture point as those from an external oscillator. Holding a glass bottle containing a chemical or potency for just one minute is sufficient to entrain any nearby acupuncture point to that frequency and it takes about 10 minutes to relax back to the endogenous frequency. This is a process of awareness on the part of the living system, therapy is not involved.

Applications and Implications

In summary, coherent frequencies can have a biological effect. Potency is the physical and mathematical consequence of the frequency signature of the ‘mother tincture’ and the processes of dilution and succession. Water imprinted with the complete pattern of frequencies for a given potency can be further potentised by serial dilutions and succussions and the resulting frequencies are identical to those potencies prepared from the ‘mother tincture’ even though no chemical has been involved. The ‘nilpotent’ frequency [12] has practical clinical application. It can remove stress frequencies if used as a homeopathic potency. This allows previous layers of stress to become manifest and erased.

In 2010, I reviewed a paper and wrote an invited editorial confirming that light scattered from a bio-system is modulated by its bio-frequencies [14]. Later, I found that this bio-information in the scattered light is retained in photographs and after internet transmission. Thus, it is possible to measure a frequency signature from patient’s photographic or CCTV image and determine a therapeutic remedy and potency should one be needed. The frequency signature of this potency could be sent over the internet and imprinted on receipt into water or a tablet. It might be imprinted direct to the patient from a smart-phone image held over the heart chakra. Pathogen resistance changes could be detected from photographic images of the pathogen and a drug ‘tweaked’ with a potency rather than having to do this by chemistry. There is a frightening amount of personal health status information available from images. This would include images from CCTV or photographs including those of historical interest [15].


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