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Prophylaxis within Homeopathy – Some Points Necessary to Understand

The HPUS requirement of a prescription for nosodes at certain potencies is something that absolutely must be modified.  This is primarily because, in the US,prescriptions are something only a medical doctor can provide – and medical doctors, by and large, do not understand homeopathy or homeopathic medicines.  This prescription requirement for certain nosodes must either be modified to say this may be written by a qualified homeopath or other healthcare practitioner, or must be removed altogether, allowing a different form of access for these that will be reachable by those who have proper knowledge of these.  I do not advocate OTC distribution of prophylactic homeopathic medicines.  Rather, again, a more open means of allowing properly trained healthcare providers – homeopaths and others – access to and the ability to distribute these.


In this society in which we live, people have essentially been conditioned to be fearful of disease in any form.  People need to understand the importance of disease and that, if they desire immunization, there ismore than a single choicefor this available.

Homeopathy works prophylactically in epidemics – this is well-documented.  Does it also work for short term prophylaxis – such as for diseases of which the pathogens change rapidly or which only occur in certain climates that people will only be exposed to when visiting?  That homeopathy works well prophylactically fo rinfluenza is being shown in a growing number of studies34. It also has been recognized as working effectively for tropical disease, including malaria, cholera, dengue, and yellow fever.5, 12 As this becomes more common in knowledge, I strongly feel that this will bring greater accountability to all sides of the immunization issue.

As Grimmer states, “Homœopathic prophylaxis never causes anaphylaxis or shock, never results in secondary infection, never leaves in its wake serum or vaccine disease or any other severe reaction; it simply protects surely and gently.”23  There is no risk to consider using homeopathic means for prophylaxis.

And, as is further noted in the Homoeopathic Recorder of 1901, in an article entitled, “Data Wanted”, the editor of this publication stated, “If intelligent allopaths, who are ignorant of any other prophylactic, should prefer to allow their families and patients to run the risk of contagion rather than to submit to the dangers of vaccination, why should homoeopaths, who are aware of so harmless a safeguard, resort to one of uncertain efficacy and which is positively dangerous to health?”2

The movement of an increasing number of homeopaths to utilize homeopathy on a large scale prophylactically – for more common communicable diseases for which vaccinations are frequently given – is happening for a number of reasons.  And most of these can find their origins in this Information Age in which we live. Today, the common populace has free access to untold amounts of information.  No secret can be held for long any more.  There is also a growing knowledge of the dangers inherent to vaccines, both historically and, increasingly, as they are currently being made, which. is being spoken about in ever widening areas, including social media and more35.  Herewith, people are beginning to realize that this “fear” they have been taught regarding disease, certainly ensures the sale of a single product, the vaccine.  Additionally, because of the work of people like vaccine researcher, Neil Z. Miller, and immunologist Tetyana Obukhanych, who have both presented at HPWWC conferences, a steadily-growing number of people are learning about the necessity of disease, and its actual role in full health.36

While homeopaths have, by and large, ever had Hahnemann’s counsel in Aphorism 1 in mind, to a steadily increasing degree, the doctors trained in conventional medicine are once again seeing the value of helping their patients be well, and not simply on another medication.  What healthcare practitioners are beginning to realize, as well, is that there is actual value in illness and that, when immunization is sought, vaccination is not the only means of achieving this.  Once again, solid and common sense health principles are being taught and utilized, especially regarding diseases such as the flu – wash your hands, get rest, take in plenty of Vitamins C and D and other supplements, including selenium, and stay home if you do not feel well.

However, a steady number of people are continuing to want something prophylactic.  Health care providers need to understand the standing success record inherently safe homeopathic medicines have preventively.

On a personal note here, I very much enjoy the positive and encouraging atmosphere that has been at the HPWWC conferences – this, I find, being clearly indicative of how practitioners and the general public are wanting to know about and utilize a nontoxic immunization option.  Additionally, whenever and wherever I have presented about homeoprophylaxis, this has been generally very well received.  This being said, however, I very much look forward to the time when I no longer need to put the conferences together.  In other words, I anticipate when it will simply be known by everyone that, when it comes to prophylaxis, the centuries’ old inherently safe medicine of homeopathy offers a nontoxic, safe, and effective alternative.

My call echoes what Dr. Girimmer called for in 1949.

“It is strange so little has been said by homœopathic doctors familiar with the wide spread possibilities of homœopathic prophylaxis, especially in the face of the so many harmful and even deadly accidents that have followed the application of the prevailing methods of protection against acute epidemic diseases.  As true healers and educators in progressive medicine it is our duty to give to the world this knowledge for its protection and well-being.

It is also our duty to invite physicians of all schools of healing to test fully the homœopathic art of protection against epidemic diseases. If such tests were honestly made by sincere men of all schools of healing. Homœopathy would reach its place in the sun.”18

Again, the call is clearly not that every homeopathic or other healthcare provider offers HP as part of his or her practice.  Rather, considering the untold damages inherent to the risky avenue of vaccinations which are provided unchecked to the public en masse, with now more than $4 billion USD having been paid out in the vaccine injury court system,32 to vehemently claim that it is not homeopathic to utilize homeopathic medicines prophylactically keeps a very dangerous and unnecessary wall to both public health and to homeopathy itself.  There is simply more than one single means of prophylaxis – this is a fact that has been known since Hahnemann and must finally be accepted today.  Homeopathic medicines work preventively – and not solely for epidemics, but for the sake of preventing infection and promoting wellness generally.  When immunisation is sought, those seeking this rightfully should be directed to where they can obtain a nontoxic and effective form of this, which has been in use within homeopathy for more than 200 years.  It is nothing new – and the time for acceptance of this is now.


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About the author

Cathy Lemmon

Cathy Lemmon

Cathy Lemmon, BA, LCPH, CHP, has completed studies at the School of Homeopathy (UK) the College of Practical Homeopathy. She has also done specialized homeopathic studies through Gesundes Bewußtsein in Germany and the Amma Resonance Healing Foundation (ARHF) in the Netherlands.. She studied Homeoprophylaxis with Dr. Isaac Golden, Dr. Ravi Roy and Carola Lage-Roy. She also has studied the homeopathic treatment of vaccine damage. She is the founder and president of Homeoprophylaxis: A Worldwide Choice (HPWWC), established to promote, education and support of the nontoxic immunisation alternative, homeopathic prophylaxis. Through this organization, she puts together international conferences and is working to make HPWWC an "umbrella" for the support and encouragement of HP throughout the world. Cathy has also been teaching HP throughout the U.S. and internationally. She has been published in Homeopathic Links, the German language homeopathic magazine, Surya, the Dutch homeopathic magazine, Dynamis, and the international online homeopathic magazine, Hpathy.com.


  • This is a very comprehensively written article, and we should be indebted to the author who spend a lot of time and thought on this subject.
    i want to comment on her well presented terminology.

    A medicine, be it in crude or potentised / dynamized for becomes homeopathic by its selection according to disease-symptom -similitude.

    Bearing this in mind, a homeopathic prophylaxis is only possible in situations, where the symptoms of the expected disease are exactly known. then and then only a potentised medicine becomes a homeoprophylactic, and is capable to prevent the onset in an individual.

    Using nosodes from vaccines, or disease, when selected on names is Isopathy, therefore the correct term should be something like: ISOprophylactic
    this shall not be mistaken as homeoprophylaxis.

    The use of a prophylactic potentised medicines unrelated to the actual disease-symptom-picture by similitude is not homeopathic and can lead to suppression — that happening if the expected disease will not take hold in a such treated individual.

    Hans Weitbrecht
    consultant homeopath

  • Cathy Lemmon’s work is particularly important at this point in time, when states in the U.S. are pushing to make toxic vaccines mandatory for all children, and soon for adults as well. Homeoprophylaxis offers a safe alternative and an argument against giving vaccines that can cause terrible side effects.

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